BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals

We review a lot of monitors. They were all very different: domestic, universal, games, design and, of course, professional. Each of them had those or other strong features, however, almost any of them could be with one way or another successfully used in other areas. This makes a lot of sense, because this way the manufacturers are expanding the potential consumer audience for their products. However, there are some really niche model, which was originally designed for solving certain tasks. And our guest today – monitor BenQ PV270 is one of these. It specializes in fine color.

Offer BenQ PV270 the potential buyer? First, a screen with a diagonal size of 27 inches and a resolution of 2560×1440. Secondly, the image is formed by the IPS-type is a very characteristic graphic monitors. Thirdly, engineers have equipped the monitor is a very advanced ergonomic support, which not only securely holds the panel, but also allows you to lock it in any convenient position. By the way, included is a protective shield that protects the screen from glares.Fourth, the monitor is equipped with such proprietary features as GamutDuo that allows you to view the video on the screen of the device in two color standards, and Color Display Clone, which, thanks to the built-in sensor color temperature automatically adjusts the image color depending on the lighting. Fifth, the display is only calibrated at the factory, but is intended for subsequent hardware calibration.In addition, the monitor supports chetyrnadcatiletnie match table (3D LUT), which considerably increases the accuracy of transmission of color shades and tones of gray. And Sixthly, a proprietary function of Brightness Uniformity allows to maintain a uniform brightness on the entire screen area.

Until recently the maximum that could offer the demanding user is an exact match of color spaces Adobe RGB and sRGB. Our guest today maintains profiles of standards Rec.709 and DCI-P3. Thus – and this is specified by the manufacturer – BenQ PV270 specially configured to use at all stages of post production for video. In addition, our guest today is certified by Technicolor Color to the strict Hollywood standards of color. By the way, to avoid unnecessary trouble, the manufacturer provides a monitor brand five year warranty.

Thus, the claimed features look like something fantastic. Therefore, expectations related to BenQ PV270, is higher than ever. We can’t wait to know him better, to find out how good it is, so traditionally good luck to our guest today, and begin measurements.

The engineers at BenQ PV270 provided here exclusively digital ports: DVI-D, HDMI, DisplayPort and mini DisplayPort. Given the resolution of the screen is exactly what you need. The power supply is internal, which is very convenient for desktop and wall placement of the monitor. In the second case will need a special bracket VESA standard 100 x 100. The power consumption model 73 watts. The weight of the monitor is 7.8 kg, and the dimensions of 552 x 639 x 254 mm. is Quite significant, so you should carefully choose a place for permanent installation.

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals

BenQ PV270: package

Packing monitor BenQ PV270 very impressive size and its transportation will need to take care in advance. With the monitor in the box are the following components:

  • cable DVI-D – DVI-D;
  • DosplayPort cable – DisplayPort;
  • USB cable – USB type A;
  • power cable;
  • a quick guide;
  • the service information;
  • safety instruction;
  • the calibration certificate;

CD-ROM with user manual. Equipment is great, it has everything you need for rapid organization of work. For efficient use of space packaging engineers have provided a modular design of the monitor. The support is assembled from two parts, which are assembled to each other with captive screws, then this Assembly is attached to the panel at the latch.

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals

BenQ PV270: appearance

If you try to describe the design of the monitor BenQ PV270 in a nutshell, it will be the strictness and minimalism. From the first minutes of the meeting it becomes obvious that every detail is subordinated to a single concept which is based first and foremost is functionality. No design frills, no flirting with the experimental shapes and colors: it all just distracts from the work. And the work for this monitor is that for which he was created.

The combination of strict lines and simple geometric shapes no doubt gives our guest today some brutality. On the table BenQ PV270 looks massive and impressive and will go perfectly with the working environment of the designer or a video editor. Overall, this design has long been can not be called modern, but in this case, this proven concept is far better solves the problem than a new-fangled frameless panels, or asymmetric suspension of the screen. The simpler – the better and more reliable.

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals

Color scheme also fits perfectly into the overall concept. Dark grey matte plastic BenQ PV270 not only improves color perception, setting the neutral gray background, but also serves a purely utilitarian function: traces of touch in this coating is practically invisible.Only one detail – wire holder – adds a bright accent color and change the overall impression of the monitor.

A few words about the quality of the workmanship BenQ PV270. The display is made of high quality plastic. Everything is assembled perfectly, and mechanics support works great. No backlash, no squeaks were noted.

There are all the necessary connectors for proper organization of the work. In addition provides high-speed USB hub and a memory card slot.

