Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

Chieftec has always been good, but too conservative manufacturer of computer cases. What if she was afraid of experiments, that if she did not have time to change and upgrade production lines, but new products appear on the market is extremely small, and running models sold without change for decades. Sometimes strangers Chieftec branded OEM body, such as in the case of Dragon DX-02B, and sometimes even go to extremes. Recently tested SJ-06B – a clear confirmation. Because when I saw live Chieftec GP-01B-OP, I was pleasantly surprised. It really turned out to be quite similar to the modern computer chassis, not boring, but not overly progressive in appearance. Let’s look at what it is really.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP: Specifications

ModelChieftec GP-01B-OP
Type of shellMidi-Tower
Dimensions in mm528 (B) x 210 (W) x 575 (H)
MaterialABS plastic, stainless steel, acrylic
Weight, kg9.2
ColourThe black
Form FactorE-ATX, ATX, MicroATX, Mini-ITX
Devices 5.25 “2
Devices 3.5 “external
Devices 3.5 “/ 2.5” internal4/2 (2.5 “drives can be supplied instead of 3.5”)
Supported number of expansion slots7
FansFront – 1 x 80 mm / 120 mm x 3/2 x 140 mm / 1 mm x 180 / (120 x 2 mm installed)
rear – 1 x 120 mm (set)
top – 2 x 120/140 mm (optional)
Interface connectors2 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0, microphone input and headphone output
OtherThe transparent side panel, removable dust filters at the top, front and bottom, the six fans speed control, color backlight (7 colors), front connectors, rack support graphics cards
The recommended price, $100

Chieftec GP-01B-OP: Packaging and delivery

Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

Easier housing package than this, I did not come across in the last couple of years. On its front and rear side is only the name of the manufacturer, the series and the extremely schematic representation contained within the product. Even on the side of nothing but short information about logistics. Damage Protection standard – two damper foam and plastic bag. All glossy surfaces and side transparent panel covered with adhesive film.

Kit for the body collected in a transparent plastic “beautician” zipper. There were found:

  • short instruction on external connectors of the housing;
  • The eight collapsible extender CPU power braided (300 mm);
  • three cable ties;
  • Diagnostic speaker;
  • adapter Phillips screwdriver to mount the motherboard racks;
  • 12 motherboard racks;
  • 17 enclosure screws (suitable for editing the video card, power supply, motherboard);
  • eight small screws to fix the 2.5 “and 5.25” devices.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP: Appearance

The first thing that catches the eye in appearance Chieftec GP-01B-OP – is the abundance of glossy chamfered edges and mesh front panel. Its metal grille embossed in the form of cells and contains a lot of small holes.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

The entire lower part of the lattice is a removable dust filter, consisting of foam sandwiched between the metal mesh and plastic insert. To remove it, you need to click on the top panel in the middle, thereby to release the lock. For visible coarse filter grille, which are pre-built 120mm blowers in the amount of two pieces.

The upper part of the front panel has two ports stub 5.25 “devices. Moreover, if the bottom are fixed, the top is a spring-loaded door, which will open the drawer, DVD-ROM drive when you press the button in the lower right corner of the cap. Thus, whatever the drive looks, holistic design of the case is not affected by any extraneous inclusions.

Panel external interface that is on the beveled front edge between the top and the front panel looks very rich. Two strips of clear plastic on the top and bottom – is colored LEDs. The top row is collected by two pairs of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors, the most distant from each other, and there are two 3.5mm audio ports for microphone and headphones in between. Big round power button with a white LED backlight is set to the right. Round key on the left is less responsible for rebooting the system, followed by, in order, to be exactly the same backlight control button, and two built-in fan controller keys. When you click on the Fast, to all connected fans supplied with 12 volts, and if you click on the Slow, then 7 Q. All settings propeller speed and color LEDs are stored and remain unchanged during the next reboot. Above the port is present in the front recess in the form of corrugated plastic platform on which to lay down any fines or gadgets for easy charging of USB-ports from.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

The most interesting part of the external design of the body is his left side panel. It is made entirely of tinted Plexiglas and through the interior of the chassis is easily visible. It seems that such doors – this is a new trend in the industry, because such models are increasingly caught me.

The thickness of the acrylic, from which the door is made, in the range from 2 mm at the edges up to 3 mm in the central part. This design looks fast, but check it for strength, I would not recommend once again. The door has a handle in the back for easy removal, rests on two screws with plastic thumbscrews and removed by sliding back.

The left side door is smooth and solid. She also has a stamped pen back and two fixing screws with knurled head.

Correct stiffener and the thickness of the metal makes the right side panel of sufficient strength and is resistant to deforming loads.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

The top panel is made up of a glossy bezel with beveled perimeter pockets of opaque plastic front and rear ventilation grille.

