be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm Review liquid cooling system

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm Review liquid cooling system

Fashion at CBO type All-In-One has affected virtually every more or less well-known manufacturer of computer cooling systems. Got this trend and to be quiet! which headed for the constant expansion of the range of its products. A secret note that they don’t have to reinvent the wheel and have used in our new developments using the eminent Alphacool.The first series of ITS from the company called Silent Loop and it includes three models with 120-, 240 – and 280-mm radiator. The more the better, we decided, and got to test the flagship solution of the line — be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm. Let’s see what it could be.

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm Review liquid cooling system

Packing and delivery

Box is decorated in signature black-and-white style of the company. The product photo is on the front cover of the packaging specifications listed on the sidewall, and on the back there is a brief description of the main advantages of the system. Protection against damage during transportation consists only of the inner form of pressed cardboard and numerous bags. Therefore to address with this box is carefully.

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm Review liquid cooling system

In addition to the radiator, combined with a waterblock, and two 140mm fans, in the package was discovered the following details:

  • instructions for installation and operation;
  • four-pin splitter for the fans;
  • a syringe with thermal interface;
  • plastic reinforcement plate for Intel sockets LGA 775, 1366 and 115х;
  • two mounting legs for mounting the waterblock on the CPU sockets Intel;
  • set of four long mounting screws for Intel socket LGA 775, 1366 and 115х;
  • set of four long mounting screws for Intel LGA 2011 socket;
  • set of four mounting springs, spacers, and nuts;
  • nine long screws for mounting the propellers to the radiator;
  • nine short screws to install the radiator to the housing;
  • two mounting brackets for AMD sockets;
  • the four long mounting screws for sockets AMD.


The design of be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm is a little different from other similar systems. However, the devil is in the details. The radiator body has a size of 319х144х30 mm and supports two 140-mm fans. The radiator consists of 16 water channels, between which is laid a corrugated ribbon, with an average density of 15-17 fins per inch. The gap between her ribs about 2 mm. total heat dissipation area — 7700 cm2.

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm Review liquid cooling system

Radiator copper what you can easily verify by looking at him slightly at an angle. This not only improves the rate of heat transfer compared to aluminum radiators, but also greatly reduces the risk of oxidation with the subsequent clogging of pump and water channels. Refilled the radiator with a special fluid with anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial additives, because the replacement is to use similar properties of the refrigerant.

The radiator and water block are connected by flexible hoses with 11 mm outer diameter and a length of 390 mm. they put springs that prevent the inflection. Hoses, fixed on both sides of sliced ¼ ” fittings, which will undoubtedly make life easier for the user when servicing or upgrading the system. The hoses are rigidly secured to the radiator at an angle of 90 degrees and have no possibility of rotation. In General a good thing — less chances of getting into the contour of the air.

Block combined with the pump has a relatively small size (66х73х31 mm). Plastic housing with beveled corners, and its top face is a beautiful plate of brushed black aluminium with silver company logo.

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm Review liquid cooling system

The hoses connect to the waterblock from the top bar with straight threaded fittings. 250 mm three-conductor cord in the braid enters the housing from above and to the left of it is vylinivaya tube for the filling of LC loop.

A reversible electric pump centrifugalne type with ceramic bearing. Its innovation lies in the fact that fluid is supplied to a copper microchannel heat exchanger sides, and is sucked by the pump from above over it. This ensures optimal circulation flow and reduced vibration. Pump runs at constant speed of 2200 rpm At 12 V voltage and the manufacturer strongly recommends not to reduce it. However, it is unnecessary. Because at full speed it produces only 35 dB (A) noise, it can be heard only close to 10-15 cmThis is the quietest pump of all ITS maintenance free that I have ever met.Of course, after installation on the motherboard, there is additional noise and vibration, but it depends on how well made chassis itself.

The base of the waterblock is made of Nickel-plated copper. It is held by four screws and three bond case. Sole mirror, smooth in the Central part, but with curves on the sides that can be seen in the reflection.

