Blackview BV6000 review: super durable smartphone with powerful specifications

Blackview BV6000 review: super durable smartphone with powerful specifications

The device released in the spring of 2016. Blackview BV6000 protected from dust, water and shock. Usually in this type of apparatus manufacturer’s emphasis is on the body and the camera, iron and other characteristics – mediocre. Blackview decided to rectify the situation by releasing a device protected by standard IP68, with a menacing appearance, and quite worthy features.

At the time of this review Blackview BV6000 can be purchased for around $ 220. For such a machine – it is quite adequate to the price tag. It’s not cheap, but you must pay for the security. Despite the fact that the company has repeatedly produced devices with a large percentage of marriage, this model has turned clearly successful.

Features Blackview BV6000

The feature of this device – a powerful combination of toppings and reliable construction. BV6000 – one of the most technically advanced smartphone protected in 2016.

Blackview BV6000: Design, design features

His brutal appearance Blackview BV6000 would hint: I am reliable man. And indeed it is. The housing has protection class IP68, which is indicated directly below the screen. There are also touch-sensitive navigation keys with backlight.

Blackview BV6000 review: super durable smartphone with powerful specifications

The buyer can choose between three colors: all black or with green or yellow accents.

The material on the rear panel – a rubberized thermoplastic in the hand does not slip. The back cover is removable, but without the screwdriver (included) when disassembling not do: All the screws on the housing real, it’s not dummies. The side edges have metal inserts. They are arranged physical buttons, also of metal.

On the right side edge are the power button and volume control. On the left: a separate button for camera shutter release, SOS button and PTT (radio).

All connectors have a plug, in case they are lost there is a spare set in the box. Trays for the SIM and memory card are hidden under a plate on the rear panel, which caused Blackview logo. To access the tray, you must unscrew the screws and remove the turn plate and the rubber plug.

The case is turned on rather massive appearance. Its width is 81 mm, the height of 152.3 mm and thickness – 6.16 mm integers.

Blackview BV6000 review: super durable smartphone with powerful specifications

Blackview BV6000: CPU

At the core of the hardware is 64-bit, 8-core processor Helio P10 (MT6755). Its maximum clock frequency up to 2 GHz. For graphics processing chip meets Mali-T860 MP2. It is powerful enough iron, which makes it easy to perform any task, and the smartphone is not be even a hint on the brakes. Performance and enough to run demanding games.

The synthetic test performance Antutu Blackview BV6000 gaining about 45 thousand. Points. It is quite a good result. In severe loads the device does not overheat, the body becomes barely warm.

Blackview BV6000: Memory

The smartphone is equipped with 3 GB of RAM. This volume is still found in the flagship model, therefore, the presence of 3 GB of RAM is very good. This smart phone with easily copes with a large number of simultaneously running applications.

The volume of the built-in storage is 32 GB. It can be freely fit any set of useful software, and even a place for games remain. Memory expansion is available via an external storage format microSD, up to 32GB.

Blackview BV6000: Autonomy

For the power of the unit away from the wall outlet corresponds to a battery capacity of 4200 mAh. This is a pretty solid indicator, plus the screen on the device quite economical. As a result, under normal usage is free to hold the battery 2 days. If you save battery, you can “squeeze” even more battery life. Battery charge fills up to 100% regular charger 5V / 2A power for about 2.5 hours.

Blackview BV6000 review: super durable smartphone with powerful specifications

Blackview BV6000: Camera

The smartphone has two cameras: a 13 MP main and front-facing 5 MP. Both of them have a software interpolation, so shoot with a maximum resolution of 18 megapixels and 8, respectively. The basic module is a OV13853, with the size of a single pixel of 1.157 microns, and F / 2.0 aperture. Equipped with auto focus, LED flash and monochrome. the standard camera application interface for Android, and has not changed developers. There HDR mode, and even the manual ISO settings and white balance.

Now the quality of shooting. The photo is relatively good, even in the room, not to mention the pictures outside in sunny weather. Of course, a strong emphasis on the photographic component manufacturer did not do so bugs are still there. For example, the presence of zamylenny area at one end, and the color on the photo is mainly closer to the cool shades. The dynamic range is not ideal if the shot fall the objects with high contrast in color, are possible overexposure, or the appearance of dark areas. HDR mode bit saves the day.

