ASUS ZenBeam E1-011 Review very compact projector

ASUS ZenBeam E1-011 Review very compact projector

ASUS is pleased with the business users and the new education and interesting enough solution called ASUS ZenBeam E1-011. This device has been shown a year ago at CES 2016, but then the original model E11 was shown. A year later, the company threw a little device and showed it to the public. Also, now you can easily buy the product, but still quite adequate for the price.

Of course, not everyone needs a projector, but still compact, the manufacturer is also understood. Today we decided to tell you about this product more detail and explain why in certain areas the device will allow you to attract the attention of others. And, of course, any compact gadget that previously served half pack is the perfect solution in terms of innovation – every time gadgets are getting smaller and smaller.

ASUS ZenBeam E1-011 Review very compact projector

ASUS ZenBeam E1-011: Specifications

The projector ASUS ZenBeam E1-011 produces enough low resolution – 854 by 480 pixels. This is due to the fact that a higher resolution in a compact body at a cost push just will not work. So fans of 720p projectors will be disappointed, although the picture is, in fact, looks quite bearable.

In addition, the period of the backlight is 30,000 hours and no light bulbs, as in conventional projectors low, does not produce even approximate figures. The brightness is 150 lumens, it is also not very bright in the room during the day to show the image obtained is not as comfortable as we would like. The projector can produce an image diagonal of 15 to 120 inches, while the minimum distance to the plane of only half a meter. Literally, you can show your presentation in a cafe on the wall with little effort and preparation.

ASUS ZenBeam E1-011 Review very compact projector

ASUS ZenBeam E1-011: Design

Let’s start with the compact size of ASUS ZenBeam E1-011 – 110 × 83 × 29 mm. It is, in fact, the size of a mobile phone, only slightly above the usual thickness of the product. projector weighs 307 grams, it is also quite acceptable to wear the device in the pocket of a jacket pocket or bag is not difficult.

The front panel has a plastic curtain, which gives you close the lens when it should not work. The top of the control keys are located on the side faces of the perforation grating installed. focus wheel we liked, it is located on the side of the face.

ASUS ZenBeam E1-011 Review very compact projector


First of all, ASUS ZenBeam E1-011 is suitable for use in business – you can navigate between clients through the city to show a presentation, some reports and graphs, without dragging a laptop or a huge projector. It is also your desire for innovation showcase in the West appreciate it greatly.

Just exactly the gadget will find its application in the field of education – the teacher will be much more convenient to carry a projector with charging than those huge options that are now used in universities. Those wishing to carry a compact projector is quite a lot.

ASUS ZenBeam E1-011: Conclusion

To begin with, the manufacturer promises that support for FullHD, but the DLP-chip is only possible by interpolation, that we are not particularly interested. But the price ASUS ZenBeam E1-011  is $ 285 and on a single charge, it is able to work up to 5 hours.

Plus, you will be offered a tripod brand for $ 40, but if you want to save – buy from China is something like 4-5 dollars. For certain fields of activity of this product will be a real discovery. And when such value he will definitely be fans who want all of the new and compact operation.

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