Chieftec TPS-500S Review Power supply

Chieftec TPS-500S Review Power supply

Information about the series of power supplies Task (TPS) company Chieftec appeared on the Internet a few years ago, but the power supplies themselves to the Russian market only reached at the end of 2016. This series includes three models with maximum capacity of 350, 400 and 500 watts. We will get acquainted with the older model series Task – Chieftec TPS-500S.

For instance, we got the test without any packaging and supplied, so a high degree of confidence we can conclude that this is how it is and is sold in retail.

Chieftec TPS-500S Review Power supply

Housing the power supply is made of thin steel with a standard galvanized coating silver color. The grid wire, without unnecessary frills. Unit Dimensions Power standard length is 140 mm.

Chieftec TPS-500S: Specifications

All necessary parameters are indicated on the power supply enclosure in full, for the + 12VDC bus power stated value of 456 watts. power ratio of the bus + 12VDC and full power is 0.912, which is the average for advanced solutions such power, although this value is typical for budget products.

Chieftec TPS-500S Review Power supply

Chieftec TPS-500S: Length of wires and number of connectors

Wires from Chieftec TPS-500S is very short. Cord length up CPU power connector is about 51 centimeters, which casts doubt on the possibility of using this model in a full-size buildings with bottom location of the PSU if your graphics card, since the wire of this length can be stretched only directly, but if your graphics card or any other payment expansion it will have to somehow go around. It is necessary to foresee this nuance and acquire the PSU only for more compact housings (microATX) and boards with the processor power connector located closer to the center, not in the upper left corner. However, in buildings with overhead power supply problems should arise so.

Chieftec TPS-500S Review Power supply

Three cords are five SATA Power Connector and three peripheral, but they are arranged alternately, that is not always convenient. And in principle, the number of SATA Power connector is small, although for most typical configurations with 1-2 drives connectors should be enough. Constructors very originally came to their placement on the power cords: some connectors deprived orange leads (3.3V) and a feedthrough connector is the last on the wire, leading to the possibility of contact trimmed, but not insulated wire with computer parts and / or collector . In general, we tried to save on wires.

Chieftec TPS-500S: Cooling system

Chieftec TPS-500S Review Power supply

Before us the next revision of the budget CWT platform on which to base and made this model the power supply.

Main semiconductor elements are mounted on two compact radiators, which fins accomplished by splitting the upper portion of the plate. The advantages of this design include low aerodynamic resistance of the heat dissipating members, and the shortcomings – relatively low heat capacity and low heat dissipation area.

PSU design is quite standard for budget-making: the scheme to stabilize the group of channels + 12VDC and + 5VDC, as well as individual stabilizer for the channel + 3.3VDC output stage. There is quite a full line filter on the main board comprising a varistor and fuse. There is also a switching noise filter assembled on the network connector. As a high-voltage capacitor used Sapxon capacity, but the low-voltage capacitors installed here mainly Chengy. In the secondary circuit standby power capacitor Nippon Chemi-Con KY series was discovered.

The power supply is equipped with an active power factor correction, choke which is packaged in a plastic case. The power supply is designed to operate in electric systems with a rated voltage of 100 to 240 volts, that is, has an extended range of supply voltage, which can be useful when working on a network where there are significant deviations from the nominal values.

Chieftec TPS-500S Review Power supply

The power supply fan is installed HA1225M12S-Z, manufactured by Dongguan Honghua Electronic Technology. This model is based on the fan sliding bearing and has a maximum rotational speed of 2000 rev / min.

Chieftec TPS-500S: Testing power supply

The first step is to test operation at maximum power supply unit for a long time. This test allows you to confidently ensure PSU efficiency.

In this case, no problems, stress values ​​deviate from nominal is not strong.

The next step is to build a tool krossnagruzochnoy test characteristics (tures) and presenting it on chetvertploskosti limited maximum power bus 3,3 & 5 on one side (on the ordinate) and the maximum capacity of the bus 12 on the other side – on the horizontal axis. At each point of the measured voltage is indicated by a color marker, depending on the deviation from the nominal value.

It is necessary to clarify that in the presence of abnormalities within three percent of the power supply parameters can be considered to be at a good level.

Tures allows us to determine what level of load can be considered acceptable, especially on the channel + 12VDC, for the test specimen. In a typical total load capacity channels + 3.3VDC and + 5VDC maximum power channel + 12VDC at a deviation within three percent of nominal value amounted to about 250 watts, and at a deviation within 5% – about 350 watts. This is about 54% and 77% of the declared capacity of the channel + 12VDC, which is unique background does not stand out. There is also a tendency to galling voltage channel + 5VDC at low load on this line, and the power output of over 200 watts on the channel + 12VDC.

The next test is intended to determine the maximum power that can be fed through the appropriate connectors at the specified deviation voltage of 3 or 5 per cent of the nominal value.

In the case of a single graphics card power connector maximum power channel + 12VDC amounted to over 150 watts at a deviation of 3%.

In the case of graphics cards with two power connectors picture has not changed: maximum power channel + 12VDC was about 170 W at a deviation of 3% and more than 250 W at a deviation of 5%. But as the voltage deviation occurs in the direction of decreasing, the use of a graphics card with two power connectors, which consumes more than 170 watts, with the power supply is not necessary, in order to avoid unstable operation.

