Network data storage, often unfairly deprive the attention. Despite the fact that today every available free cloud services, access to a private cloud is much more reliable. This is for a number of reasons. The most important – your data are you, not from outside people. II. Home NAS, you can equip incredibly bulky hard drives, and the place will be numbered of terabytes. Third-party services as a free trial. If you need an impressive storage capacity, will have to every month to pay for every extra gigabyte. And the third. All your data will not be available only on the internet, but also in normal home network without external connections. Those. you can always access the data. Therefore, we will tell you about a very interesting model of ASUSTOR AS1002T.

ASUSTOR AS1002T: Packaging equipment

Network Storage comes in a colorful cardboard box. Packaging made simple and clear, it reveals all the advantages ASUSTOR AS-1002T.

Package Includes the most common. Warranty card, screws for mounting drives, CD with drivers, network patch cords and power cord with the unit.


ASUSTOR AS1002T: Appearance

Sam ASUSTOR AS-1002T turned out beautiful. This drive does not have to hide in the farthest corner of the house and dusty. Thanks to its monolithic front panel covered with a pattern, you can leave the NAS to leave in a prominent place. By the way, if the drive will be in the living room, its LEDs can be configured so that at night they shine with a reduced brightness.

At the top left of the front panel contains all the indicators of the drive. This is the power state of the system, as well as network and storage activity.


Below, in the right corner, there is the first USB 3.0 port and an IR receiver. Alas, the remote control is not included and must be purchased separately.

On the back of the drive is the power button, the second connector USB 3.0, Ethernet port, and, of course but the same connector for the power supply.

The power supply in ASUSTOR AS-1002T appeared compact. A similar black “brick” is used to power many laptops and monitors. Power PSU a drive of 65 W (12 V, 5,4A).


ASUSTOR AS1002T: Internal organization

As you know, the beauty demands victims. Not spared known saying and NAS ASUSTOR AS-1002T. Normally a basket for hard drives are located on the front panel NAS’ov but ASUSTOR AS-1002T, this panel is made of monolithic, and even decorated with nice ornaments. Therefore, the device is devoid of removable baskets HDD. In order to set the wheels, will have to disassemble the cabinet.


However, the manufacturer has made every effort to make this procedure fast and simple. To install or replace enough to unscrew the two screws on the rear panel ASUSTOR AS-1002T and push the metal case. You can then access the internal NAS.

Cart ASUSTOR AS-1002T fit two 3.5-inch disk. Unfortunately, with the installation of 2.5-inch drives have problems. Such Hardy can be connected to the jacks, but they can not be fixed. The fact that the cart is no mounting holes such drives.


RAM 512 MB, as well as a processor Marvell ARMADA-385 proved to be soldered to the motherboard. In fact, in ASUSTOR AS-1002T has served only two elements: the battery-tablet and 70-mm fan.

ASUSTOR AS1002T: First run

For ASUSTOR AS1002T must have at least one drive. After that, the easiest option is to install the utility ASUSTOR Control Center. The program will automatically detect all ASUSTOR store on the local network and prompts to configure them through a simple web interface.


Storage initialization takes place in three simple steps and only takes a few minutes. During this procedure, there is a loading and updating ASUSTOR ADM operating system.

Then you need to configure the NAS. During setup, you must enter a new administrator password, select the type of RAID-file, set the date, time and network address.


ASUSTOR AS1002T: Features

Drive ASUSTOR AS1002T, as well as many other network storage ASUSTOR controlled ASUSTOR Data Master operating system (abbreviated – ADM) with a simple and clear interface window. In the tested NAS has the latest version of ADM, v2.6.5.RB41.

ASUSTOR AS1002T is managed through a web interface, but for those who like to do everything left over SSH and the opportunity. After the usual procedure of entering username and password in the browser will open the first desktop ADM

Modern network storage can not only store data, upload torrents and create multiple users. Such devices can operate as a mail or web server, they enable additional applications, can work as a surveillance system or medialeera server and do a lot of interesting things. ASUSTOR AS1002T not deprived of all these additional features. In order to quickly and easily learn new tricks ASUSTOR AS1002T, created the app store App Central.

The App Central is a lot of free applications. With their help, you can add ASUSTOR AS1002T opportunities. As we have mentioned above, the potential of the drive is very large. Turn ASUSTOR AS1002T-in web server, media server, or a video surveillance system center can be just a couple of clicks.

Work with ASUSTOR AS1002T files in several ways. Through a web browser, using the “File Manager” application built traditionally on the network and the Internet. ASUSTOR AS1002T can be turned into a private cloud that is sometimes very convenient. It’s always nice when a valuable, personal data is kept at home, not on third-party servers that may be located somewhere overseas.

Another advantage ASUSTOR AS1002T – a huge number of settings. Customers new to network storage may be surprised to see a number of items, and tabs. However, despair not worth it. Network Storage is exactly the case when the more options – the better. For example, the NAS allows you to adjust the brightness of the LEDs in night mode and stops the spindle in storage at this time. As a result, in a room with a working ASUSTOR AS1002T can sleep.

Configuring Network Access devoted a separate section. You can add new users, divide them into groups and give different access rights, as well as to see what permissions are set in the application.

Also clearly and simply made control system for ASUSTOR ADM. In one section, you can find CPU usage, RAM and network channel. You can also see how many resources each process consumes.

In ASUSTOR AS1002T there is another very important advantage. For the initial setup and management of storage is not necessary to use a PC. To perform all these actions in ASUSTOR released a diverse set of applications. With their help, you can manage content on the drive, install applications, and even downloaded from the Internet to store files directly, bypassing the smartphone itself.

ASUSTOR AS1002T: Using

Modern network drives have reached the optimal level of performance, when they ceased to be an iron thus a bottleneck that slows down the whole system.

The final performance ASUSTOR AS1002T will depend on what drives are installed inside. We say that the NAS easily cope with downloading torrents, as well as simultaneous video playback on a smartphone and a laptop. This high level of performance, which is enough for most users. If you install the system from multiple SSD, the speed will zapredelenymi. Those. everything depends solely your needs and financial possibilities.

ASUSTOR AS1002T: Conclusion

Usually, the developers of these devices are thinking about design in the last turn, so most NAS live in dark, dusty corners. ASUSTOR AS1002T – is another matter. This store does not want to hide out of sight thanks to one small detail – ornament on the front panel.

Alas, because of this panel ASUSTOR AS1002T lost removable baskets for hard drives. Therefore, to install the drives have to disassemble the device. Fortunately, this procedure is simple, and often engage in it do not have to.

As additional features, the ASUSTOR AS1002T can transform almost anything from a web server to a private cloud on the Internet. It’s also nice that ASUSTOR think that is important to many users access from smartphones and tablets. So download from ASUSTOR AS1002T data and configure network storage can be using smartphones with iOS and Android.

As for the price, it will have ASUSTOR AS1002T was not very large. At the time of this writing, its reference price of $200. For network storage, which can be almost anything (from the Web server to torrentokachalki and surveillance systems) is not very expensive.

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