BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 Review gaming mouse

BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 Review gaming mouse

The company ZOWIE-known among professional players and real fans of computer games that are not chasing fashion trends in the market, and pays maximum attention to the functionality of gaming devices. She feels confident on the market due to its sophistication in the area of game controllers. Being big fans of games and working closely with professional players around the world, the company has learned to create unique gaming devices.

Last year, the company BenQ decided to buy a successful brand ZOWIE and make some manipulation with the products. Thus, in particular, minor changes undergone by the package, changed the color of the logo from white to red, and the scroll wheel changed the step from 24 to 16 positions. The HUANO switches, which have proved from the best party had to be changed to OMRON, but in this step, the management of the company BenQ decided to “pause”.

Today we again turn our attention to one of the superior models of game controllers of the ZA series. An updated version of the mouse BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 is one of the three models in the series ZA, and it can rightly be called “gold” the middle among his siblings.

BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 Review gaming mouse


  • Model – BenQ ZOWIE ZA12;
  • The Ambidextrous mouse for left-handers and right-handers;
  • Interface – Wired (USB 2.0 / 3.0);
  • Sensor Optical;
  • The model of the sensor – Pixart PMW3310;
  • Sensitivity – 400/800/1600/3200 DPI;
  • Number of buttons – 7 + 1 (DPI);
  • The polling rate of the USB port 125/500/1000 Hz;
  • Scrolling 1;
  • The allowable gap from the surface is 1.5 ~ 1.8 mm;
  • Cable length is 2 meters without braid;
  • Case material – Plastic;
  • Color – Black;
  • The backlight is missing.
  • Legs material – PTFE;
  • Software / driver is not required;
  • Size – 124mm x 60mm x 39mm;
  • Weight – 85 grams, the weight adjustment is absent;
  • Compatible with OS Win 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and Mac OS X 10.2;


BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 Review gaming mouse

Updated packaging of all game controllers has undergone visible changes. Now box is made of thin matte black cardboard with glossy contours of the mouse on the front side. Here, bright red in color selected the logo and name of the device. At the bottom of the printed company logo of Motorola. On the lateral parts has a model name and a mention of the fact that, in our case, the mouse BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 is designed for e-sports. The back side has the service information in several languages.

Inside the package there is one cardboard case black with transparent plastic insert for restraining the mouse by turbulence.

Package include:

  • Gaming mouse BENQ ZOWIE ZA12
  • Replacement PTFE feet
  • Logo sticker Zowie
  • Quick start guide


BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 Review gaming mouse

It is worth noting the fact that the company continues to adhere to its principles and manufactures products focused for lovers of e-sports disciplines. Without exception, all manipulators have the perfect build, productive functionality and classic design with no frills.

Gaming mouse BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 is positioned as for right-handers and left-handers. The symmetry of the device is fully complied with. It is noticeable that the engineers adhere to the advice of experienced players. “Rodent” is designed on the Palmar and nogtevoy the grip that immediately can be noted in the form of a mouse. The average size of the manipulator his back is raised significantly and it is clearly noticeable, when the hand rests on the mouse.

Both the sides have two buttons. No matter which hand you hold the mouse BENQ ZOWIE ZA12, you will still get full functionality, because both of these buttons will be under your thumb. This design feature allows the mouse to quickly switch from right hand to left and Vice versa. This undoubtedly makes it universal for all players without exception. It is noteworthy that the additional buttons are disabled on the opposite side to avoid any interference.

The mouse has a round and smooth shape, and in combination with the black body creates a pleasant feeling and a sense of harmony. The case itself is made of plastic and the touch has a barely noticeable roughness. The coating was changed and this time was no better than the previous version. At first glance, it quite copes with its direct task, however, with prolonged use, the surface begins to be covered with marks from sweaty hands. In the case of the battle remain visible stains. Lost not only the aesthetics of the mouse, but also of the functionality.

BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 Review gaming mouse

The scrolling wheel is made of black PVC (the previous version of the wheels have white color) and gets the job done thanks to the optical encoder. Move the wheel pretty tight and now has 16 points instead of 24. Clearly felt it move; the occurrence of mistakes or errors are not here noted. When you click on the scrolling heard a distinct click with a muted sound.

As we have said, the mouse BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed, so pressing the left and right main buttons are almost the same. Now, however, the press became a bit more rigid and when there is noticeable backlash.

On the lower portion of the center positioner is an optical sensor, right – button DPI shift with color indicator. Most manufacturers have similar switch on top of the mouse for convenience, and we think that this is a logical solution. On the other hand, designs their Zowie mouse in the first place, for the hardcore and professional players who almost never use the function of change of sensor sensitivity on the fly, so ultimately whether or not, You decide.

Only the mouse BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 has four levels of settings – 400/800/1600/3200 and each is assigned a different color. Information about what color corresponds to a specific DPI can be found in the user manual.

But what can be found there is information about how to customize the distance of separation of the sensor, although this feature is provided and implemented in hardware using various combinations of keystrokes.

BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 Review gaming mouse

Just choose from three modes, which you can adapt the mouse to virtually any surface.Below we plot a small guide that will help You to do this:

  • Ago + RMB: ~1 mm;
  • Forward + LMB: ~1.5 mm;
  • Ago + LMB: ~1.8 mm;
  • Ago + RMB + LMB: ~2,2 – 2,4 mm.

Wide Teflon feet located on the base, perfectly skim the surface and are easily removed thanks to special recesses provided for these purposes. It is also noteworthy that the user does not have to order a spare set of legs in the online shops, as it is already present in the package of the mouse BENQ ZOWIE ZA12.

Connecting cable length increased from 1.2 meters to 2 meters, but the cable remained soft and without braid. At the end of a gold-plated USB connector and ferrite filter to avoid noise.

BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 Review gaming mouse


As we mentioned earlier, the range of game controllers BenQ ZOWIE of the ZA series has three models. BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 in this case is the second in a row, and it can rightly be called optimal and size, and in all respects. As ZA13 is a little smaller than BENQ ZOWIE ZA12, our model can advise the owners of the average of the palms. ZA11 model has a large size and will be an excellent solution for people with big hands.

Nice to know that the company management did not change the HUANO switches on AMRON and upheld the sensor. Optical sensor Pixart PMW3310 showed his beautiful side and did not deliver any inconvenience during use. The buttons are clearly working on the depression, their use is accompanied by a measure of tangible click. As for the small backlash, during operation it did not cause so much discomfort and so we can assume it is a low construction oversight engineers.

Using “rodent” during the games it was comfortable and did not cause any discomfort.Battle Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Quake brought a lot of pleasant moments, and the mouse control was convenient.

The lack of customizations and personalization is a bit difficult to use BENQ ZOWIE ZA12, but if you are not actively using macros, then used to the simple form of exploitation will not be easy.

BENQ ZOWIE ZA12 Review gaming mouse


Of course, mouse BenQ ZOWIE ZA12 designed for users with experience, but novice players should also pay attention to it. Though the device has minor flaws, it remains a benchmark among manipulators for competitive players and can serve as a great base for a good start.

The lack of software and the various new-fangled bells and whistles that spoiled modern players, should not alienate the true fans from the “rodent”. Smooth lines comfortable symmetrical hull and a perfect working buttons and the sensor is isolated manipulator against similar products.

We are in the hands of a great representative of the game controllers without significant flaws. The fact that the Foundation was created with the assistance of professional players, that makes this product competitive in the market.


  • Quality materials and Assembly;
  • An ergonomic and symmetrical shape;
  • Plug-and-play (driver and software not required);
  • Wide sensitive range from 400 to 3200 dpi;
  • Support for all popular OS.


  • Cover mouse requires revision;
  • The DPI switch is on the back side;
  • To assess the size and shape of the mouse is difficult due to the closed packing.

Source: zowie

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