Burning-off the display in Google Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 2 Xl, display problem

The Google Pixel 2 XL screen completely burns out for couple of days

Though right after back sales of frameless Google Pixel 2 XL on a network there were also thousands of dissatisfied buyers who complained of big problems with P-OLED the screen in a novelty, but many began to protect Google corporation.

We will remind that 99% of complaints to a new flagship are the share of its screen which was made, by the way, by the LG Display company which production was always famous for poor quality and high the number of spoilage.

Google Pixel 2 XL, problem with display

The first buyers of Pixel 2 XL complained on a heel from glue on the display, non-uniform illumination, big pixelization (effect of an opaque film), the wrong color rendition, absence of the true white color and awful viewing angles. It seems that now to all this it is possible to attribute still something, perhaps, most important and dreadful.

The editor-in-chief of issuing of Android Central became one of the first buyers of Google Pixel 2 XL in the USA, and he reconciled to all problems with the display in a novelty, but in one of days the screen on its new acquisition began to burn out expensive P-OLED promptly.

Everything began with its lower part, directly with the Home, Application menu and Back buttons then the display continued to burn out up the direction to the middle of the screen. It took several hours. As a result, when the editorial office employee took the picture, about 1/3 Google Pixel 2 XL screens burned out, that is on him any information is more simply incapable to be displayed.

Google Pixel 2 XL, problem with display

Frankly speaking, it is a complete nightmare as before such cases with other mobile devices, including Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and even LG V30, it was not recorded, and it inspires some optimism. As the owner of the smartphone marks, it actively used it for a week, did not dip under water, did not drop and did not leave in the sun. buy Bentyl online

Most likely, in this case it is about the single rejected Google Pixel 2 XL which on combination of circumstances got to the editor-in-chief of issuing, but not the ordinary user. On a network meanwhile there is no information on other burned-out screens in a novelty, and there is a wish to believe that they will not be.

Kind of business did not take a turn, but the burned-out screen is a warranty case therefore owners of a novelty should not worry because of it.

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