How to Choose Reliable Laptop in 2016

How to Choose Reliable Laptop in 2016


Who makes the most reliable laptop? Is it possible to find a laptop that will never get repaired? Why even the most expensive laptops often fail? What determines the reliability of the laptop? How to buy the most reliable laptop? The answers to these and other questions in the article.

Where does reliability

We’d all like to have a new laptop was very reliable and worked for years without problems and hang-UPS until I would retire as obsolete. But before to search for the most reliable models, think about cars – they are produced for many years with virtually no significant changes to the design that allows you to gather statistics about how often and exactly what goes down, where the weaknesses of a particular model and how expensive will be to repair. But with laptops the situation is quite different and it can be said that it is useless to seek in selling the specific model that you can honestly call the most reliable laptop. Why?

 How to Choose Reliable Laptop in 2016Reliability of any product is tested only with time, as models appear and disappear much more often than you would have time to call them reliable. A particular model of laptop produced no more than one or two years, each model has dozens of modifications, which also greatly influence the reliability of the laptop in General, so any laptop which at the moment is on sale, can only be a candidate for the most reliable laptop of the year, but it will be or not will be known only after several years. Of course, then it will no longer be in stores.

 How to Choose Reliable Laptop in 2016For example, from personal experience, the Asus K50IJ can be called the most reliable notebook in 2010-2011, as the available data from the 45 observed devices of this model at the moment only two out of order, and that is not for internal reasons (crushed by the owners of the matrix and the Pekingese peregruzhennyi the power cord). Over 5 years of nearly fifty notebooks zero percent hardware malfunctions – amazing reliability, isn’t it? And this in an era when the whole world is in the quagmire of so-called “planned obsolescence”!

 How to Choose Reliable Laptop in 2016In 2013-2014 from a hundred and fifty laptops Asus X55A when selling not detected any of the faulty and available data at the moment from a rather large batch has failed only one (this is a pathetic 0.7% repaired under warranty). In 2015 to replace this model came cheap and slow Asus X553MA and despite the significant overall drop in sales of laptops, this model has sold more than fifty pieces – selling not found any factory defect, and to date, nobody asked for warranty repair, but will I be able to confidently call this model the most reliable laptop of 2015 will be known again only a few years. Thus, the search of the most reliable laptop is like chasing a Ghost, which is always near us, but to see it we will be able only when he will disappear from the price lists of shops so that you can buy, we can only the presumptive nominee in his place.

 How to Choose Reliable Laptop in 2016No matter how bitter to admit it to the owners of expensive laptops, but all laptops are made of approximately the same components and same technology. When out of order cheap laptop, the owner thinks that if I bought more expensive, then failure would not exist. But if fails high-end laptop, for example, the prestigious Apple, Sony or very expensive models from other manufacturers, the owners are genuinely surprised to tell everyone around that is a technique and this can be (like “the exception proves the rule”), will be given for the repair of a decent amount and next time buy a laptop of the same manufacturer. Do you know why? Because they believe that even if such expensive and, in their opinion, the most reliable laptops out of order, the ordinary budget miserable their owners packs are in the service centers, but actually all not so, and on the reliability of the notebook is affected not primarily the price, and its characteristics and production technology. But if a person believes that any logical argument will not help him, and when one friend couldn’t logically explain in any way why he’s simply surfing on the Internet I bought this device at the cost of his three monthly wages, he is in the hearts said – you don’t know, because it’s APPLE! And the last word to him all the letters were big. She and faith, just to believe, although the reliability of devices of this manufacturer are really good.

On long forums there are endless discussions discuss themselves hoarse that “my and all my friends laptop or reliable or buggy, hence, the same all of them or even the manufacturer”. But a phrase like “I have a Acer laptop and the neighbor’s Acer and everything works fine” is never even statistics, if you compare with millions.

So can I buy the most reliable laptop?

Before you give an answer, is to look at aggregated data on the reliability of brands (StatisticBrain data as of 2012, the other more or less reliable contemporary data are available) and share the most common types of laptop repair at the service centers who can tell which manufacturers are the most reliable and why their laptops still fail. Data from other sources can vary significantly for many reasons, but General trends are apparent there.