In addition, the developers BenQ PV270 has included external light sensors and color temperature, which automatically adjust the image.Included BenQ PV270 there is a comfortable visor that is assembled from five parts.Inside it is covered with a velvety fabric which eliminates glare and minimizes external illumination.

The control of the display BenQ PV270 is using the touch keys on the front panel of the monitor. It is worth noting the button illumination and graphic clues in the appropriate keys.

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals

BenQ PV270: Settings

To work with the settings BenQ PV270 BenQ used for the traditional scheme: first, there is a “quick” table of contents, and then need to select the desired option. Four keys are responsible for the selection of the video input and the picture profile as well as for the adjustment of brightness and contrast, and another button calls the main menu.

In the submenu “Display” you can select one of the video sources and adjust the picture format.

The item “Display” is responsible for brightness, contrast, and sharpness, as well as for selecting picture profile preset gamma and color temperature. In addition, there is available fine tuning of different colors.

Submenu “Ergonomics” allows you to activate the protection of eyesight, light sensors and other service functions.

Item Eco is responsible for the configuration of the sensor energy savings.

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals

In the “System” you can adjust the menu interface, to program the buttons and much more.Submenu the PIP/PBP modes dedicated to the “picture-in-picture”.

All preset image represent the combination of brightness, contrast, hue, and increased the gamma curve and color temperature. Within each preset you can adjust all the available options, while settings are remembered automatically. We assume the mode to “User 1” priority profile for the monitor settings.

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals

BenQ PV270: Test Results

The study BenQ PV270 the methodology that we described in the overview monitor BenQ EW2470L. Engineers provided the monitor has eleven modes of image processing: Standard, Adobe RGB, sRGB, DCI-P3, Rec.709, D50, D65, “Calibration 1” and “Calibration 2”, “User 1” and “User 2”.

According to the results of measurements of the width of the brightness range, our guest today has demonstrated average results. The maximum level of the white point made 188,7 CD./sq. m. This is 24.5% lower than the certified value. High contrast, excluding a peak at zero brightness – 390:1 is achieved in the range from 50% to 100% luminosity. This low result. All measurements were carried out in the mode “User” and adjusting the brightness to 100%.

Further, we explored all the modes with the default settings. The fact that the initial luminance level is 40%. A leader in the category measured brightness became a mode of “User 1” with the index 110,0 CD./sq. m. In the category of contrast best of all were the modes “Standard” and Adobe RGB. Their results coincided and was 380:1. Not very impressive.

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals

As for color temperature, almost all modes except D50, so that was amazing. Their performance of the white point values range from 6400 K To 6600 K. Excellent!

The engineers have provided ten preset color temperature is 2800 To 3700 K, 5000 K, 5500 K, 6500 K 7000 K 7500 K 8200 K 9300 K, as well as a custom preset. Leaders in the category measured brightness became preset 6500 K and “User” with the results 187,5 CD./187,8 sq. m. and CD./sq. m. respectively. In contrast, the category won by those same presets. Their results coincided and was 380:1. This is the average. The measurements were carried out with a brightness setting of 100%.

In the category of color temperature all presets were excellent. They are all with high accuracy correspond to the declared values. Wonderful!

In the category of measurement precision display of individual color shades all modes except DCI-P3, so that was amazing, showing an average deviation of less than 1.

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals

BenQ PV270: Backlighting Uniformity

BenQ PV270 showed the maximum variation of brightness across the screen from 5% to 10%, depending on the level of luminosity, and this is a record result.

BenQ PV270: Calibration

As a result of measurements we have determined the optimal quality combination of parameters. This mode, User preset color temperature of 6500 K and the index of the gamma curve 2.2. Given the excellent results for color accuracy, calibration is not needed.

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals

BenQ PV270: Conclusion

Recall the main advantages BenQ PV270: 27-inch matrix type IPS with a resolution of 2560×1440 and impressive functionality.

According to test results, BenQ PV270 did a great job. A very wide color gamut, excellent stability of color temperature, perfect match the graph of the transfer function standard, high-quality color reproduction and excellent uniformity of illumination on the field screen. Among the shortcomings are not worth mentioning the high brightness and contrast. It is possible that such results were the result of the built-in sensor lighting, because all measurements are performed in complete darkness.

Monitor BenQ PV270 fully confirmed their professional orientation, so we can safely recommend it to professionals working with color.

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals


  • wide color gamut;
  • excellent stability of color temperature;
  • very high-quality color reproduction;
  • high uniformity of illumination on the field screen;

BenQ PV270 Review monitor: only for professionals


  • low brightness;
  • a very high contrast.

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