AVM FRITZ!Box 7580 review and test: DSL-Router supporting MU-MIMO

AVM FRITZ!Box 7580 review and test: DSL-Router supporting MU-MIMO

The German company AVM has introduced a new high-end router FRITZ!Box 7580, which combines high-speed WLAN and support for the latest DSL standards. MU-MIMO technology promises to significantly increase the performance of FRITZ!Box in wireless networks. Another interesting transition to the new version of the FRITZ! OS 6.50.

As can be seen from the title, FRITZ!Box from AVM 7580 refers to the last line. Although the router has replaced the previous top model FRITZ! Box 7490, so the numbering is not entirely logical. ! In addition, the price for FRITZ Box 7580 is quite high – 289 euros in Europe. And for the price with a WLAN router and a DSL-modem should offer a lot, because the predecessor FRITZ!Box 7490 was about 100 euros cheaper.

The table below shows the technical specifications, details and we will consider below. AVM as FRITZ!Box 7580 introduced a universal solution that can take care of all the domestic communications, including the Internet and telephone. With the price of 289 euros FRITZ!Box 7580 router is the most expensive in the history of FRITZ!Box line.

AVM FRITZ!Box 7580 review and test: DSL-Router supporting MU-MIMO

Externally immediately pay attention to the new case FRITZ!Box 7580. AVM chosen vertical installation housing. As before, FRITZ!Box can be attached to a wall mount supplied. Case dimensions are 240 x 175 x 75 mm. However, the design of the wireless router with a DSL-modem – a matter of taste. The more so because the router is most often hidden from prying eyes. Below we describe the ports and LED.

FRITZ!Box 7580 – Hardware

FRITZ!Box 7580 supports connection VDSL and ADSL 1TR112 standard. For VDSL Vectoring is supported, which provides speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s. In routers optionally supported Supervectoring 35b / Bonding and Supervectoring 35b / G.fast. It requires support from the provider, so AVM FRITZ offers appropriate models! Box 7581 for Supervectoring 35b / Bonding (association of several DSL lines) and the FRITZ!Box 7582 for Supervectoring 35b / G.fast with providers.

In addition to quick mode VDSL router FRITZ!Box 7580 supports high-speed wireless network. WLAN 802.11ac standard in the 5 GHz band provides bandwidth up to 1.733 Mbit / s. As for WLAN 802.11n, the 2.4GHz speed of up to 800 Mbit / s. However, these values are theoretical. We conducted our own tests, and compared to the FRITZ! Box 7490 is really received an increase WLAN performance. The router is compatible with previous standards 802.11a, b and g.

AVM FRITZ!Box 7580 review and test: DSL-Router supporting MU-MIMO

On the panel of FRITZ!Box 7580 can be seen five LED. They allow you to see at a glance the state of the router. Power, Internet and WLAN indicate the appropriate Activity FRITZ!Box. A flashing light indicates the process of WLAN or DSL connection. Fon indicator displays telephony activity, and Info LED is blinking, for example, if you want to upgrade your operating system, FRITZ! OS, but it is also possible to assign different events.

With the end of the FRITZ!Box 7580 Three buttons are available. The first allows you to connect the device via WPS, connection is possible within two minutes after pressing. The same applies to six DECT handsets DECT after pressing the button. Through the Wi-Fi button you can enable / disable WLAN.

Behind the AVM FRITZ!Box 7580 are located all interfaces. Through the leftmost telephone line is connected to the DSL-Modem. This is followed by two ports for analog phones. A fourth port, you can connect the ISDN S or ISDN PBX line. After blue socket WAN can connect the modem (for example, a cable or fiber optic). But if the FRITZ!Box using a DSL or VDSL, the socket WAN can be used as an additional port Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base-T) for the local network. On the right are four Gigabit Ethernet ports are yellow.

The main body can be seen and two ports USB 3.0. They can connect a storage device or a printer. Access drives AVM accelerate significantly, below we present the results of tests.

The second port USB 3.0 AVM made at the opposite end of the buttons. You can connect a printer or USB-drive to any port. You can connect two drives and, for example.

AVM FRITZ!Box 7580 review and test: DSL-Router supporting MU-MIMOWe proceed from the external functions FRITZ! Box 7580 to the inside. We conducted tests on the VDSL connection 50/10 Mbit / s. In the router has a wizard that guides the user through the basic setup steps. He describes in detail each step, so even inexperienced users do not get confused. The wizard helps you configure a connection DSL, WLAN and telephony. And advanced settings are available, which can be reached through the appropriate menu. But here, you may need to look into the user manual.

