Chieftec GPS-750C Review and test Power supply

Chieftec GPS-750C Review and test Power supply

Chieftec GPS-750C, as well as GPS-650C, manufactured at the production facilities of the CWT, on the new budget platform that brings new technical solutions in the budget class power supplies. This does not mean that all power supplies will have excellent consumer qualities of the platform, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Comes Chieftec GPS-750C in a package intended for retail sale: Box of black and gray with a matte printing and glossy stickers. The rigidity and thickness of the cardboard box is quite satisfactory. Polyethylene coated carton top layer of the insulating package from moisture.

The power supply is made in the body with a matte finish in black, which has a large texture that provides high resistance to the appearance of fingerprints and scratches. body length of 160 mm, an additional need at least 15 mm to accommodate the connection sockets, so you should rely on the installation size of about 180 mm. The power unit of this size can be installed in almost any full-sized housing, but with the installation of some compact body can certain difficulties.

Chieftec GPS-750C Review and test Power supply

Chieftec GPS-750C: Specifications

All necessary parameters are indicated on the power supply enclosure in full, for the + 12VDC bus power stated value of 744 watts. power ratio of the bus + 12VDC and full capacity is 0,992, which is an excellent indicator, especially for a budget product.

Part of the wires can be removed, freeing space in the building.

The cable length is sufficient for comfortable use in buildings full tower size and more overall overhead power supply. In buildings up to 55 cm with nizhneraspolozhennym power supply wiring length should also be sufficient:. To CPU power connector – about 65 cm Thus, with the majority of modern buildings should be no problems. But in the case of very dimensional enclosure size full tower (or more) wire length CPU power connector may be insufficient.

The number of connectors is quite sufficient for the average level of the system unit, but taking into account the announced capacity would like to see more SATA Power Connector – about 8-12 pieces 3-4 cords.

Chieftec GPS-750C Review and test Power supply

Chieftec GPS-750C: Cooling system

The power supply unit is equipped with an active power factor correction, choke which is packaged in a plastic case in an open design. The power supply is designed to operate in electric systems with a rated voltage of 100 to 240 volts, that is, has an extended range of supply voltage, which can be useful when working on a network where there are significant deviations from the nominal voltages.

Semiconductor components of high-voltage circuits are placed on a single compact radiator fins is accomplished by splitting the top of the plate. The advantages of this design include low aerodynamic resistance of the heat dissipating members, and the shortcomings – relatively low heat capacity and low heat dissipation area.

Transistors synchronous rectifier placed on the reverse side of the PCB and it is cooled by the latter (on the front side of the board with a small heat sink).

Chieftec GPS-750C Review and test Power supply

Switching power DC-based power converters + 3.3VDC and + 5VDC located on another daughter board and additional heatsink does not have that active cooling is quite typical for the PSU. It is obvious that the developers have tried to design a device from the calculation of the minimum aerodynamic drag elements within PSU, especially strongly about the heating elements.

There is quite a full line filter on the main board comprising a varistor and fuse also has a filter switching noise collected on the network connector. As a high-voltage capacitor used container under the brand Teapo, but the low-voltage capacitors are surprised by its diversity: we found capacitors branded Aishi, Samxon, Capxon and Chengy. In general, there has been some savings.

The power supply fan is installed HA1425M12S-Z, it is based on a plain bearing and manufactured by Dongguan Honghua Electronic Technology. Fan connection – two-wire through the connector.

Chieftec GPS-750C Review and test Power supply

Chieftec GPS-750C: Testing power supply

The first step is to test operation at maximum power supply unit for a long time.This test allows you to confidently ensure PSU efficiency.

In this case, no problems, except for low load capacity of the channel + 3.3VDC.

The next step is to build a tool krossnagruzochnoy test characteristics (tures)and presenting it on chetvertploskosti limited maximum power bus 3,3 & 5 on one side (on the ordinate) and the maximum capacity of the bus 12 on the other side – on the horizontal axis. At each point of the measured voltage is indicated by a color marker, depending on the deviation from the nominal value.

It is necessary to clarify that in the presence of abnormalities within three percent of the power supply parameters can be considered to be at a good level.

Tures allows us to determine what level of load can be considered acceptable, especially on the channel + 12VDC, for the test specimen. In this case, the operating voltage deviation from the nominal values for the channel + 12VDC not exceed three percent of the entire power range, which is a very good result.

do not exceed two percent of the channels + 5VDC and + 12VDC, and channel + 3.3VDC power a typical distribution channels for deviations from par – three percent. However, it is worth noting the low load capacity + 3.3VDC channel as a whole.

This power supply model is well suited for high current systems due to the high load capacity of the practical channel + 12VDC.

The next test is intended to determine the maximum power that can be fed through the appropriate connectors at the specified deviation voltage of 3 or 5 per cent of the nominal value.

In the case of a single graphics card power connector maximum power channel + 12VDC is over 150 W at a deviation of 3%.

In the case of graphics cards with two power connectors for maximum power channel + 12VDC is about 275 W at a deviation of 3% and more than 300 W W at a deviation of 5%. Since the voltage deviation occurs downward, use a video card with two power connectors, which consumes more than 275 watts, with the power supply is not necessary, in order to avoid unstable operation. In practical terms, this means that with the power source, you can use the vast majority of modern video cards, including solutions based GTX 1070/1080.

