How to choose memory RAM DDR3/DDR4 in 2016 – Complete Guide

How to choose memory RAM DDR3/DDR4 in 2016 – Complete Guide

How to choose a good RAM DDR3 or DDR4? Who makes the best RAM – Samsung, Kingston, Transcend, Hynix, Crucial, Corsair or someone else? What is the optimal amount for the budget, versatile and a gaming computer or laptop? Is it possible now to switch to DDR4 or DDR3 is enough?

In article answers to these and other questions relating to choosing RAM for your desktop or laptop, and in the end recommended models mid-2016, the optimum ratio of price, quality and expected reliability

Optimal amount of RAM

Very often, when buying a new computer or laptop buyers choose the required RAM for the simple and very often incorrect formulas-templates “the more memory the better” and “can never have enough Memory”. Indeed, if the table only four feet, and to it add a few more pieces, he will not fall, but only in the sense? And with the amount of RAM – you can buy it to the maximum to all available slots, but uses only a small part, the rest will hang useless ballast. But as you need to have enough?

How to choose memory RAM DDR3/DDR4 in 2016 – Complete GuideThe performance of your computer or laptop is mainly determined by the capacity of the processor and RAM is used for temporary storage of data that it works, but she does nothing and just as quickly as possible provides data on request. While the total amount of memory used by the operating system and running programs, installed less, the system works at full capacity. If not enough RAM, the system starts to use the hard drive as a missing memory, and then there is a sharp decrease in the rate of the whole system.

The optimal amount of RAM for the computer or laptop depends on what programs and how many are simultaneously running. As normally installed and not cluttered Windows 7/8/10 with all services and antivirus program uses about 1 GB of RAM, we can say that:

  • for a budget computer or laptop (Internet, movies, simple games) it is recommended 4 GB, but 2 GB;
  • for a universal computer or laptop (more demanding programs, games, for minimum, medium and sometimes maximum quality settings) it is recommended that 8 GB, but 4 GB is enough;
  • for a gaming computer or laptop (the game on maximum quality settings) 16 GB is recommended;
  • for a specialized computer selected individually depending on the requirements of the used software (can be enough and 2GB, and can be few and 64 GB).

The results of the tests show that at the moment the absolute majority of the popular games and programs for normal operation is sufficient with a significant margin of 8 GB of RAM, but it should be borne in mind that the official recommendations of some of the new games are already listed 16 GB and these games will eventually be more. When in the future will certainly be popular apps or games that need more RAM, then they will have enough power installed processor or graphics card, so not worth counting on the future to install more than 16 GB.The phrase “I Have a RAM 32 GB” sounds good, but is like an extra spare wheel in the boot of the car – like the wheels more, but for some reason faster not going.

The maximum amount of RAM available to a 32-bit operating systems is about 3.5 GB, so to make full use of a larger volume is necessary to install 64-bit operating system.

Frequency of RAM, dual channel mode

How to choose memory RAM DDR3/DDR4 in 2016 – Complete Guide When you select the frequency of memory should take into account that for high performance is a priority, a powerful processor (for all computers and laptops) plus a good video card (for gaming computers and laptops), as they do all the computing and gaming work. Naturally, the frequency of memory also affects the speed of work in General – the faster a processor receives data from the memory, the faster the system works, but still this effect is often exaggerated. So, if you replace the standard memory modules faster with the same timings (for example, DDR3 1600 MHz to 2133 MHz DDR4 2133 MHz to 3000 MHz), the growth speed of the various programs ranges from 0 to 10%, the performance increases about the same, but the expected reliability will be somewhat lower, so it is wiser to buy a more powerful processor and graphics card than to choose the fastest RAM available.

Since the graphics core is integrated in a hybrid processor (APU), only use RAM computer or laptop, then installing faster memory always leads to a tangible increase in performance of integrated graphics (25%). However do not forget that although graphics in modern hybrid processors have good performance, but still at any frequency the RAM will lose the discrete graphics cards already in nizamudeen segment (at a price of $ 60.e.).

