Aula Mechanical Demon King Review mechanical keyboard

Aula Mechanical Demon King Review mechanical keyboard

Not a single living brands the modern consumer. Sometimes he just wanted to plunge into the abyss of Chinese goods and find something cheap (even including shipping from China), but superior, or at least not inferior to their famous counterparts in terms of quality. Is this possible in principle? Yes. But it should be remembered that, in any event, in this event you have to rely more on luck, and expectations may not always be justified. This digression is a prologue to the review of the very exotic mechanical keyboard, not particularly well-known brand Aula (according to rumors is one of the brands Acme), with no less pretentious name — Aula Mechanical Demon King.

Aula Mechanical Demon King: Specifications

Device type/modelMechanical Demon King
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Polling frequency, Hz
The number of keys104
Additional buttons
Resource keystrokes, million60
Type keysMechanical
Type switchesOutemu MX blue
Changing the angle of body tilt+
Built-in memory, KB+
The ability to record macros
Processing simultaneous keystrokesNKRO
BacklightYes (keys are top to bottom — red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white)
USB cord length, m1,8
Braid material
The built-in display
Removable stand for hands
External interfaces
Dimensions (l x W x h), mm450 x 162 x 38
Weight, g1260
OS compatibilityWindows 7, 8, 10 / Mac OS X
FeaturesLimited water resistance — there are drains, mechanisms are closed with rubber caps. A variety of color effects and the ability to customize the illumination of the keys in three modes. Game mode is available (lock Win key)
Average cost, $70

Aula Mechanical Demon King: package

Packaging of the keyboard Aula Mechanical Demon King looks pretty well. There is a nice printing, and looks like real product images and even short technical characteristics explaining the principle of operation there built-in switches. Only the manufacturer himself could not determine the correct operating life of the buttons on the refusal — text part is found at the same time and 50 million, 60 million of guaranteed activations of these mechanisms. Internal protection against damage during transportation provides the package and a pair of soft dampers on the sides of the box.

Aula Mechanical Demon King Review mechanical keyboard

In the package there are two things, but very necessary and important. This instructions for use and a key to the dismantling of the buttons. What is remarkable is trilingual instruction very well localized in Ukrainian and Russian, and even then, not without surprise.

Aula Mechanical Demon King: Appearance and design

The design of the keyboard Aula Mechanical Demon King looks very pretentious. The hull shape is very simple, with a wide border around buttons and a small bevel at the front. Body material is rough matte plastic. Key caps are straight with no bends, made of matte plastic with a slight shimmer, which is diligently collects all the fingerprints. Engraving is made by burning labels to the surface of the colored buttons. The characters look unusually large. The layout of the keys is the standard. Pleasantly pleased with the presence of properly applied not only Russian, but also Ukrainian engraving.

The left Shift key is a long, button and Win F1 are in their rightful place. Function keys F1–F7 in combination with the Fn responsible for managing multimedia and sound: rewind, stop and start tracks, mute and increase/decrease the volume. If you hold down Fn+Esc, the keyboard will be reset to factory settings.

A pleasant surprise for fans of high-speed printing will be two-row Enter button and a long Backspace. In addition, the right side is also a key Win. You can disable it if you press in conjunction with Fn. This will be useful in the game to avoid accidental exit from the application. About disabled the Win button will provide a special indicator in the upper right corner. The combination Fn+F8 includes consistent demonstration of all available light effects on the keypad, and the Fn+ F9, F10, F11 includes one of the three profiles in which Shine only the user-selected button.Fn + “–” or “+” control the playback speed effects.

Aula Mechanical Demon King Review mechanical keyboard

Digital, dial, and printing blocks of keys are fairly close to each other that, in my opinion, not very good. After all, when set blind as it can be easy to miss. Most catch the eye with unusual shapes Lock indicator on the upper right, under the logo Aula. They, somehow, made in the form of card suits. Luckily, below are the signatures of, or in any way to guess what the Num is a worm that Caps the peak, the Scroll drum, and an inactive Win-button — clubs. Combination Fn+ PrtSc, ScrLk, Pause, Ins, Home, Del, End, PgUp, PgDn, and the four arrows control the switching of lighting effects.

Something unusual was discovered when removing the key caps. As it turned out, this keyboard Aula Mechanical Demon King is built on the basis of little-known tactile mechanical switches Outemu MX Blue, characterized by a nonlinear course and a very loud click when triggered. The body switches are made of transparent plastic, the upper part of the integrated led. They already caught me once before, but in this embodiment, on top of the mechanism and still wearing rubber patch with hole in the middle. Its only possible purpose is protection against ingress of liquid.  However, it effect on the tactile sensation of pressing a button. In particular, the increased pressing force. However, the most unpleasant in this is indecent “pokusy” sound that occurs during the return stroke the keys when the band is straightened. Stabilizers large buttons made of wire, which they tend to rotate slightly along the axis when pressed. Under the button, in addition to the stabilizers, there are two soft springs. Instead of the usual metal plates, arrangements of switches rested in the bar of translucent plastic. As a result, the keyboard tend to bend in the middle under intense printing.

Profile keyboard case resembles a triangular wedge, tapering to the front. The slopes of the front keys are not particularly aggressive, as well as the height of the caps looks small because they are partially recessed into the hull. Folding legs add to the height of the keyboard 12 mm. By and large, to use this device at any angle and without the stand under your palm. Its shape is quite comfortable to the wrist did not get tired during operation.

Additional external ports and connectors on the reverse side. The cord enters the keyboard Aula Mechanical Demon King  case behind and exactly in the center. At the junction there is a small rubber bend protection.

