What is Benchmark? Most Popular Benchmarks for smartphones

What is Benchmark? Most Popular Benchmarks for smartphones

The old adage says that everything is relative. It is easy to compare visually two things to determine what more beautiful. It is also easy to take them in hand, to see which is more convenient. Convenient for comparing the value of the tangible world, such as weight, speed, cost, distance, power. But with electronic equipment more difficult. Its characteristics are expressed in the values ​​of the physical world familiar to us (the number of transistors, the number of cores, their frequency, memory capacity), but directly on the ability of a particular device, these figures do not indicate. In order to evaluate them – were invented benchmarks.

Benchmark – a special test program that simulates the tasks that the electronics have to perform in reality, evaluates the quality and speed of their implementation, and assigns points according to the results of the test. Comparing these points, you can compare and compare the two devices, to determine which is better. The subject of evaluation may be a practical speed of the central computing unit (CPU) and graphics (GPU) processors in a variety of tasks, level of autonomy, memory speed, or comprehensive assessment of the set of parameters.

Benchmark CPU performance

Benchmarks to assess the performance of the processor load CPU core purely theoretical computational task (eg, solving systems of linear equations), or pretend to practical scenarios (eg, web pages, processing). The evaluation of problem solving speed is assigned a score. In the first case it is usually the absolute figures Flopsy (number of floating point operations per second). The second uses a more abstract value (nicknamed popularly parrots – similar to the cartoon, in which the parrot was measured boa length), such as the number of processed pages for the test period, the volume of archived data transcoded audio or video, etc.

What is Benchmark? Most Popular Benchmarks for smartphones

A popular test processor for smartphones is GeekBench. This benchmark evaluates the speed of data encryption, archiving, image processing, SQL queries, HTML-code rendering of various documents, as well as the speed of the memory and its controller. Based on the total score assigned to the final score. A feature of the test is its cross-platform, and practical orientation (work not with abstract equations, and real-world scenarios). In GeekBench can be compared between the results of the smartphone on the ARM processor, Qualcomm, MTK, or Apple, x86-64 PC based on AMD or tablet on Intel Atom, and comparisons can be considered objective.

Benchmark GPU performance

Evaluation processor speed – it’s good, but to find out the possibility of drawing more people interested. After all, Web surfing and currently manages four Cortex A53 cores in the budget Chinese, but the most difficult kind of programs are playing. For graphics performance benchmark test launches renedering defined three-dimensional scene, simulating a game situation. According to the test results of the performance of the SE assigned to abstract points, or displays the total FPS (frames per second) for a certain period of time. The more frames to process the GP – the more points you give it the benchmark.

What is Benchmark? Most Popular Benchmarks for smartphones

Example benchmark performing graphics speed test – 3DMark. Mobile version of this program is different from the specificity of their computer, but for the evaluation and comparison of different GP smartphones it fits. Benchmark provides graphics performance testing in OpenGL mode, versions 2.0-3.1. Another test charts – GFXBench. It assesses the performance of the graphics processor smartphone method of three-dimensional rendering of a set of rollers that simulate different types of games (racing, shooters, etc.).

Benchmark autonomy test

The value of the battery capacity, measured in mAh or Wh, does not provide information on the practical autonomy of the device. Compare different smartphones on the survivability allow benchmarks for battery test. These programs create a load on the battery by simulating real-life scenarios, such as playing video and music, web pages, processing, office documents, games, and computer processor load.

What is Benchmark? Most Popular Benchmarks for smartphones

battery test result is expressed in abstract or scores, or in hours and minutes. According to the first principle of running the test AnTuTu Battery Test. He loads a smartphone different tasks and determine for what period of the battery is discharged by N percent. What it is – the higher the score. PCMark Battery Test provides results not in points, and indicates the time that the smartphone is able to work at a certain scenario of mixed type loads of loading smartphone.

Complex benchmarks

Complex benchmarks – the most popular kind of test for smartphones. These programs evaluate computing power of CPU and GPU, speed of RAM and non-volatile memory, overall performance in specific tasks. On the smartphone test results are assigned scores of each program performs calculation on the algorithm.

The most popular integrated benchmark, the AnTuTu, summarizes the points that scored in the graphics tests, CPU and overall performance. It produces 3D-rendering of two rollers for the graphic evaluation, CPU loads math, common tasks, and also holds multi-core test. For overall performance points assigned for the encryption processing of data coding, image processing, and other scenarios. Result AnTuTu – it’s total score in all tests.

Similar principles are used by other integrated bechmark, Quadrant. It points also summarized the results of tests on different parts of the hardware. The same can be said about Basemark, Vellamo, and other, less popular software to test the smartphone.

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