Chieftec GP-01B Test and review: gaming case with panoramic window at nice price

Chieftec GP-01B Test and review: gaming case with panoramic window at nice price

Chieftec introduced to the market a new gaming case Chieftec GP-01B. New Midi Tower stands out game design with a large panoramic window and LED-stripes, but also other categories of users will surely find interesting the body thanks to the good cooling capabilities and modern interior – at a reasonable price.

Chieftec boasts a long history in the buildings market, the company was engaged in their release at a time when many of the current players are interested in other segments of the market or did not exist at all. But competition in the market is very high buildings, as well as user requirements. In any case, with Chieftec GP-01B offers an interesting game enclosure at an attractive price.

Appearance in Midi Tower housing is quite good. In the honeycomb structure the front and a beautiful panoramic window casing can at first sight be attributed to the game model. And add two strips of LED, which can be illuminated in different colors. Chieftec But do not overdo it, keeping a straight line and a certain rigor in the design. Interestingly, the body are two 5.25 “bays, but they do not notice right away. Directly in the body can be set not only the long graphics card, but also a powerful cooling system. There is a fan controller with two stages. It should be noted and the possibility of NWO. Retail the price is 75 euros.

Chieftec added supplied Chieftec GP-01B is not only mounting accessories, and quick start guide, and three cable tightening and speaker system. As a bonus attached to an extension cord 8-pin CPU power cable EPS. It will help pave the appropriate cable for the motherboard tray.

Chieftec GP-01B Test and review: gaming case with panoramic window at nice price

Chieftec GP-01B: Appearance

Front and upper body closed mesh panels with honeycomb structure. Right and left their flank glossy strip. They are nicely reflect the light, but too noticeable on fingerprints and scratches. In front of the lid is left a solid area for storage of small things, and at the junction between the front panel and the cover is installed sloping I / O panel. It contains numerous controls and ports (a pair of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, audio jacks). In addition to power and reset buttons on the body set the color selection button backlight and switching the fan controller mode – maximum speed (12 V) and low speed (7). At the top of the front panel, you will notice two 5.25 “bays into which you can install an optical drive or a powerful fan controller at the upper compartment just installed cap dustproof front panel filter can be easily removed for cleaning -.. Just press the top center, after then the filter is removed. The same mechanism is used to cover the body. I will have to act to the touch, as symbols exactly where to press, there is no in both cases.

Chieftec GP-01B Test and review: gaming case with panoramic window at nice price

Side sleek design continues. Even the housing legs we get a glossy finish. But the center has established a large manufacturer with a panoramic window tint. Chieftec not even bother to metal frames, so the entire left panel is made of transparent plastic. But often we do not recommend to remove the panel as plastic hooks wear out much faster metal.

The plastic panel on the left and the right metal plate screwed thumbscrews. Behind you can see the pre-120-mm fan. The rest can be clearly seen that the motherboard and power supply Chieftec set quite traditional.

Under the glossy legs added rubber strips for vibration isolation. It’s nice that Chieftec thought and bottom dust filter. It is quite simple and is a plastic grid with relatively large cells. The filter is not pulled back, unlike many buildings, it will disengage from several plastic holders.

Chieftec GP-01B Test and review: gaming case with panoramic window at nice price

Chieftec GP-01B: Interior

If you remove the tinted panoramic window, that offer views of the interior of the housing. Although it blocks the vertical stand support video. It consists of a steel rack with slots which are shifted by plastic fasteners. possible to use two plastic fasteners, such as to lock the top and bottom card. They do not cling in any way to the video card, but just keep it. But the whole graphics card support rack can be removed by unscrewing the bottom two thumbscrews.