As we have determined earlier, buy the most reliable laptop is currently impossible, as only time will be able to more or less confidently call his name, but with the right approach we will be able to choose expect a very reliable laptop, the probability of failure which for internal reasons is minimal. According to the above, we can conclude that the choice of the manufacturer does not really matter for the top five manufacturers (Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Apple and Dell), the difference between which is only a couple percent, which could give statistical deviation.

But the most popular and the most expensive repairs is the replacement of the chipset and the GPU, which usually fail due to overheating (most often this happens after the 3rd year of life). Even generic laptops sometimes significantly bask, and powerful gaming laptops are often like a small stove-noise maker, and when their cooling system is clogged with dust, the temperature inside rises to very high values, but after some time the contact of the chip to the motherboard becomes unreliable, which leads us then to the service center for an expensive repair. It is worth noting that most of the users think about cleaning the cooling system laptop after faithful friend and helper favorite laptop became a patient service center. For other types of repairs we can influence their choices only indirectly – sturdy design, solid connectors and a neat operation.

The solution to the problem of low reliability powerful laptops simple, but not everyone will like – very responsible to monitor the cooling of the laptop (cooling stand, periodic cleaning of dust and maybe replace the thermal paste) or not to buy the game and universal laptops, but only with the budget and medium processors with integrated processor graphics card (especially AMD, which generate considerably more heat than a similar performance Intel). By the way, integrated graphics in Intel i3, i5 and i7 of the latest generation (14 nm) with a TDP of 15 watts, even the most modest models will be sufficient for most modern games at low and sometimes medium quality settings. Well, if you want to play on highest quality settings, then the same money is approximately 2 times greater and thus the expected significantly more reliable gaming notebooks.

Greater integration of components laptop when all the functions not only of the chipset (memory controller, support USB, SATA, PCI Express etc.), but CPU, GPU, audio codec, LAN, card reader, increasingly, are part of a single SoC chip (System-on-a-Chip, “system on chip”) allows you to make “stuffing” laptops more compact, cheap and energy efficient, but also more often absolutely silent. The image clearly shows that within some of the new cheap laptops, the main place occupies the empty space (MP – SoC motherboard and very hard disk). This primitive at first glance, the modern notebook has advantages over previous generations of laptops of the same class as the higher integration of the internal components of any device, the smaller the number of diverse connectors, the higher its expected reliability and less weight.

How to choose the most reliable laptop?

Despite the fact that to buy the most reliable laptop will not work, as only time will tell, but if you follow a few simple rules, you can choose a laptop that will expect a very reliable and durable. There is no guarantee that he will never go to fixation, but the probability of its failure will be several times lower than the average.

The main criteria for the choice of a reliable notebook 2016 (in priority order):

  • Model of your laptop without discrete (separate, dedicated) graphics card;
  • Staff laptop cooling system – active type;
  • Intel entry or mid-level for acceptable performance of the processor and integrated graphics recommended modern i3, i5 or i7 processor with a TDP of 15 watts. The Nxxxx series processors much slower, so are recommended only if the hard limit of money;
  • Manufacturer Asus, Toshiba or Dell, and Apple and Sony for those who want to emphasize their status or to stand out not only with your mind;
  • The capacity of the hard disk and memory less, but not lower bounds: HDD – 500 GB or SSD – 120 GB (60 GB allowed); RAM – 4 GB (with 2 GB);
  • Good strong body of standard thickness without unnecessary connectors;

Easy to see that under these criteria are the most affordable budget laptops and laptops the average level without a discrete graphics card, performance which is enough for normal work and for games – only at the minimum and sometimes medium quality settings, for example:

  • Asus X540SA or Asus X553SA (processors and processor n3150 N3700), and Asus X553MA (processors N29xx and N35xx) – very cheap (from $ 300.e.) the but decent quality laptops, with modest performance, but enough for most common tasks, but for all simple games;

How to Choose Reliable Laptop in 2016

  • Asus K555LA, Asus X554LA , Asus X540LA (processors i3-50xx) – beautiful and fast for its price laptops features enough with a good margin for normal operation and also for most modern games on the lowest quality setting. To configure X554LA used the driver from X555LA, as it is actually the copy in black color

How to Choose Reliable Laptop in 2016

Yes, indeed, oddly enough, but these cheap laptops are the expected leaders in reliability, but will they – only time will tell. So what to choose – reliability or high performance in games? You Decide.

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