When you press the front of the lattice, it can be easily removed and provides a convenient access to the interior. On the reverse side is also laid foam. On the skids under this filter, you can install two 120- or 140-mm fan.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

On the back side all pretty standard. At the top there are two blanks under ¾ “hoses CBO, just below – the exhaust louver 120-mm fan, seven expansion slots, closed with disposable caps and ventilated seat power supply, which allows the propeller to orient it both up and down.

The bottom of the housing is closed with two metal mesh dust filters.

Remove and put the filters for cleaning frankly uncomfortable. To get normal access to their guide, the case will have to put to one side. Yes, and the overall efficiency of such a solution is extremely dubious in the dust trapping.

For filters, there are three groups of vents. The back is used to ventilate the power supply, and two front grille open air access to the drives installed in the bottom of the basket.

The legs are made of glossy plastic with rubber non-slip stickers below. Their height is 30 mm, which is more than sufficient for proper ventilation of the chassis, and in particular – its power supply.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP: Internal organization

Chieftec GP-01B-OP supports the installation of vertical format motherboards E-ATX, ATX, MicroATX and Mini-ITX. Declared admissible by the manufacturer of the CPU cooler height is 160 mm. According to our measurements here quite fit and 174 mm. Possible length expansion cards in all slots reaches 460 mm, taking into account established in front of fans in standard thicknesses (25 mm). But from the point of view of the manufacturer is to confine 430 mm. The permissible length of a standard power supply – up to 190 mm inclusive. The internal volume of the housing is divided into two housing parts. At the top is the motherboard and graphics cards with a 5.25 “devices, and at the bottom – the AC adapter and 3.5” drives.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

Reserve the space under the top panel to the motherboard edge is 60 mm. Of these, 25 mm – a recessed slide up to which will exactly two 120- or 140-mm fan. In addition, here rise and 240mm radiator CBO, but for 280-mm radiator place probably is not enough, because its protruding parts will rest in the top panel.

The rear panel is pre-blow-out 120 mm fan. All seven ventilated caps disposable expansion slots, and video cards are attached by conventional screws. Pretty country’s economy for this class of buildings.

The entire lower part of the body takes a solid removable cover that protects a power supply and drives the basket. In the front part there are two large grills for ventilation hard drives, and in the middle – rubberized opening for pulling cables. With high probability, the casing has a purely decorative purpose as the separation function as thermal zones he can not. Even in front of the rails are installed with a large lateral support strip cards. The very bracket moves horizontally almost the entire length of the chassis and is secured with two thumbscrews. Two transverse stop also hold onto the thumbscrew and their height can be adjusted by any of the seven PCI expansion slots. Perhaps – this is the best embodiment of the stops for the video of everything that I’ve met in recent years.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

In the front part of the housing bottom, there is a large supply of free space, since there are no baskets of hard drives, and even fastening two 5.25 “devices are shortened as much as possible. Due to this, Chieftec GP-01B-OP is no problem to install the largest graphics cards and motherboards size E-ATX motherboard and perhaps even some server motherboards formats. In addition, the front comfortably house a 240- or 280-mm radiator CBO any thickness.

On the front panel for intake placed two three-prong 120-mm fan undetermined origin. A similar propeller mounted on the rear of the chassis. Their maximum rotational speed of 1200 rev / min, is used as a sliding bearing bushing. These propellers can start from 450 rev / min and 4 operate silently and up to 7, and 800 rev / min. Parasitic sounds is not heard. At full speed the fan noise becomes audible, but still relatively low, creating a moderate level of noise that can not but rejoice.

The solid motherboard tray, which performs, including the role of the powerful fins lateral stiffness to the body, there are a lot of interesting things. First of all – it’s a cutout for the reinforcement plate of the CPU cooler, which is suitable for the location of any modern CPU socket. For pulling cables have rubberized six holes in the middle and two open – at the top of the pallet. Eyelet for attaching cable ties, there are 15 pieces and they are located in the right places. Reserve space from the pallet to the side door is 20 mm, which is usually enough for neat routing of cables.

The body is equipped with the controller board speed control for three-six fans. According to the instructions, they can be fed with two kinds of voltage – 12 V and 7 off mode is not provided. The maximum current is connected to propellers must not exceed 0.3 A on each turntable.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

In front of the tray has two easily removable plastic baskets, in which, without the aid of tools, you can quickly install one 2.5 “drive.

Four plastic tray 3.5 “or 2.5” drive, and arranged in pairs at the bottom front of the housing. Although they look unventilated at first glance, this impression is deceptive. In fact, there are ventilation holes above them and below them, and drives the front blown preinstalled 120mm fan.

No vibration isolation in the trays for 3.5 “and 2.5” drives is not provided. The large basket can be placed and 2.5 “drive using small screws.

It has a separate power supply for the camera at the rear. His seat is equipped with two rubber bumpers at the bottom. In the case of the installation here PSU with modular cable connection – it is better to attach them all at once, because then reach the connectors will be difficult.

