Blackview Ultra Plus Review: analogue iPhone 6S Plus or another Chinese copy?

Blackview Ultra Plus Review: analogue iPhone 6S Plus or another Chinese copy?

What can be said about the characteristics of the traditional low-end device? They are ordinary. Perhaps only allocated support LTE networks and capacious battery. But the lack of support for GLONASS satellites disappointing. So, today we review Blackview Ultra Plus.

Blackview Ultra Plus: Packaging equipment

The manufacturer did not invent anything new – exact same package we’ve seen in the review Blackview BV6000. It is a flat box consisting of a lid and a box and made of a dense white cardboard.

Material quality and workmanship did not cause any complaints – the contents of the full securely during transport. The only negative, for many Chinese traditional gadgets, is the absence of the factory seal, which does not allow access to content completely.

On the front side is the manufacturer’s logo and sticker, sticker indicating device model.

You can also find a list of the main characteristics of the device on the back side.

Blackview Ultra Plus Review: analogue iPhone 6S Plus or another Chinese copy?

Inside we immediately meet the unit itself. And next, the model name is indicated. The device is packaged in a plastic bag and protected on both sides of conveying the films is fixed in place in a special recess.

Here, space is divided into several fragments. All accessories are in place.

And at the very apparatus located a box with a spare protective film for the display and two covers.

One of them is a conventional silicone transparent cover. More interesting it seems the second – aluminum bumper frame covering ends.

With such a bumper, the device becomes somewhat larger. However, the feeling is already very different, pleasantly cools the metal arm.

Blackview Ultra Plus Review: analogue iPhone 6S Plus or another Chinese copy?

The package includes:

  • Power adapter;
  • Cable USB – microUSB;
  • USB-OTG cable;
  • Wired stereo headset
  • Two protective cover;
  • Spare protective film for the display;
  • The clip for the extraction slots for SIM-card.

In general, although the packaging and not surprised, no complaints about the quality of materials or workmanship not arisen. The box is made soundly and efficiently, without any problems to protect the contents during transport to the end user. It is necessary to carefully check the device before purchase – after the factory seal is missing. Separately want to mention a rich supply of equipment. You do not often see in one box and two headset and protective case.

Blackview Ultra Plus: Appearance and design

Blackview Ultra Plus is a standard candy bar with a touchscreen. As the housing material plastic is used exclusively. Despite the fact that the body is slightly lacking rigidity to bending loads and torsional claims to build quality arises. There are no creaks or backlash.

Blackview Ultra Plus Review: analogue iPhone 6S Plus or another Chinese copy?

I think every reader already knew what kind of a smartphone masked hero of this review? Yes, that’s right, it’s Apple iPhone 6S Plus. Moreover, it is not an imitation, namely, an attempt to copy the appearance as closely as possible. This will make possible a pending appearance and software.

Side frames are far from the record, although not critical wide. The entire front panel is covered with a protective glass with rounded edges.

Above the screen is located a standard set of elements from the earpiece, front camera and light sensor and proximity.

On the “Home” button is present lower mechanical frame. No fingerprint fingers here, and the button a little loose. Perhaps, the only disadvantage identified in the study of the quality of the housing assembly.

Blackview Ultra Plus Review: analogue iPhone 6S Plus or another Chinese copy?

At the top there is only AUX port.

The lower bound is busy connector micro-USB and bars in the center of the main speakers at the edges. There is also an opening conversational microphone. The desire to create a device, similar to most Apple products can be seen here – Micro-USB port is recessed slightly into the recess, roughly corresponding in size from the iPhone charging port.

On the left side are placed the volume buttons.

On the right – the power button and a slot for SIM-card and memory card.

The back cover is completely plastic, gray color, with imitation plastic inserts. The surface is not too easily soiled, but fingerprints still remain.

At the top is the main camera lens with LED flash and a second microphone.

Closer to the center of the lid is located the manufacturer’s logo.

At the bottom of a small amount of fine text.

The quality of housing materials correspond to price segment Blackview model. Some claims to the assembly did not have the quality, with the exception of a significant backlash button “Home”.

Blackview Ultra Plus Review: analogue iPhone 6S Plus or another Chinese copy?

Talking about design in general, and there is nothing – we are outright copy of the Apple iPhone 6S Plus.Ochevidno at startup smartphone manufacturer in the series counted on those who wish to purchase a copy of the said device.

Blackview Ultra Plus: Display

Blackview smartphone has a display with a resolution of 5.5 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Indicator modest by today’s standards, the pixel density of only 267 ppi. Individual points may be considered, but if not get accustomed and in normal use, it does not notice this.

The sensor supports up to ten simultaneous keystrokes.

The viewing angles are the widest. Although at certain angles the picture darkens.

White looks natural. And as in the direct view, and at an angle.

Blackview Ultra Plus Review: analogue iPhone 6S Plus or another Chinese copy?

Blackview Ultra Plus: Hardware platform and performance

Being a budget device, review the hero looks like a fashion leader only appearance. But the performance is far from the top solutions and is fully consistent with the price class of the device.

