Blackview BV2000s review smartphone: when idea better implementation

Blackview BV2000s review smartphone: when idea better implementation

Blackview BV2000s – is a cheaper analog of BV2000, with a different processor, 4G, and without physical buttons “Home”. The device appeared in 2015. It can be attributed to one of the many unique Doogee X5 and the like, but with a design borrowed from Meizu M2 Mini, and a couple of “bells and whistles” such as OTG support and availability of the LED.

The minimum cost of a smartphone at the time of this survey is 62.5 USD. He has a lot of competitors in this price range, but Blackview captivating gadget external views. At first glance an interesting model. Let us consider it in more detail, and find out whether it is the buyer’s attention.

Features Blackview BV2000s

The hardware part, with a few exceptions, corresponds to the typical ultrabudgetary smartphone from China for 2015.

Blackview BV2000s: Design

Colours body quite varied: you can choose blue and green, or classic white and gray tones.

Chassis design folding, product material – plastic. The back cover completely covers the side edges.

Due to the physical characteristics of the control buttons are arranged on the cover and not on the body.

Connectors MicroUSB and 3.5 mm are located on the top edge, the power button and volume control – on the right side edge.

Touch navigation buttons have backlight. Rounded edges, small thickness (8.8 mm), and relatively compact dimensions (72.6 x 145 mm) contribute to the fact that the device is very conveniently fits in your hand. Products weight is 155 g

Blackview BV2000s review smartphone: when idea better implementation

Blackview BV2000s: CPU

Blackview BV2000s equipped budget processor MediaTek MT6580, which is often used in low-cost devices. The chip 32-bit, has 4 cores and a maximum clock speed of 1.3 GHz. The smartphone is endowed with a graphics accelerator Mail 400 MP.

Iron is modest, however, this does not prevent the smartphone cope with all basic tasks. The device demonstrates Hustler work in the interface, applications, while Web surfing. Even with intensive 3D games to cope, albeit on a simplified schedule. Synthetic test Antutu evaluates performance of the device in the 24 th. Points to the “tail”.

Blackview BV2000s: Memory

1 GB of RAM – “gold” standard for any self-respecting Chinese manufacturer of cheap smartphones. In this regard, Blackview BV2000s was no exception. This device does not need more and: he has to speed order, while running several applications there is no problem.

The volume of the main drive – 8 GB available for use by just over 4 GB. To install the applications that will be enough to head, even a couple of unpretentious games can be downloaded. For something more serious need a memory card: slot for it is under the hood, you can attach an external drive up to 32GB.

Blackview BV2000s: Autonomy

Power is provided by the battery capacity of 2400 mAh. At average, normal loads can count on a half-day work with confidence – iron is economical. When disconnected networks at maximum brightness of the screen during video playback up to 6 hours. The “heavy” games machine would not last 4 hours. Often come across designs, in which the buggy battery indicator: the percentage of the last battery life can be up to one hour, with the active use of the device.

Sometimes you come across instances with such a defect: the battery can not be charged from the mains and from the computer, only from the universal charger (frog) after extraction with a smartphone. When you purchase notice this defect is difficult because until the battery is charged, the smartphone works without problems. At the same time, while it is connected to the power charge indicator still active.

Blackview BV2000s review smartphone: when idea better implementation

Blackview BV2000s: Camera

The main camera can take pictures with a resolution of 5 MP. camera application interface is simple, runs fast, work fast. There are modes of HDR and panorama shooting. There is autofocus, flash. shooting quality meets price range: the photos are zamylenny, disgusting detail.

About the night shots and say nothing – a complete grain, soap and other “joys.” For technical survey (QR-code, notes, text), the camera is suitable, however, provided that the font will not be too small.

Resolution of recording video – allegedly FullHD. In fact, it is such a Chinese trick: you shoot with an aspect ratio of 4: 3, then the video software is stretched to widescreen resolution. quality of the result does not shine, and smoothness of movies is not enough. Front-megapixel photo module is hardly appropriate to use for selfie. But suitable for video.

Blackview BV2000s: Display

On the screen it is expected the situation: 5 inches, the IPS matrix, HD resolution (1280 x 720), the pixel density of 294 ppi. The resulting image – rich, clear, no pixelation, viewing angles are good. There is even the possibility to adjust display settings with MiraVision. Reserve acceptable maximum brightness, the image can be seen even under sunlight, but it will be much more faded.

2 supports a touchscreen touch, but they are some defective: in position 2 can touch the touch perceived as one. At work or games it does not interfere, but when zooming photos or web pages for the first time will have to be accustomed to correctly positioning your fingers on the screen. The protective film is pasted from the factory, on the oleophobic layer on the screen, most likely, and can be no question.

Blackview BV2000s: Network capabilities, data transfer

Under the hood is located slots for 2 SIM-card format mini-SIM and micro-SIM. The smartphone is designed to work on 2G and 3G networks. Support for fourth generation networks is not implemented. The list of basic wireless interfaces include Bluetooth 4.0, and a single-band WiFi. The quality and stability of the connection pleases.

This device may be a problem with navigation. Someone GPS does not work out of the box at all, but someone can “shake up” its software, and even modifying the antenna. There are also owners who have GPS «wound», but it works not very good. But there OTG: a smartphone without any problems connected to it defines a USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard, lamps, fans and other peripherals with USB interface.

Blackview BV2000s review smartphone: when idea better implementation

Blackview BV2000s: Sound

External multimedia speaker Quality normal, his grill is on the back of the chassis. The main thing is that it is relatively loud, to the ringing tone or alarm him enough. But with the earpiece is not so smooth.

Interlocutor heard not very good due to insufficient volume of the speaker. The interviewee also complains of difficulty hearing – there is a problem and microphone sensitivity. One happy: these problems be corrected, it is necessary “poshamanit” over the parameters in the engineering menu. However, inexperienced users with this alone can hardly cope.

Blackview BV2000s: Software

As an operating system used Android 5.1. On top of the system installed shell X Launcher. Interface shell cute, have their own settings, you can download and install new themes. In general, OSes running quickly, while the number of third-party apps – at least. In the settings there is an item that is responsible for receiving wireless updates. However, there is hope for the opportunity to upgrade to Android 6.

Blackview BV2000s: other features

Blackview BV2000s – one of the cheapest smartphones, support OTG technology. In this price category with OTG devices can be counted on the fingers. The second interesting feature – the presence of the light of events of the indicator on top of the screen, which is not common practice in the budget models at the moment.

Pros and cons Blackview BV2000s


  • Good design;
  • Have LED to events;
  • Support OTG.


  • Problems with the GPS;
  • Quiet earpiece and microphone sensitivity is low (fixable);
  • A high percentage of marriage;
  • Dull quality pictures and videos.

To fit the smartphone

If it is a fully working copy smartphone can advise people who do not have serious queries to the device, except for the screen and not a bad design, as well as the availability of OTG for watching movies from an external hard drive. In other cases – except for small children, but the fans dig deeper iron, firmware, and so on.

Our review smartphone Blackview BV2000s

Good idea, but clumsy realization – that’s what can be said about the smartphone Blackview BV2000s. If you have nerves of steel and a desire to try your luck – you can try to buy, will fall suddenly trouble free copy. In other cases, it is better to pay attention to other budget devices. It’s a shame, but true.

Source: gizmochina

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