We analyzed the capacity of a wireless network. We connected the latest model MacBook Pro, which is equipped with WLAN module with support for 3×3 MU-MIMO and the 2.4 and 5 GHz.

The new router FRITZ!Box 7580 is well noticeable increase in wireless network capacity. But whether it is necessary in practice? In any case, it is nice when its users are the most modern and powerful technology. For most users, the speed will be limited to no connection Wi-Fi, and Internet channel. But if you transfer between computers on a LAN large files, the FRITZ! Box 7580 will provide a speed boost.

However, the market there are other wireless routers, which show a similar or even better performance. Also, network card and router must support both of modern high standards to maximize WLAN performance.

MU-MIMO technology advantage lies not only in the simple increase in capacity, but also in the fact that it is available to multiple devices simultaneously. A simple example from our practice Editor: Start download of a large file on the laptop. Then activate the home broadcast 1080p video via AirPlay from your smartphone on the AppleTV. With the previous router FRITZ!Box 7490 such a scenario was impossible. When viewing the video could be seen trolling and jerk, and slowed download file. If FRITZ!Box 7580 such problems anymore. Feed played smoothly, the file download is fast.

Routers AVM FRITZ!Box 7580, we tested and NAS function. We used a USB flash drive USB 3.0 64 GB. The user interface of FRITZ! OS 6.53 is available all the necessary operations, by formatting the drive to account settings. We copied to a USB flash drive USB multiple files, then speed tests conducted over WLAN and LAN. Maximum productivity was 11.8 MB / s, which gives a separate NAS. We have tried other USB-drives, but the results were always the same.

AVM FRITZ!Box 7580 review and test: DSL-Router supporting MU-MIMO

The software – FRITZ OS 6.53!

Also important hardware and software filling. AVM FRITZ! OS has been substantially updated and improved in recent months. In expert mode, all available settings. Of course, some network professionals will miss some advanced settings, but for home AVM scripts offered everything you need.

Interface FRITZ! OS version 6.53 worked on the router FRITZ!Box 7580 is quite responsive. It is light enough to the router can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. In the gallery you can see the available options and functions.

The strength of the AVM shell is not only the appearance but also functionality. You can easily reach all the settings that are relevant for home users. There are also some advanced settings, but do not forget that the FRITZ!Box is not intended to compete with professional routers. AVM responsive to user feedback, adding new features. For beginners there are several wizards to help you set all the basic settings. Since the configuration of the DSL connection, to setting up WLAN and DECT telephony.


AVM normally equipped FRITZ!Box 7580 full-featured. If you need a wireless router with a modern DSL-modem, then to the FRITZ!Box 7580 is worth a closer look. DSL-modem supports the fastest standards, but even if you have a cable modem or optics, FRITZ! Box 7580 still will be a great center of the network.

I can not complain over the wireless performance. Although we should not forget that the WLAN throughput will vary depending on reception conditions. At the speed affects the thickness and structure of the walls, the presence of other wireless networks in range, and interference, for example from the microwave. Therefore, to make some general conclusion here is difficult, because each case is special. Performance embedded NAS is not very pleased with the data transfer rate to the drives attached to the FRITZ!Box 7580, well below the “real” NAS. But if you want to transfer a couple of files, and this decision will do.

The advantage of routers AVM is not only powerful hardware stuffing, but the program shell. Unlike many competitors, AVM offers a large number of settings. There are even functions that providers prefer to hide from the eyes of the user. For example, you can see the line speed and the number of errors.

Freedom of choice of routers on the market allows you to take any favorite model, avoiding routers offered by providers, since their functionality is usually trimmed. Although DSL segment is not so simple, there still have to watch what kind of standard support provider.

Price 289 euro could be a major obstacle in the selection of a new model of AVM. However, the manufacturer offers a less expensive solution, albeit with reduced functionality. The performance of FRITZ!Box 7580 is the flagship model, AVM, so you get all the benefits of today’s WLAN standards. The main thing that both the equipment to support them.

Benefits AVM FRITZ!Box 7580:

  • DSL modem with all the modern technology (Vectoring, etc.)
  • Improved WLAN support
  • A good program shell, numerous options

Disadvantages AVM FRITZ!Box 7580:

  • The relatively high price
  • Low performance NAS

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