If the motherboard maximum power channel + 12VDC is over 150 W at a deviation of 3%. Since the board itself consumes within the channel 10 W, the high power may be required to supply expansion cards – for example, for cards without the additional power connector, which typically have a consumption within 75 watts. So and then the resulting power values should be sufficient.

In the case of the maximum power of the processor power connector on the channel + 12VDC is over 150 W at a deviation of 3%, which allows the use of almost any desktop processor sockets, not only for 1150/51 Socket and Socket AM3 / FM2, but also for Socket 2011 (-3) .

During the next stage of testing, we measure the parameters of the AC power supply, which is connected to the monitoring unit power at the latest at a constant power. Based on these data calculated parameters determining the efficiency and effectiveness of power supply.

Cost of the model is at a very good level. 60 W power supply dissipates this power on the order of 500 watts, and it dissipates 108.6 watts at maximum power. Absolute performance is not a record, but the cost of comparable solutions such results are among the best.

Regarding work lightly loaded and unloaded modes, there are also all quite adequately: in idle mode power supply itself consumes about 0.5 Watt and in active mode – about 5.8 watts.

PSU Efficiency is above average. According to our measurements, the efficiency of the power supply reaches a value of more than 87% in the power range from 200 to 750 watts, the maximum recorded value was about 90% at a power of 400 watts. Simultaneously, the efficiency at 50 W power was about 76%.

We also measure the inrush current in idle mode with a fully charged capacitors.

In terms of absolute value, the inrush current is not small, so use with cheap low-power UPS in this case it is better to avoid, preferring them to the judgment of 1000 · A with two batteries on board. If we compare with the same power supply units, the inrush current parameters in this power supply are located on the middle level and far from the maximum values registered by us, that can also be assessed positively.

Chieftec GPS-750C: Noise measurement

In preparing this material, we used the noise level measurement technique of power supply, which is still has the status of experimental. The power supply unit is located on a flat surface of the fan up on it at a distance of 0.35 meters placed measuring the sound level meter microphone Octave 110A-Eco, which is measured, and the noise level. The load power supply is carried out using a special stand, which has a silent mode.During the noise measurement is carried out at a constant current power supply operation for 20 minutes, after which the produced noise measurement.

A similar distance to the measurement object is closest to the table placing the system unit with installed power supply. This method allows to assess the level of power supply noise in harsh conditions in terms of the short distance from the noise source to the user. By increasing the distance to the noise source and the appearance of additional obstacles, having a good sound-reflecting ability, the noise level at the control point will also decrease, leading to improvement in the overall acoustic ergonomics.

the power supply noise is at the lowest visible level during power within 500W, that is, it is one of the quietest power supplies, power 750 watts continuously rotating fan, and even low-budget products costing up to $ 100, he is one of the undoubted leaders in acoustic ergonomics.

At full capacity the noise is greatly increased, its level can be assessed as very high for the premises, even in the daytime, and in the office of a PSU is too clearly visible.

We also commend the electronics noise power supply, because in some cases it is the source of unwanted overtones. This phase of testing is carried out by determining the difference between the noise level in our laboratory with the power on and off the unit. If the value obtained is within 5 dB, no abnormalities in the acoustic properties of BP no. With a difference of more than 10 dBA, as a rule, there are some defects that can be heard from a distance of about half a meter.

At this stage, measuring the sound level meter microphone is located at a distance of about 40 mm from the upper plane of the PSU, as at large distances electronics noise measurement is very difficult. The measurement is performed in two modes: the standby mode (STB, or Stand by) during operation load on the BS, but with the fan forcibly stopped.

In this case, electronic noise is minimal, the main contribution to the overall noise level of the power supply makes working fan.

Chieftec GPS-750C: Evaluation of consumer qualities

Consumer quality Chieftec GPS-750C are at a very good level: high load capacity of the channel + 12VDC, low noise level and a relatively high efficiency may well make this solution one of the best candidates for purchase. A few clouds the situation low load capacity of the channel + 3.3VDC, especially in view of the maximum power PSU, and a relatively modest set of connectors and wires are not very long before them.

Chieftec GPS-750C: Results

It is obvious that Chieftec GPS-750C – a budget product. Producer economized on what he could: the scope of delivery, the length of the wires and the number of slots, fans and capacitors. As a result there was a paradoxical situation: the power supply in a real system can not be used to power more than 50 percent of the nominal value, not because it has a low load capacity of the channel + 12VDC, as it usually happens at the cost BP a power, but because in included simply do not have the required number of cords with connectors. Those are in the real world, the model is doomed to work with a margin of at least double.

A separate question – life capacitors and fan, but in any case a few years, there should be enough without any problems.

If we consider the retail price of around $ 90, the Chieftec GPS-750C can be considered a very good option.However, if we consider the acquisition of the power supply for a typical system, consuming within 350 W, the purchase of a power supply unit it makes little sense, since for the same amount you can buy a smaller capacity solutions with components of higher quality. However, the majority of these products are still more expensive than the hero of our today’s review.

On the other hand, often when purchasing one of the older models of processors and graphics cards are trying to save money on housing and the power supply unit, and not just in this case Chieftec GPS-750C can be a very good option, as the load capacity of the channel + 12VDC he really high, and the noise on the capacities of up to 500 watts is very low. Thus, in the case of its use in a system with a powerful processor and top-end graphics card is still a large supply at a comfortable level of noise. Option two graphics cards also have the right to life, but to implement it will have to buy a second cable from the video card power connectors, as in the power supply unit included only one such cable with two connectors.

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