Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC Review and test 21.5-inch Monoblock

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC Review and test 21.5-inch Monoblock

We have already reviewed two monoblock series Asus Zen AiO: 23,8-inch model Zen AiO Pro Z240IC and 21.5-inch Zen Z220IC the Pro AiO . In this article we will look at another representative of the series – a 21.5-inch model Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC . And if Zen AiO Pro Z240IC and Zen AiO Pro Z220IC (Pro models with prefix) belong to the category of premium devices, the Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC little easier and cheaper than their luxury counterparts.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC: Packaging

Monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC comes in an impressive size cardboard box with a handle.

In addition to the candy bar in the scope of supply includes a 65 watt power adapter (19 V, 3.42 A), as well as keyboard and mouse.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC Review and test 21.5-inch Monoblock

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC: Configuration

We tested the model was monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC the following configuration:

Even based on a monoblock specification, it can be concluded that this is an entry-level device.

The basis for Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC is a dual-core processor is the Intel the Core i3-6100U . This processor (SiP) has a built-PCH, so a separate chipset this case. The processor supports Hyper-Threading, has a clock speed of 2.3 GHz and Turbo Boost mode technology for Core i3 family is not provided. The size of its L3 cache is 3MB, and the estimated maximum power – 15 watts. The processor integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics core 520, the base frequency is 300 MHz, and the frequency mode Turbo Boost – 1,0 GHz.

Note that the one-piece Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC can be completed and more efficient processor (in this case monoblock had the weakest of all possible configurations). In particular, it can be installed processors Intel Core i5-6200U, Core i5-7200U and Core i3-7100U.

In addition to the processor graphics core in a monoblock and has a discrete graphics card Nvidia GeForce 930MH with 2GB of DDR3 memory.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC Review and test 21.5-inch Monoblock

As it turned out during the test, in a stressful load mode Nvidia GeForce 930MX graphics card is clocked at 1020 MHz and the video memory – at 1000 MHz.

Monoblock is equipped with DDR4-2133 RAM capacity from 4 to 16 GB. Our complete set in a monoblock was installed only one memory module DDR4-2133 4GB (SK Hynix HMA451S6AFR8N-TF), and, of course, working memory in single channel mode. 4 GB of memory on today, of course, too little.

The subsystem of data storage Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC may be different. In this embodiment, in a monoblock was installed only one HDD Toshiba MQ01ABF050 500 GB, which is at such a modest amount was still not clear what is divided into two logical partitions. In general, in the Zen AiO ZN220IC can be installed HDD size from 512 GB to 1 TB and 128 GB SSD or 512 GB.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC Review and test 21.5-inch Monoblock

Communication monoblock opportunities defined by the presence of a wireless communication module and the Gigabit Ethernet controller. Wireless Modules can be different: either to support protocols 802.11b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0, with either 802.11a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth 4.1. In this embodiment, in a monoblock unit was installed Qualcomm Atheros AR9565 with support for 802.11b / g / n protocols, and Bluetooth 4.0. Gigabit network interface controller based on the Realtek RTL8111 (PHY-level controller).

Audio Subsystem Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC based on HDA-codec Realtek ALC887, and two speakers (2 × 2 W) set in a monoblock body.

It remains to add that the candy bar is equipped with a built-in webcam c resolution of 1 megapixel.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC: Design

In appearance, all one-piece series of Asus Zen AiO look like twins, but at closer look you will notice the difference. Thus, the premium models (Asus Zen AiO Pro) are made in a metal case with a golden hue, and simpler models (without «Pro» in the title) are collected in plastic silver casing. But notice the difference in color can be only if you put the two buildings side by side, and to determine that the body monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC made of plastic instead of metal, and at all easy.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC Review and test 21.5-inch Monoblock

It features and a set of connectors on the rear panel. But in the rest of monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC indistinguishable from Zen AiO Pro Z220IC.

About monoblock Asus Zen AiO Pro Z220IC we wrote in detail , so only briefly mention the main features of the body of the model.

Thus, the case Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC and stand are made of silver plastic. The housing has a maximum thickness of 43 cm, but due to the rounded surface of the rear end face of the body have a thickness of 10 mm.

Screen monobloc closed frame with glass. The glass surface of the screen on subjective feelings rather thick (at knock thud is heard on the surface). It is moderately glossy, oleophobic coating is not very high quality, so that the fingerprints on this screen are clearly visible.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC Review and test 21.5-inch Monoblock

screen frame width c the sides and top of 27 mm and bottom – 46 mm, but the bottom is visually divided into two parts: the upper part, as well as the side, closed the glass and the bottom width of 16 mm, has a decorative finish under the black brushed metal with concentric rings radiating.