In general, the camera is not quite suitable for the most demanding users, and to work – all wonderful. Video can be recorded in FullHD resolution, at 30 FPS frame. Frontalka shoots too bad, perfectly suited for video calls, but also for photos amiss.

Blackview BV6000: Display

Diagonal mounted display – 4.7 inches. IPS matrix Resolution 1280 x 720 (HD), the pixel density – 312 PPI. The image is quite good, with colors and contrast are no problems. The air gap between the touchscreen and the screen is not that a positive effect on the visibility of the image on the street on a sunny day. The viewing angles are good, stock is also a decent maximum brightness.

From scratches and scuffs shield protects the glass with high resistance to wear: Gorilla Glass 3. On the glass is not oleophobic coating, so if you want to finger easily slid on a touchscreen, it is necessary to glue the film or glass with oleophobic layer.

Blackview BV6000: Network capabilities, data transfer

Supports 2 SIM card Micro-SIM format. The device can work in 2G and 3G networks, 4G LTE network is available in a wide range of frequencies. With the quality of communication problems are seen, everything works flawlessly. There is support for NFC, surprisingly enough: usually even more expensive models from China are deprived of the wireless interface. There is WiFi-enabled Wi-Fi Direct and Wifi HotSpot, as well as Bluetooth version 4.1.

For geolocation meet: GPS (with A-GPS), GLONASS, and electronic compass. For charging and connecting to a PC using MicroUSB interface (USB 2.0), supports OTG function that allows you to connect to the device peripherals, and even to charge smartphones and other phones.

Blackview BV6000 review: super durable smartphone with powerful specifications

Blackview BV6000: Sound

With the earpiece there is no problem, the interlocutor is heard well. The main speaker is normal, but high volume it is different. Rather, the average volume, as in many smartphones. There is also a small glitch: when something is played, and volume to a minimum, you can hear the hiss and crackle of the dynamics. This is usually not irritating and can hear only if exposed to the ear speaker. Connector 3.5 mm planted deeper than usual, so you have to use any earphones or acquire additional special adapter.

Blackview BV6000: Software part

smartphone runs on Android 6.0 OS out of the box. The shell is slightly altered by the manufacturer. Minor changes were made in the main interface, and provide compatibility with additional functionality (message of distress, work with a barometer, voice on the radio).

Blackview BV6000: Specific features and options

Housing smartphone is protected under the standard IP68. This means that it is completely dustproof, can be immersed in water under pressure for a long time, and even resistant to shocks. The information was correct and reliable, the smartphone has repeatedly tested for strength of the body, to the ingress of water resistance, dust and dirt. This is evidenced by a lot of videos from the crash tests. The only time – we should not forget carefully close the cap.

With the help of physical SOS button to send your contact information to a pre-selected number. It is enough to hold it, and hold for 5 seconds.

Dedicated camera button even allows you to shoot under water when the sensor does not work on touch.

By virtue of the design connectors may be recessed more than usual. Therefore, the use of the cable and headphones are not included with may not be possible without their preliminary “modification”.

At the upper edge of a cap has an atmospheric pressure sensor.

Pros and cons Blackview BV6000


  • Dust moisture protection and impact resistance;
  • Good autonomy;
  • A wide range of networking opportunities;
  • Additional physical buttons: Push-to-talk, SOS, and trigger the camera shutter;
  • Fresh OS out of the box.


  • Burrs main speaker during audio playback;
  • Connectors MicroUSB and 3.5 mm are planted deeper than the conventional standard.

To fit the smartphone

This he did not fit exactly – so it is the youth of today, who is afraid of (or shy) to get it out of your pocket gadget thickness of 8 mm, and which does not look as elegant as the iPhone. This device for travelers, lovers of extreme sports; for people whose work takes place in difficult conditions (geologists, archeologists and journalists in conflict zones, miners, builders and so on). It is possible that the device can be useful to the guards, law enforcement, and even be used in the military sphere.

Our review of smartphone Blackview BV6000

It’s just full of beef, the dream of many fans of reliable, practical smartphone with a full set of communications capabilities, and with a very solid performance characteristics. Unequivocal approval, despite the shortcomings, let alone without them.

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