USB cable soft and flexible, length 1.8 m Braid on it no, but there is a Velcro closure that allows a comfortable it to collapse near the connector is a small ferrite bead to eliminate interference and signal interference. The connector has an ornate shape and red plastic side panels, made in the form of a brand logo.

Aula Mechanical Demon King Review mechanical keyboard

The bottom housing is solid, made of matte plastic. It is composed of two separate parts. From behind was visually observed four fixing screws (it is possible that another couple is under the legs) and eight holes for drainage. The corners are glued four large rubber feet firmly holds the keyboard from sliding when in use.

Folding legs have a single position locking in the unfolded state and lack of rubber blotches.

The backlight of the keyboard Aula Mechanical Demon King is made so exotic, just like everything else. In fact, every row gets highlighted purely one color that does not change. The light is adjustable only on the brightness, plus you can disable it individually for each button. Color the rows from top to bottom — red, yellow, green, blue, purple and white. By the way, it looks overall pretty good — bright and juicy. In addition, both Latin and Cyrillic characters are read without problems. Lock-lights seem too bright, but if you look at them strictly from the top. In the normal position of the user’s head relative to the keyboard the LEDs are absolutely not annoying.

Aula Mechanical Demon King: Functionality

The focus of the manufacturer of this keyboard Aula Mechanical Demon King, obviously, was focused on the lighting. Therefore, all it can do is to adjust different lighting effect. But don’t forget about more useful functions, already mentioned above, the possibility of media control, sound, and disable Win-keys. Since the software for this device is not present, all its features are configurable via keyboard shortcut. Let’s consider them in order. Fn+PrtSc enables “breathing” of the LEDs. Fn+ScrLk color runs the wave from left to right, or Vice versa (you can select by pressing Fn+ arrow left/right). Frequency effect is adjusted via the Fn+ “–” or “+”. Fn+Pause activates the beveled left or right of the oncoming waves. It is formed on the edges and faces in the center. Fn+Ins buttons light up, or Vice versa, faded out when clicked. Fn+Del triggers the glowing snake moving along the rows from left to right (or Vice versa) and top to bottom (or Vice versa). Fn+Home turns on the backlight, and Fn+End — disable. Fn+PgUp — launches two opposing waves passing through each other (direction you can also select). Finally, Fn+PgDn reproduces the effect of waves scattered from a pressed button. Fn+ arrow up/down adjusts the brightness. There are ten levels of brightness. If you hold down the Fn+F9, F10 or F11, you can include one of three light profiles. In each of them you can choose which buttons will light up, pressing Fn and one of the above mentioned keys, and then tapping on highlights, or disable button. One word — color effects are many and different. Only one thing remains unclear — why do they need anything other than the storefront.

Aula Mechanical Demon King Review mechanical keyboard

Aula Mechanical Demon King: Ergonomics and testing

In operation Aula Mechanical Demon King has made me a very mixed impression. On the one hand, it is quite convenient in terms of form, although the overall ergonomics and is very average. To print it blindly was uncomfortable. During the week my fingers and could not get used to its key layout, although at first glance the layout looks very standard. The reason may be as to the size and shape of the caps and the distance between them. Tactile sensation of pressing the keys is also unlikely to appeal to gourmets.

Aula Mechanical Demon King Review mechanical keyboard

Pressing the buttons requires quite a big effort, the returns are nonlinear, the sound when activated is very loud and really very reminiscent of the old typewriter a lot more than any other Blue-mechanisms. In addition, the reverse key is accompanied by an unpleasant “smacking” sound from raspryamitsya protective gum. I was faced with jamming some of the buttons, again because of jammed rubber grips. Fortunately, this eliminated the time quite easily. You need to remove the cap, align the gasket and carefully put the cap back on so the rod passed through the Central hole in the rubber. Lighting looks good enough, although the whole set of lighting effects that accompany it, it is unlikely someone is going to need. During prolonged idle, the backlight is automatically turned off to save power. Record macros and reassign keys here of course is not supported.

Aula Mechanical Demon King Review mechanical keyboard

In the game use the keyboard I frankly did not like.In the first place, due to excessive force of pressing and lack of a clear sense of time of operation of the mechanism. However, the keyboard Aula Mechanical Demon King supports the full antidoting (NKRO) USB connection, and press any number of keys simultaneously, and means — to play it can be anything.

Aula Mechanical Demon King: The results

Detailed introduction to mechanical keyboard, Aula Mechanical Demon King makes me think that it was originally intended for the Asian market. In particular, by rows the lighting in six colors and a very strange set of effects is clearly not something that the average European, spoiled Cherry switches combined with LEDs. No less strange look and Lock indicators in the form of card suits. And it is not clear why an attempt to increase protection against spills of liquid by putting on the buttons and rubber pads. After mechanics, in contrast to membranes that are resistant to moisture by definition, it is not close. This is complemented by a pretty average build quality and materials and is very noisy MX Blue switches Outemu.

Aula Mechanical Demon King Review mechanical keyboard

However, the keyboard is Aula Mechanical Demon King is not without some advantages. In particular, the backlight looks good and is made with laser engraving Latin and Cyrillic characters are read very easily. Secondly, this is probably the only company in our market mechanics, carefully localized in the factory not only in Russian but also in Ukrainian language. In addition, the controller keyboard supports NKRO-antirusting. To fans of old typewriters, which dare to purchase, attracted by the relatively low price I would recommend, after the initial health check, disassemble the keyboard and remove it with rubber protective pads. Without them the thrill of using mechanical switches will become much more enjoyable.


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