ASUS UN66 Review the smallest motherboard for mini PC

ASUS UN66 Review the smallest motherboard for mini PC

You know, there is a type of computer whose task is mainly reduced to watching movies/series, a little work, and even to occasionally “revive” the old ways, but to start to play some The Elder Scrolls Morrowind, or Warcraft 3, or the same CS 1.6. And if once upon a time it was necessary to assemble a computer case, power supply, motherboard and all other parts of the system, in the current situation all of the above is the last century. In addition, increasingly small and powerful systems integrated in cars, tables and other interior parts, and therefore need a very compact solution.

The thinning process technology, optimization of architectures, and so on and so forth, allowed at times, and times to reduce the power consumption of various circuits individually and the system as a whole. Therefore, in recent years, the market appears more and more PCs with the prefix “mini”. For such a mini-PC and there are the motherboard, like for example the recently presented ASUS UN66, which has a capacity that does not match their own dimensions (in the best sense of the word).

In the next few pages we’ll figure out what we can place on the Board with a size of 4×4 inches, and what this Board is capable of.

ASUS UN66 Review the smallest motherboard for mini PC

ASUS UN66: Appearance and features

The first thing we should start – dimensions. Not every day in the hands of able to hold the charge sizes 102х102, which is simultaneously so much and so little all, as it might sound. Just imagine these 300 g (based on two RAM modules and M. 2 SSD storage) actually fit a complete PC with Windows 10.

The second where it is necessary to continue the case, which is not.

ASUS UN66 the case with various pre-processors. There is a choice among Intel Core i3-6100U (2 cores/4 threads and the frequency to 2.3 GHz), Core i5-6200U (2 cores/4 threads and the frequency up to 2.8 GHz) and Core i7-6500U (2 cores/4 threads and the frequency to 3.1 GHz). In our hands got the top version, the “heart” of which is the Intel Core i7-6500U generation Skylake. And mind you, the CPU is soldered on the PCB. It cannot simply be removed and replaced by another.

Of course, i7-6500U has the suffix “U”, that is, refers to the range with the minimum power consumption, which are also used in netbooks and ultrabooks, and any comparison with a full desktop Core i7 is not. It only has two cores, much less the cache memory of level 3 (4 MB, to be exact), but it also led to the paltry level of a TDP of 15 watts.

With all this, on the same substrate with the crystal soldered CPU and a relatively powerful graphics chip Intel HD Graphics 520, which can operate at a frequency to 1.05 GHz. There is support for DirectX12, and even displays with 4K resolution, and in General is the GPU is quite capable of providing a decent level of fps, though not in the newest games. In the video playback resolution of any problems either.

ASUS UN66 Review the smallest motherboard for mini PC

But back to the Board itself. Let it not so great, but the place was found under a broad. On the PCB soldered two slots for RAM DDR4 SO-DIMM slots, which allows installing up to 32GB of RAM (with frequency up to 2133 MHz). To connect the drives are SATA 6 GB/s ports and one M. 2 port. In the M. 2 slot is allowed to setup the drive with a length of 42 mm or 80 mm (type 2242 and 2280).

There is also another M. 2 slot, but it is designed exclusively for wireless module Wi-Fi or BT.

In fact, different interfaces here quite a lot. In addition to the above, the novelty is equipped with IR sensor, with two unusual ports, which can receive signal from any sensor type GPIo, SMBus, I2C and DMIC pin and serial port (aka COM port). Love to the grave tattoo – 2 months longer, and the COM port of the immortal.

In 99% of cases all that a typical user does not need, with the exception of the IR port for remote control from the console, but it will be valuable in other areas. For example, ASUS UN66 can be used as a home media system as the basis for various machines, and even as a site for surveillance cameras. In General, the scope of the “baby” is very broad.

ASUS UN66 Review the smallest motherboard for mini PC

And, of course, the mini-Board is just bristling from all sides of ports of input-output. Coming with four USB 3.0, video outputs HDMI and VGA, one 3.5 mm universal audio Jack, and a Gigabit network port.