Bottom center of the screen frame (the upper part), there is a silver logo of the company Asus, and on the right there are two LED indicators: power and activity of the storage subsystem.

Above the center of the screen frame is a webcam.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC Review and test 21.5-inch Monoblock

All connectors monoblock located at the rear of the housing.

Sam set of connectors ample, two ports USB 2.0, four ports USB 3.0, as well as video output HDMI.

In addition to these connectors on the rear surface of the monoblock case are the power connector, RJ-45 connector, two audio minijack type, a hole for a Kensington lock slot and a card reader.

The power button is also located on the rear surface of the housing.

A ventilation grille for blowing hot air are located on the lower end of a monoblock body.

monoblock rack fixed to the body about the center of the rear surface and allows the bit body tilt angle change, but does not provide height adjustment.

Monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC not subject to self-dismantling, upgrading is not possible in this case.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC Review and test 21.5-inch Monoblock

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC: Keyboard and mouse

Included with the Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC supplied wireless set from the keyboard and mouse, which works on a tiny USB-receiver.

The keyboard and mouse have a silver color tone metal monoblock body. The keys on the keyboard are black, and the symbols on the keys – white. The keys (pressing depth) is 2.2 mm, and the distance between them – 4 mm. The keys have a nice spring-loaded and a smooth ride.

In principle, a comfortable keyboard, although it is very simple.

About the mouse, you can say all the same: a normal, comfortable mouse, but it was too simple.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC Review and test 21.5-inch Monoblock

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC: Sound

As already noted, audio subsystem Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC NDA based on codec Realtek ALC887, and in the case of monoblock two speakers are installed. Of course, Zen AiO ZN220IC capabilities more modest than that of Zen AiO Pro Z220IC with six built-in speakers (three on each side). However, even two speakers monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC subjectively reproduce sound with a very good quality. The maximum volume is quite acceptable, and at maximum volume there is no rattling. Not bad played the bass and treble.

To estimate the output sound path designed for headphones or external speakers, we resorted to the instrumental testing using an external sound card Creative E-MU 0204 USB and utility RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.3.0. Testing was conducted to stereo mode, 24-bit / 44.1 kHz. According to the results of testing the audio section in a monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC was rated “Good”. Full report with the test results in RMAA 6.3.0 program submitted on a separate page , the following is a brief report.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC: Screen

The monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC used IPS-matrix c diagonal size of 21.5 inches and a resolution of 1920 × 1080. The screen is not touch-enabled.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC Review and test 21.5-inch Monoblock

According to our measurements, the matrix of the monoblock flickers during a brightness level more than 80% (190 cd / m²) at a frequency of 200 Hz. The maximum brightness level on a white background is 290 cd / m² and a minimum level of brightness on a white background is 25 cd / m². With a maximum brightness of the screen gamma value of 2.10.

Separate buttons to adjust the brightness level is not provided, which is typical for all the candy bars, but you can adjust the brightness level of the software by setting power scheme.

The color gamut of the LCD screen in a monoblock covers 89.2% sRGB space and 65,2% Adobe RGB, and the volume of the color gamut is 100.1% of the volume of sRGB and 69% of the Adobe RGB. As you can see, a very wide color gamut.

Filters LCD matrix a little mixed ingredients to each other. Thus, in the red spectrum is mixed into the green. However this is a typical situation .. The range of blue is well insulated.

The color temperature of the LCD screen monoblock stable throughout the grayscale (the dark areas can be ignored due to measurement error) and is approximately 7000 K.

Color temperature stability because the primary colors are well-balanced and stable over the entire gray scale.

As for color accuracy (delta E), its value does not exceed 8, which is quite acceptable for this class of displays.

Viewing angles – both horizontal and vertical – are very wide. When you look at the image at an angle with the horizontal and vertical color almost no distortion.

In general, the screen in the Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC monoblock can be assessed as good: it has a wide color gamut, wide viewing angles, good color accuracy, well-balanced color and correct and stable color temperature.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC: work load and idle

In idle mode, the CPU frequency is 500 MHz monoblock (of course, we are talking about a balanced power scheme), and the temperature is 15 watt Core i3-6100U processor in this mode does not exceed 32 ° C. The cooling fan is rotated in this mode for speed 2100 rev / min.

When stressful CPU load (Prime95 utility) CPU frequency is 2.3 GHz. The processor temperature in this mode of loading is increased to 57 ° C, and the CPU power consumption is 13 watts.

cooling system fan speed in this mode, the CPU stress exactly the same as in the idle mode, that is 2100 rev / min.