As a quad-core processor used MediaTek MT6735 with a clock speed of each core at 1.0 GHz. Expect a spectacular performance measures do not have to, as well as the specific energy consumption, which means that you can count on a good autonomy.

The amount of RAM is decent for the class, here installed 2 GB.

Let’s see how to evaluate the computational speed Blackview Ultra Plus various application benchmarks.

In general, everything was familiar and predictable. And whether or not to rely on something different from the studied along and across the MediaTek MT6735 platform?

Blackview Ultra Plus Review: analogue iPhone 6S Plus or another Chinese copy?

Using a modest hardware platform provided and the appropriate level of body heat under load.

Even during heavy temperature remains comfortable and familiar values, and CPU throttling frequency is almost imperceptible.

As a result, any claims to the hardware Blackview Ultra Plus does not arise. Especially if you take into account the price segment model.

Blackview Ultra Plus: Software and firmware

The smartphone Blackview Ultra Plus runs on Android 5.1 operating system.

Supports wireless function update.

The manufacturer has made some changes to the system interface. But they will affect only the appearance, do not affect the functionality.

There used “launcher” scheme without a separate application menu. All labels are placed on the desktop.

Curtain notifications remained familiar.

Blackview Ultra Plus Review: analogue iPhone 6S Plus or another Chinese copy?

Typical applications have not changed. All the familiar and understandable.

In fact, the setting remained standard, adding a few functions.

So, in the settings screen you can activate the control button, floating on the display, pressing it turns into such a socket.

Supported by a list of gestures. However, everything is absolutely standard for Chinese vehicles. Even Russification, habitually absent.

An innovation of this particular model is the ability to switch the interface theme. Apparently, the desire to be like all the famous smartphone affected not only designers, but also to software developers.

After activating this mode and restart the interface design of the desktop will change.

In the rest in front of us familiar with the company’s operating system shell and minimal implementation in functionality. There are no claims to the management or operation stability does not arise. Total test time has never happened any glitches or freezes, is not required, and restart. This contributes to the minimal changes in the standard Android system.

Blackview Ultra Plus: Wireless interfaces and communication

There is no infrared port, or the NFC antenna, but please support LTE networks. The rest of the list of wireless connectivity is absolutely standard.

Supports work with two SIM-cards.

Maps are installed on both sides of the slot parallel to each other. Instead of the second SIM-card, you can insert the memory card.

Phone application has not received any changes.

Fared navigation. In active mode location determination from all sources, cold start took about 15 seconds. In the future, satellites were connected smartly and worked without any glitches.

If the smooth operation of all wireless interfaces must be common, work with fourth generation networks are still not supported by each device. One can safely say that currently attract the attention of a large number of potential users.

Blackview Ultra Plus: Battery life

Blackview Ultra Plus is equipped with a non-removable battery capacity of 3180 mAh. For a modest processor and HD display of the power reserve should be sufficient. Perhaps the only thing that can significantly save power – LTE network.

Let’s see how the hero will appreciate the review program autonomy tests.

If AnTuTu Tester results were modest, the Geekbench 3 fully met our expectations from a combination of high-capacity battery and a modest hardware platform.

As a result, on the one hand, we should not expect record figures, and on the other – a smartphone without any problems will provide a couple of days of active use. If the maximum conserves battery power, this period will be increased to four or five days.

Complete Power Adapter delivers a current of 2 A. On a full charge takes a few hours.

Budget models often become “almost centenarians” simply because the weak hardware platform puts modest demands for power consumption. I was no exception and Blackview Ultra Plus. Some difficulties with the supply of battery life does not arise, the user does not exactly face suddenly discharged from the smartphone to stay during the day.

Blackview Ultra Plus: Camera

The main hero of the review camera has a resolution of 13.0 megapixels and is equipped with autofocus. Front a bit easier, with a resolution of 5.0 megapixels and without any additional functions. Today it is the usual set for this price segment.

Preset Camera app also remains commonplace and standard.

Now pay attention demo pictures to answer the main question – how does this smartphone photographs.

Blackview Ultra Plus: Conclusion

The review can only affirm the opinion that the manufacturer has pursued the goal of making the most affordable smartphone, as far as possible a similar appearance with the iPhone 6S Plus. I can not help recalling the days when Chinese units were associated exclusively with counterfeit the then current iPhone 4. Moreover, in this case, were not limited to only the appearance, adding a special mode in the settings, making the interface as similar to the iOS interface.

If we abstract from the exterior, before us is a cheap smartphone with good-quality housing assembly and a rich set of delivery. The display quality is calibrated and has a good range of brightness, color temperature, although there are questions. Talk about high-performance device with a budget processor is not necessary, but can be noted a good autonomy.

In general, it is just a budget model with all the consequences. Although the background of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro have thoughts that the only engine sales there can be only appearance.

Pros Blackview Ultra Plus:

  • Rich package bundle;
  • Soundly build quality;
  • A good level of autonomy;
  • High-quality display calibration.

Cons Blackview Ultra Plus:

  • The button “Home” may backlash;
  • Low cost housing materials.


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