ASUS separately notes that USB 3.0 ports can be increased the strength of the current that allows you to charge the gadget twice as fast than standard USB ports. Exact figures are not called, but the phone is charged still faster.

Eats the whole thing from the external power supply voltage of 19 V and a current of 3.42 A, which gives a total capacity of 65 watts. Such power supplies are quite common. In fact, the specifications as laptop. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as, for example, Pets nibbled wire, a replacement will be easy to find.

And in conclusion a few words about the cooling system. As the whole Board, the cooling system is small. A small aluminum heatsink with a copper vapor chamber at the bottom, and a fan turbine type with a diameter of 55 mm.

Actually, Carlson is able to spin over 3,500 rpm, but, surprisingly, even at these speeds its noisy call. Listen to the sound of the laptop. That’s about as noise and ASUS UN66.

ASUS UN66 Review the smallest motherboard for mini PC

ASUS UN66: Test results

To begin the traditional screenshots SRI-Z:

For a fee, we installed two memory module Kingston SO-DIMM DDR4-2133, which worked at an effective frequency of 1066 MHz, and the total volume of which amounted to 16 GB, which is sufficient in the vast majority of cases.

Utility TechPowerUp GPU-Z version 1.12.0 has identified all the figures right, but immediately catches the eye is the temperature of the GPU on the tab with the sensors. 86° C – not to say that it is not enough, and that’s without load. In fact, the sensor in GPU-Z is wrong. Mostly the temperature was kept at around 60-70 degrees, which will be seen in some other benchmarks.

In the benchmark, SRI-Z Intel Core i7-6500U shows results similar to that of a desktop Core i3-4150. There is a small gap in single-threaded mode, but in multi-threaded mode results are very close.

ASUS UN66 Review the smallest motherboard for mini PC

In tests of working memory AIDA64, speed corresponds with the memory frequency. Actually, it was not expected.

The 8 PCMark assesses the overall system performance in various tasks, including performance in the browser, video playback, and performance in not very demanding games. Also worth a look at temperature graphs in the right part of the screenshot. During the testing in PCMark 8, the temperature of the CPU and GPU never got above 67° C, so that in everyday tasks the CPU is almost always working at high up to 3.1 GHz frequency.

And, of course, tests 3D Mark FireStrike and Time Spy. In the integrated graphics core is not as efficient as a separate video card with its own memory, but corporately and no one was waiting.

ASUS UN66: Conclusion

ASUS UN66 – almost fee schrödinger. This mini-PC can be recommended simultaneously to everyone and anyone. If you need a computer for simple tasks, but that he performed them well, after all, the Core i7-6500U something can – then ASUS UN66 a great choice. Besides, you can even let the avaricious short-sighted tear geek to some of the legendary and old game, but still say: well, before the game did with a soul! And would you believe I was even able to run Crysis 2 on it.

ASUS UN66 Review the smallest motherboard for mini PC

Furthermore, a broad set of specific connectors allows the use of this “kid” and other tasks, and the range of these tasks is huge. As a PC for office – the arrangement is almost perfect.

Theoretically, the novelty is even very reliable. Because Board size is 4×4 inch just less elements to break.

Conclusion at this time is doubly complicated by the fact that at the time of writing ASUS UN66 not sold yet, and even its price is unknown, but the one review that before you first online. To the start of sales will be a version in corporate housing for sale in the segment of ready-made PCs, and not just WSN for enthusiasts.

Pros ASUS UN66:

  • Compact
  • Low power consumption
  • The presence of specific interfaces
  • Powerful enough iron, which can even play
  • A simple power supply, which is easy to find a replacement

Features ASUS UN66:

  • No case, but it is expected that the fee will be used for embedded systems

According to the results of testing the motherboard for mini PC ASUS UN66 receives two awards – as the best for home and best for office.

Source: asus

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