As a complete fan uses a pair of 140mm be quiet! Pure Wings 2. They are attached to the radiator using long screws, without any vibration isolation. Bearing — threaded bushing slip. The speed control is via PWM, the permissible speed range from 500 to 1600 rpm When the voltage control they are able to start with 3 V. Spurious overtones these propellers do not have, but when installed on a radiator do not hear them only up to 600 rpm and 40 dB (A). Everything above is already well noticeable on hearing.The maximum speed of 1600 rpm is accompanied by a 64 dB (A) noise and it is quite loud, although the sound of the impeller and is not an annoying character. Length four-pin power cord without braid — 450 mm. Electrical characteristics are visible in the photo. Included is a splitter to connect both fans to one connector.

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm: Installation

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm Review liquid cooling system

Installation of the be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm is pretty easy on any CPU socket. We are installing on Intel LGA1155.First waterblock installed on the mounting feet. They are inserted on the sides and snap together in the middle for each other.

Then on the mounting legs need to assemble clamping screws. For this need the thumb screws (important not to confuse their type, because in set there are three options with thread for different types of processor sockets), spring, metal washer and nut.

In the assembled fastener as follows:

The strip is placed with the spring side.

Plastic reinforcement plate — not the best solution. But another set put. On its corners there are metal clips that are held with rubber gaskets. Two adhesive strips allow you to fix the plate on the motherboard. How “nice” to pull them off when removing it, probably, known to all who at least once did.

Apply the plate to the mounting holes of the cooler on the motherboard.

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm Review liquid cooling system

Put the thermal interface, and, holding the reinforcing plate trying to get the mounting screws through the holes in the circuit Board in its holder. Spring loaded screws are better to tighten a few turns, alternately to ensure a uniform and good pressure. The power of the pumps included in any free fan connector with a voltage of 12 V.

Although I overdid the amount of thermal interface, the print was good enough. Strong clamp base squeezed out the excess paste to the sides. Contact throughout the area was excellent, with the exception of the bottom right corner, where the curvature has a cover test processor.

Move on to the thermal test.

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm Review liquid cooling system

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm: Test results

Cooling systems were compared among themselves by the ratio of noise level to overall efficiency. Since both are powerful enough we chose for them two modes of operation. The first is quiet to see how well they cope with heat in complete silence. The second is the maximum speed mode to unleash their potential. The cooler Noctua NH-D15S we added a second fan Noctua NF-A15 PWM and the speed of both equalized at around 1200 rpm.The fact that the retail NF-A15 PWM is limiting the speed of rotation, while the regular propeller of the cooler accelerates to 1500 rpm.

Look at the chart of temperatures for each level of noise.

When I first compared the results between a test, then some time could not believe in them. be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm confidently walked on the performance of one of the best super-coolers in the world. At maximum speed, the gap was five degrees, but should bear in mind that the noise level at the ADF was much higher than the air cooler. But in silent mode be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm still plays at the NH-D15S five degrees.The obtained temperature is quite low as for the CPU overclocking, and it’s safe to say that the fan, able to cool any CPU currently available. Of course, for large distribution covers AMD or Intel LGA2011, Noctua NH-D15S can lightly make up the gap through the use of two heat pipes, the idle processors Intel socket LGA1155. But this difference at low noise level — this is a precedent.

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm: Conclusion

be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm is the best of the best systems of ITS type All-in-One, commercially available. Behind the unassuming exterior lies a lot of very nice features, the combination of which will fail to detect the competition. It has a large copper radiator, long hoses, threaded fittings, Nickel-base, a remarkable quiet and powerful pump and relatively quiet fans that do not have spurious overtones from the PWM control. The hole in the block allows you to refresh the coolant if necessary.The combination of silence and performance looks just phenomenal. I can’t remember offhand the second such system, water cooling system, capable of 600 rpm to keep the overclocked CPU in its average operating temperature. Moreover, increasing the fan speed to the maximum, gives a difference of only three degrees. From which arises the question — does it need to do to improve? Or easier to take once then the replacement is more durable propellers be quiet! Silent Wings 140mm 3 and record the rpm at around 800-900 per minute.

Not to say that be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm without flaws. But they are not particularly significant. For example, to put a reinforcement plate on the waterblock frankly uncomfortable during installation of the system. Fans could take a more high-class. The wear parts system is only a matter of time. Oxaloacetate space is blown worse and the temperature of heat sinks power circuits need to be concerned separately. Well, the price of this ITS not looks too democratic. On the other hand, convenience comes at a price.

Who can recommend a be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm to purchase? Most likely, those to whom it really applied. Namely, the owners of powerful computing systems operating in a constant load, which need quietness without compromising performance.

Source: eteknix

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