Chieftec GP-01B Test and review: gaming case with panoramic window at nice price

What lift will not work because it is a partition between the motherboard segment and the segment of the power supply and hard drives. The partition divides the body into two cooling domain. In addition, it masks the power cords and cables, drives, which do not violate the interior trim body. Since the partition can not be removed, it limits the installation space of the front of the heat exchanger. In housing you can install three 120-mm front fan, but the radiator is limited only by the two top mounts, ie 240 mm. At the same time ceiling fan fixture comes to the bottom 5.25 “drive bay. Moreover, the upper mounting holes are located directly on the inside of a disposable plug drive bay. Install the heat exchanger under the cover (240 or 280 mm) is easier, since between the motherboard and the cover is of the order of 6 5 cm of space. So you can set the coil thickness up to 4 cm (if you use standard fans 2.5 cm thick).

Housing Chieftec GP-01B offers a lot of functions, but in fact in front of us a simple steel casing. For example, a disposable plug slot bags, they just broke out. Be careful, because after plugs are burrs. Expansion cards are fastened by conventional screws.

Motherboard tray has two rows of holes for cable motherboards of different formats. The holes are closed with rubber inserts. Not without notch, allows you to set CPU cooler back plate without removing the motherboard from the case.

Chieftec GP-01B Test and review: gaming case with panoramic window at nice price

On the motherboard tray, you can see and fee-distributor for connection of fans. Of the six 3-pin socket employs three, the other half you can use to connect your own system fans. The board is connected to the controller of fans under the hood. It allows you to set two levels of speed. It sounds like a good idea, but in practice it is more complicated. At full speed fans expected noise, but at a low speed, the noise even amplified, added to it the chirping, so I want to go back to the maximum speed. Interestingly, the noise appearing on other fan that we connected with a voltage of 7 V, for example, on the same Corsair ML and be quiet! SilentWings 3. The latest generation of fans SilentWings worked irregularly, the impeller is constantly twitching. Chieftec was able to reproduce this problem at home, it will be corrected in the new batches buildings.

Side can be seen two separate mounts for 2.5 “drives. The drives are installed in a removable plastic trays (without the aid of a screwdriver), which are then simply snapped into the attachment. The two columns in the lower segment can install four 3.5-inch HDD, also without screwdriver. Racks are fastened with rivets, that is, they are non-removable, and limit the length of the power supply.

Our little test micro-ATX system clearly shows how spacious the interior of the housing. Cable routing is implemented is also very convincing. Chieftec And it all worked out without any casualties on the number of drives.

Chieftec GP-01B Test and review: gaming case with panoramic window at nice price

Chieftec GP-01B: The test system, ventilation and tests

Of course, the body must not only be functional and easy to assemble. It should also provide efficient cooling.

Temperature measurements:

For measurement of the maximum temperature of the CPU test, we used the free tool Prime95, which loads the system for 30 minutes. We chose the Small FFT load that maximizes heat dissipation, and then fixed the maximum core temperature using the system utility Lavalys Everest. We have combined temperature for the individual nuclei, and then divided them by the number of cores. At the same time we loaded the graphics card a demanding test Furmark.

Temperature evaluation mode in idle mode (single operation of the system) is not so interesting, because processors and graphics cards manufacturers have long implemented a very good power-saving mechanisms. For example, reduce the CPU core voltage and frequency in the event of inaction. Therefore, the heat generation components is significantly reduced.

Chieftec nominally established three fans that can count on high-performance cooling. But one 120-mm fan is located in a segment of the power / HDD unit. During the cooling of the motherboard segment meet one 120mm front fan and one 120mm rear. As a result, the cooling performance is good, but not outstanding. In the transition to a low speed fans CPU and GPU temperature increases by about 10 degrees.

Chieftec GP-01B Test and review: gaming case with panoramic window at nice price

Evaluation of noise:

To measure the noise level, we used the Sound meter Voltcraft SL-400, which is located at a distance of 20 cm from the front of the housing.

Because of the open design of the body, we get a fairly high noise level at maximum speed just above 40 dB (A). At lower speeds the noise level is better suited for everyday work, but again, his character is changing for the worse.