When both CPU cores Prime95 test and GPU graphics card processor speed does not change and is 2.3 GHz, and its core temperature increases to 63 ° C. cooling system fan speed is increased at the startup mode, and very little is 2300 rev / min.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC: Drive Performance

As already noted, in a monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC installed HDD Toshiba MQ01ABF050 500 GB.

This drive utility ATTO Disk Benchmark determines the maximum speed sequential read and write at 100 MB / s.

The results, of course, very modest (especially if you compare them with the results of SSD-drives). However, low-cost solutions for the primary and secondary levels of the use of time-tested HDD is quite typical.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC: Noise level

During testing monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC we immediately noticed that it runs almost silently. And measuring the noise level only confirmed our observations.

The measurement was carried out in a special sound-absorbing chamber, and a sensitive microphone is positioned relative monobloc so as to simulate a typical position of the user’s head. According to our measurements, in idle mode the noise level emitted by a monoblock is 24 dBA. This is a very low noise level, which is almost impossible to distinguish on the background level. Hear the candy bar in this mode, you can not.

In stress mode, CPU noise level does not change and is the same 24 dBA. Actually, this is understandable, because in the mode of stress CPU cooling fan operates at the same speed as in idle mode.

In stressful download video mode, the noise level is still the same 24 dBA.

The only mode of simultaneous stress CPU and discrete graphics card increases the noise level to 25 dBA (recall that in this mode, the fan speed increases slightly). It is understood that the monobloc and hear almost impossible for such noise level. There is every reason to speak about its silent operation.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC: Performance tests

To evaluate the performance monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC we used our new technique for measuring the performance with the Benchmark iXBT Application Benchmark in 2017 , as well as gaming test suite iXBT Game Benchmark 2016 .

The test results in the benchmark iXBT Application Benchmark 2017 are shown in the table. For clarity, we have also added performance benchmarks monoblock Asus Zen AiO Pro Z220IC processor-based Core i7-6700T and the results of the mini-PC MSI Cubi 2 based Core i5-7200U processor. MSI Cubi 2 results are interesting in this case is the fact that it, like in a monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC, found only 4 GB of RAM. Results are calculated by five girders each test with a confidence level of 95%.

According to the integral result in processor tests monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC lags behind our reference system based on the Intel Core i7-6700K processor by 70%, and in general the integral result – by 77%. That is, as we see, it is a entry level performance.

The weakest point in monoblock configuration are insufficient RAM and the hard drive as the storage subsystem. Again, by today’s standards 4GB of memory – it is very small. In this configuration, in some test problems observed swapping, which, of course, a very negative impact on performance. But in combination with the slow HDD it can lead to very disappointing results.

As a specific example, we LAMMPS test. Lack of memory in this case leads to the fact that swapping occurs and is underloaded processor itself, and the slow drive, on the contrary, are under stress load mode. As a result of the test did not pass (the integral result is calculated without taking into account this test). The mini-PC MSI Cubi 2, which is also found only 4 GB of RAM, but the SSD-drive is used, the test passes, though lasts a very long time.

Now look at the test results monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC games. Testing was carried out at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and 1366 × 768 in the two-game settings modes: the maximum and minimum quality.

As expected, Nvidia GeForce GTX 930MX graphics card performance is absolutely not enough to provide a comfortable (with more than 40 FPS) game at high settings at a resolution of 1920 × 1080, and at low quality settings there is a decent result in less than half the games. At a resolution of 1366 × 768 the situation is not much: you can play only when setting the minimum quality, and even then not all the games. Thus, in terms of games monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC also represents the entry-level solution.

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC: Conclusions

Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC – a stylish candy bar, which can become any decor. Its advantages include good screen (which, incidentally, is also vandal-proof), and the candy bar is almost silent.

In terms of performance Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC in this configuration contact is an entry-level solution. However, you need to make a reservation: we tested was a piece with such a configuration, which is not really for sale. As a minimum, all the candy bars Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC, commercially available, has 8 GB of RAM. And this is a very important point: the increase in RAM up to 8 GB of significantly affects the performance of the system, in most cases eliminating the possibility of swapping. Of course, a modest 15-watt processor starts to run faster and notebook hard drive is guaranteed to slow down, so that the increase in RAM will not turn Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC in high-performance solution. Yet, the performance will increase significantly.

In our opinion, monoblock Asus Zen AiO ZN220IC can be used as an office computer or an inexpensive home PC for tasks such as surfing the internet, watching videos, work with office documents, and so on. N. This candy bar is perfect on the computer’s role for the student ( the opportunity to play on it is limited, and the ability to learn – not).

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