Dual channel mode of RAM (using two identical memory modules of a smaller volume, not the bigger one) definitely adds speed to the system as a whole, although in different applications and games that increase is different – from 0 to more than 20%, so it is a must for gaming computers and also very desirable for universal computers.For budget computers allowed the use of a single memory module, but it is very important to know what performance integrated in graphics processor, and so often barely enough to run modern games, but in single channel mode it works even slower in half-twice.

DDR3 or DDR4?

How to choose memory RAM DDR3/DDR4 in 2016 – Complete GuideThe new standard DDR4 RAM is much better than DDR3, because, theoretically, at equal frequency it works 40% faster and can operate at frequencies up to 4266 MHz, which together do give a very noticeable increase of speed of RAM – up to 200-300%, although even such a seemingly enormous increase in the speed of the memory can provide a performance growth system as a whole is considerably less than 10-50% depending on the application. But this is all in theory, but according to tests modern systems DDR4 2133 MHz are approximately the same as DDR3 1600 MHz. Naturally, this is a misunderstanding – a temporary phenomenon and with the development of technology everything will fall into place.

In mid-2016 prices on DDR3 and DDR4 have caught up, and in 2017, most likely, the price of DDR4 will drop another half. Because currently the main advantages of DDR4 memory (speed, reliability, economy and price) have not yet reached an acceptable level, the motherboard needed to support it are still slightly more expensive than DDR3, and may not be deprived of “childhood diseases”, its more or less mass implementation is expected only at the end of the 2016-2017 year.

The conclusion is simple – currently the DDR3 memory is consistent with the current requirements, but also can easily buy computers and laptops on DDR4, the main thing – to choose a reliable producer and before installing the operating system to update the BIOS.

Choose the manufacturer and reliability of RAM

According to the available statistics of failures from different sources (e.g. 2011, 2016) is the most reliable memory modules produce Kingston, Crucial and Samsung, the share of marriage which is void – from 0.2% to 0.6% for the first six months of operation. According to online reviews and personal observations can also be considered as reliable manufacturers, Hynix and Transcend, but Corsair, NCP, Patriot and OCZ often returned under warranty (2-8% returns over the first six months of operation).

Overclocking (overclocked) memory modules all the manufacturers are more likely to fail than the mass segment (DDR3 1333-1866 MHz DDR4 – 2133-2666 MHz), respectively, the computers based on them have reduced reliability, while at the same time and work a little faster. For maximum reliability it is better to not use more than two RAM modules.

Since the price difference is not very significant, then buy the cheapest memory modules little-known manufacturers is not recommended, as your warranty period they can work, but in 2-3 years often begin to die or give unpleasant crashes, usually for reasons of “aging” of chips or oxidation of the contact pads. Counterfeit well-known brands are still not gone, so buy the RAM modules you need only from reliable vendors.

So what to choose?

Should not rush to buy the system for RAM DDR4, as it is doubtful that will get any gain in speed, but the potential problems associated with relatively new technology, it is possible. If you still want to build a computer that is on DDR4, it is recommended to wait at least until the second half of 2016, while manufacturers of processors, motherboards and memory modules, will release an updated model, which will correct possible defects and errors.

That memory never failed, worked quickly and reliably, it is necessary to choose memory modules production Kingston or Crucial, Samsung, Transcend and Hynix, and also:

For a budget computer (Internet, office programs, simple games) 4 GB recommended, for example

For a universal computer (Internet, office programs, games, for minimum, medium and sometimes maximum quality settings for the built-in or discrete video card) 8 GB recommended (2 modules, 4 GB), for example

For a gaming computer (the game on maximum quality settings), recommended 16 GB (2 modules of 8 GB), for example

For laptop with installed RAM of 4 GB and more the increase is usually pointless, as the absolute majority of popular programs and games that is enough, for comfortable work really hard tasks or games will have enough CPU power or video card. If the installed memory is less, you can add an extra 4 GB, adding more volume usually has zero effect. Very important – in modern laptops use two types of memory modules DDR3 SO-DIMM (1.35 V and 1.5 V), so be careful.

It is necessary to reiterate that the phrase “I Have installed a 32 GB” sounds good, but in 99% of cases the use of such a large amount of RAM is just pointless, but the system drive SSD or a good video card really can open your computer a second wind.

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