Other measures in the review:

We measured a maximum height of CPU cooler, and the maximum length of a video card with a tape, as well as the distance between the motherboard tray and the side panel. To measure the thickness of the walls we used a micrometer. We also take into account the data published by the manufacturer. Of course, at the same time we made a certain measurement error. For this reason, we recommend that you consider the values given below for comparison purposes only, and not to take them as the ultimate truth.

The height of CPU cooler:

Chieftec officially declares the maximum height of 16 cm fan. According to our measurements, there is more tolerance of a few millimeters. In any case, the housing will fit the majority of coolers that are present in the retail market.

Video length:

The maximum length of the video card is 40 cm, so you can not worry about compatibility.

Space for cabling:

Cabling facilitated well positioned holes, but behind the motherboard tray is simply too little space -. Only 1.8 cm and the cable must be laid carefully, otherwise the side panel just will not close.

The thickness of the material:

Chieftec indicated material thickness 0.7 mm, which we confirmed in practice. In fact, we have even 0.75 mm. For this price this is a normal thickness. Housing Chieftec GP-01B is not as durable as the old Chieftec model, but the weight of 8.5 kg is relatively small.

Chieftec GP-01B: conclusion

Chieftec GP-01B can be called compelling gaming case. On paper, the specifications are quite good. Appearance is also nice: a large number of the glossy finish, a panoramic window and LED-strips (you can disable them). However, the body too colorful and bright. It is pleasant to note details such as storage space for small things in front of the cover, as well as the optical drive door. The interior is very modern housing division into segments of the motherboard and power supply / storage unit. As for the price level – a rarity. Such a step has allowed to lift the restrictions on the length of the video card, you can set the longest model in the market. Also ventilation motherboard segment improved air flow does not interfere with rack drive or cable bundles.

Staffing in the housing three 120-mm fan installed, they provide a good cooling performance. All three are connected to a fan controller with two degrees of adjustment. During testing, we found a problem with the appearance of an inhomogeneous noise fan minimum speed, but it applies only to a limited party buildings, and in the future Chieftec promises to fix it. The rest of the two-stage speed adjustment chosen very wisely. Interior space, but for the tower fan and laying of cables places not so much. Of course, some competitors compartments for storage of large or they are modular, but Chieftec bezotvertochnuyu implement a simple installation of 2.5 “and 3.5” drives. But the 5.25 “drives and expansion cards have to fasten conventional screws.

If you want a more modest building with a modern interior, then pay attention to the same Cooler Master MasterBox 5. Functions him less, and cooling capabilities weaker Chieftec GP-01B, but the body still turned out very interesting, it costs 10 euros cheaper. In Russia, the price of a comparable – from 5.2 thousand rubles.. For 70 Euros in Europe or 7.4 thous. Rubles in Russia can be purchased Fractal Design Define S, which uses a 140-mm fan and is better suited for water-cooling system. But functions in the body less. In contrast to the two alternatives in housing no multi-color RGB-lighting, no additional graphics card support. If Define S of 5.25 “bays will have to completely abandon, at MasterBox 5 is available as an optional accessory.

As shown by a comparison with competitors, Chieftec GP-01B case provides a lot of features for the money. If it were not annoying flaws, the body could award the prize “price / quality.”

Benefits Chieftec GP-01B:

  • Modern interior with the division into segments of the motherboard and the power supply / HDD
  • Enough space for high-end graphics cards, rack cards support
  • Three pre-installed 120mm fan optional, you can add fans and heat exchangers
  • Fan Controller (up to six) with two stages of adjustment
  • Two 5.25 “bays
  • The front and top dust filter is easy to get it for cleaning, bezotvertochnaya installing 2.5 “and 3.5” drives
  • Multi-color illumination system

Disadvantages Chieftec GP-01B:

  • In the test sample was observed irregular noise at low speed fans (including with other fans)
  • Space for tower cooler and cabling barely enough
  • 140-mm fans can be installed only under the cover
  • No vibration isolation hard drive to install expansion cards, and a 5.25″ drive requires a screwdriver
  • Slot plug broke out, they are disposable; lower dust filter is difficult to extract for cleaning

Source: chieftec

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