Canon EOS SLR cameras: test and compare all models

Canon EOS SLR cameras: test and compare all models

Testing and compare SLR cameras Canon EOS: We will tell you the differences between the different models and will present the results of tests on the entry-level to professional cameras.

We test and compare different cameras Canon EOS line, and their choice in the market is very extensive. Which model to choose: 1300D , 760D , 80D or still 5D III Mark ? This numbers game is to knock beginners confused. With these numerical markings mean in practice? The total of all these models is that they can take pictures and video, in addition they have interchangeable lenses.

Which model Canon EOS SLR camera you ultimately choose depends entirely on your needs and finances. This effect is one simple rule: the lower model number, the higher the price. The higher the “status” of the model, the better her performance, higher image quality and a steeper grade. At our table you will find all SLR Canon EOS line of cameras and links to articles, reviews.

Canon EOS SLR cameras: how to understand the numbering of models

Canon EOS SLR cameras with a four-digit number of the most affordable entry-level models. Compared to models with a three-digit numbering when using an entry-level camera you’ll have to put up with the absence of some useful functions. For models with three digits in less noise, higher resolution, and there is still a practical touch screen.

Useful in practice the upper display, as well as such features as moisture-proof enclosure will be your camera, if the number consists of two digits. The designation EOS M hidden “Mirrorless” of a series of system cameras Canon.

Canon EOS SLR number consisting of a single digit, designed for professionals: an extremely powerful image sensor, it is very rugged with numerous hardware buttons, as well as the almost perfect equipment to satisfy any request of the photographer.

All current EOS models we have collected in the table. SLR and mirrorless cameras are placed in the ranking according to the results of tests. We are constantly updating our list and add to it a new name. Below we present you with a professional model and explain what Canon EOS SLR camera is best for you.

If you want to make your hobby more or consider yourself a professional, then you should think about very expensive full-frame SLR camera. But what is the model of all SLR Canon EOS is the best? The answer can be found in the following table, which is constantly updated.Results of testing models with matrix APS-C, it is difficult to compare with those of other models.

Canon EOS SLR cameras: for amateur

Canon EOS SLR cameras: test and compare all models

Canon EOS models with the four-digit number is quite a budget option for exploring the world of SLR cameras. Multiple scene modes and only the necessary functions let you easily learn how to work with the SLR. Due to the light weight cameras entry-level and compact even professionals sometimes work with them, especially when traveling.

Those who want to get more functionality and more powerful array, look to the Canon EOS models with three-digit numbering. Such models are primarily designed for lovers, but they have such useful additional options like swivel display, touch screen, but also have lower noise at higher sensitivity levels.

If you are going to buy my first SLR camera, be sure to pay attention to a bundled kit lens: This is usually a classic 18-55 mm. If it exists, you can start taking pictures right away, and the 3x zoom will give good opportunities in the frame construction.

Canon EOS M: a new word among “Mirrorless”

Also on the amateur photographers are designed Canon camera from a relatively young segment of mirrorless cameras. To date, there are only three models of this series: EOS M3 , EOS M5 , as well as entry-level model EOS M10 .

Compared with SLR models mirrorless their “colleagues” because of the lack of a system of mirrors are considerably smaller. However, it should be noted for the EOS M camera, you will need special lenses, and they at the moment there are only five. However, conventional EF-lens reflex cameras Canon you too can be used with an adapter.

Canon EOS SLR cameras: for professionals

Canon EOS SLR cameras: test and compare all models

Canon EOS cameras with two-digit numbers are included in the segment of semi-professional cameras. Energy saving upper LCD, housing with protection against splashes and photos with high sharpness and low noise at high ISO levels make it possible to use this camera, and professionals.

$1180 starting price on Canon Professional SLR cameras with unique number. Until 7D , all models have a huge full-length sensor, the size of which is more than twice the size of the EOS camera arrays of inexpensive, but compared to compact cameras more than 30 times. Full-matrix allows you to create very detailed pictures with low noise.

In series cameras EOS-1D there is even a built-in battery pack that significantly increases the time the camera without charging more convenient and allows you to hold the camera in the vertical shooting. In order to realize the full potential of SLR cameras Canon EOS, you’ll need a good lens.

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