If the motherboard maximum power channel + 12VDC was about 130 W at a deviation of 3% and more than 150 W at a deviation of 5%. Since the board itself consumes within the channel 10 watts, high power may be required to supply expansion cards – for example, for cards without the additional power connector, which typically have a consumption within 75 watts. So and then the resulting power values ​​should be sufficient.

In the case of the maximum power of the processor power connector on the channel + 12VDC was about 130 W at a deviation of 3% and more than 150 W at a deviation of 5%, which allows the use of almost any desktop processor for Socket Socket 1150/51, and for Socket AM3 / FM2 .

During the next stage of testing, we measure the parameters of the AC power supply, which is connected to the monitoring unit power at the latest at a constant power. Based on these data calculated parameters determining the efficiency and effectiveness of power supply.

At maximum power the power supply dissipates about 103 watts for 50 watts of power – about 17.6 watts. 60W it dissipates to the power of about 320 watts. Thus, the efficiency Chieftec TPS-500S can be considered satisfactory.

As for the work in lightly loaded and unloaded modes, everything is also very worthy: a sleep mode power supply itself consumes less than 0.5 watts, and idle – about 2.6 watts.

Efficiency in this model is not too high. This value is around 79% -84% in the power range from 100 to 500 W, the maximum recorded value was about 84.2% when working at power of 300 Watts. On the power of 50 W efficiency was about 74%.

We also measure the inrush current in idle mode with a fully charged capacitors.

In terms of absolute values, rather big inrush current, so the use of a low-cost low-power UPS in this case it is better to avoid, preferring them to the judgment of 1000 · A with two batteries on board. If we compare with the same power supply units, the inrush current parameters in Chieftec TPS-500S is average and far from the maximum values ​​for the contact, which also can be evaluated positively.

Chieftec TPS-500S: Thermal conditions

Thermally loaded capacitors is low (their temperature is below 60 degrees) over the entire power range. Thus, the power supply has a good margin of capacitor temperature.

Chieftec TPS-500S: Noise measurement

In preparing this material, we used the noise level measurement technique of power supply, which is still has the status of experimental. The power supply unit is located on a flat surface of the fan up on it at a distance of 0.35 meters placed measuring the sound level meter microphone Octave 110A-Eco, which is measured, and the noise level. The load power supply is carried out using a special stand, which has a silent mode. During the noise measurement is carried out at a constant current power supply operation for 20 minutes, after which the produced noise measurement.

A similar distance to the measurement object is closest to the table placing the system unit with installed power supply. This method allows to assess the level of power supply noise in harsh conditions in terms of the short distance from the noise source to the user. By increasing the distance to the noise source and the appearance of additional obstacles, having a good sound-reflecting ability, the noise level at the control point will also decrease, leading to improvement in the overall acoustic ergonomics.

the power supply noise is at a minimum level marked during power within 275W, so low-budget BP worth up to $ 50, he is one of the undoubted leaders in acoustic ergonomics.

Power supply noise is at a relatively low level (below srednetipichnogo) when operating at 350 watts power. This level of noise from the power supply works will be barely noticeable on the background of the typical noise in the living room during the day, especially in the operation of the power supply systems that do not have any zvukoshumovoy optimization.

When operating at a power of 500 W noise exceeds 40 dB, the level can be assessed as very high.

Thus, from the viewpoint of ergonomics, this acoustic model provides comfort when the output power in the range of 350 W, and when working at 275 W power to the noise level is very low.

We also commend the electronics noise power supply, because in some cases it is the source of unwanted overtones. This phase of testing is carried out by determining the difference between the noise level in our laboratory with the power on and off the unit. If the value obtained is within 5 dB, no abnormalities in the acoustic properties of BP no. With a difference of more than 10 dBA, as a rule, there are some defects that can be heard from a distance of about half a meter.

At this stage, measuring the sound level meter microphone is located at a distance of about 40 mm from the upper plane of the PSU, as at large distances electronics noise measurement is very difficult. The measurement is performed in two modes: the standby mode (STB, or Stand by) during operation load on the BS, but with the fan forcibly stopped.

In this case, electronic noise is minimal, the main contribution to the overall noise level of the power supply makes working fan.

Chieftec TPS-500S: Evaluation of consumer qualities

Consumer quality Chieftec TPS-500S is average – mainly due to the good acoustic ergonomics. The electrical characteristics of this model is hardly outstanding, but for low-end products such drawbacks are typical. Sockets small, they established something like a wire to short them.

Chieftec TPS-500S: Conclusion

Given the low value of this model and its practical performance even at maximum power it can be stated that Chieftec TPS-500S is one of the quietest PSU in this price segment. Do not expect miracles from him, but in the range of 250 watts through the + 12VDC, this model is quite good, even to nourish a home computer with a discrete graphics card, consuming up to 170 watts, it is quite capable. Another thing is that the issues are the real life of the capacitor and fan, which thoroughly saved, so load capacity is better to reduce that BP has lived as long as possible.

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