The top plastic panel detaches very easily. Suffice it to pull back the handle up. Keeps on six plastic fixtures such as “tulip”.

So it looks like the top panel of the case without the plastic cover:

The front panel is removed too elementary. In this case, you need to pull on the tab at the bottom and on. Keeps on six plastic fixtures such as “tulip”.

On the ventilation grille front panel can be set a lot of different fan combinations. The most rational option – three 120-mm propeller. The second option – the two 140-mm fans on the top and one small 80-mm bottom for blowing the basket drive. Most extravagant combination – is a 180 mm propeller (not more than 25 mm) and over the middle of the 80 mm below the spinner. It’s worth noting that when using the lower 5.25 “bays, installation of the upper 120- or 140-mm fan can be taken. In addition, the plug compartment that has mounting holes for the fans, but it looks like a disposable. So set it back and securely will not succeed. Pretty strange engineering miscalculation.

The kit includes wires “molex” to supply front panel illumination and fan speed controller, block USB 3.0, HD Audio wire, block USB 2.0 standard wires from the start button, reboot the system, and power indicator. All of them are black and have more than enough length to connect.

We proceed to the assembly system and the thermal test.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP: Assembly

Building the system in case Chieftec GP-01B-OP is not difficult because of its large size and the free inner space. Laying of wires also performed without any problems.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

Because of tinting windows, inner hull content is viewed rather poorly. And the broad support rack cards much conceals. For those who still wish to show off your system in the chassis you will probably need to put an additional backlight.

The power button glows constant white. A strip of LEDs can change their color. The algorithm of their work the following – by pressing the corresponding button once turns on cyclical color change mode – red, yellow, blue, green, purple, blue, white. Subsequent pressing and choosing one of these fixed shades. In addition, the backlight is switched off at all. Setting the backlight and the fans are stored and played back the next time the computer is turned on. Choose them every time is not necessary. Personally, I prefer to just disable these LEDs because they are very bright and dazzle the eye, especially in the dark.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP: Testbed

To test the efficiency of the cooling components in the housing Chieftec GP-01B-OP used the following configuration:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-2600K (3,4 @ 4,4 GHz, 1,330 V);
  • cooler: Zalman CNPS10X Performa;
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H TH (Intel Z77);
  • card: ASUS R9270-DC2OC-2GD5 (AMD Radeon R9 270);
  • Memory: Kingston KHX24C11X3K4 / 16X (2×4 GB, DDR3-2133, 10-12-12-27-2T, 1.65);
  • SSD: Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2 (64 GB, SATA 6Gb / s);
  • Hard Drive: Western Digital WD2000JS-00MHB0 (200GB, SATA 3Gb / s, 7200 rev / min);
  • PSU: be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 (550 W);
  • additional fan: 1 x 120 mm – be quiet! Silent Wings USC 120 mm (1500 rev / min)
  • thermal interface: Noctua NT-H1.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP: Test Procedure

The thermal load created by a simultaneous operation of the stress tests LinX 0.6.5 with 2048 MB of dedicated memory, and MSI Kombustor for 10 minutes after the temperature stabilization. The load on the hard disk made software Crystal Disk Mark 5.0.3 x64. At the end of the cycle test system worked for 10 minutes in idle mode for the minimum thermal performance. The ambient temperature was 23 degrees Celsius. Fan speed of the CPU cooler and video recorded at maximum speed. Peak power consumption was 325 watts. Testing was conducted in a single compare mode with an outdoor stand. As a further fan at the top behind the hood was set to 120 mm with a propeller speed of 1,500 rev / min. All case fans during the test run at maximum speed.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP: Test results

Chieftec GP-01B-OP Review computer case

The thermal test Chieftec GP-01B-OP showed himself surprisingly well, even with not a full set of fans. the temperature processor conceded just one degree of opening of the stand. Video heated five degrees more, which is also quite acceptable. The difference in temperature of the power circuits and the motherboard ranged from one or two divisions of mercury. The hard disk is cooled in load better than one degree, but in the simplest played just six. In a word – the ventilation system in the chassis of a very worthy.

Chieftec GP-01B-OP: Conclusions

Chieftec GP-01B-OP – it is quite suitable housing with a good exterior design, good design and a decent ventilation system. Its undoubted advantages are easy installation truly major computer components, support for ITS systems, the presence of dust filters and an integrated fan controller.

It is not without landing gear and minor bugs. In particular – disposable plug PCI slots and bottom 5.25 “bay make me slight bewilderment. In addition, the lower dust filters could be made easier to remove and clean, and the LED backlighting front panel – much less bright. Specific features that can please not all users – a side door Plexiglas (it is not known how it durable and resistant to a mechanical stress) and plenty of shiny elements to bevel the top and front panels.

In general, Chieftec GP-01B-OP – is a great option in its price segment, suitable for assembling the hot and productive system. I hope that the company will continue to further develop its product range in this area.

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