ASUS ROG Spatha and ASUS ROG Sheath review and test: Gaming Mouse and Pad

ASUS ROG Spatha and ASUS ROG Sheath review and test: Gaming Mouse and Pad

In this article we look at the game pad ASUS ROG Spatha, which without exaggeration can be called a province of creation of Taiwanese engineers in the field of computer peripherals for gamers. It is built on the basis of reliable magnesium alloy, equipped with high-precision laser sensor and can offer some very interesting proprietary developments that could most dramatically affect gameplay. And in order to fully unleash the full potential of the claimed device, as well as possible to avoid any inaccuracies during the test measurements, we decided to hire the services of the playing surface ASUS ROG Sheath, specially developed for such cases. What eventually get results – read our review of the future.

ASUS ROG Spatha: Supply and equipment

ASUS ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse comes in a relatively large, well-fitted box of high-quality cardboard, which is characterized by beautiful design and a good informative. Unlike the vast majority of devices on the market, it has no more doors, viewing window or other okoloigrovoy attributes, which significantly distinguishes the packaging on a background of direct competitors (including those on the shop window) and gives hidden inside the arm to a certain exclusivity.

ASUS ROG Spatha and ASUS ROG Sheath review and test: Gaming Mouse and Pad

Package only enhances the above effect. Even for a premium device he was pleasantly surprised by a rich set of useful accessories that really help gamers really enjoy the gameplay. After opening the box, you can find: a docking station for charging with a detachable stand that wirelessly additionally acts as a receiver, the USB-cable, two, star screwdriver to disassemble a mouse, two spare switch, user documentation and a couple of stickers.

Another, no less important attraction is supplied branded pouch, which has an attractive appearance and can reliably protect the arm during transport. Outside it is sheathed with black synthetic fabric, and inside has a rigid base, covered with foam rubber medium soft with cutouts under the mouse and accessories (you can put a screwdriver and one of removable USB-cable).

ASUS ROG Spatha and ASUS ROG Sheath review and test: Gaming Mouse and Pad

ASUS ROG Spatha: Appearance, elements and impression

If you ever had to deal with a gaming laptop from ASUS, the appearance of a wireless keypad ASUS ROG Spatha seem vaguely familiar, and very attractive. Already accustomed to meet a rich black color, plenty of beveled edges and small parts, rubber grip with a pattern in the style of the Maya Indians, as well as corporate aggressive style that accompanies the whole range of Republic of Gamers. Untrained as a user design, probably just knock, or at least put on a standstill for some time: “How all of this to use and which side to come, not to get hurt?”

However, as practice shows, just a few minutes of work with the device fully enough to dispel all fears and doubts. Mouse ASUS ROG Spatha has a balanced weight distribution and a near-perfect right hand ergonomics, which allows you to comfortably place the palm of even very large sizes. The ring finger and little finger great lie in the projection on the side, and the thumb almost intuitively takes a position just above the additional buttons.

In addition, they have a good selection and a fairly tight turn, which provides excellent tactile control and eliminates the possibility of accidentally pressing in the heat of the virtual battle. The preferred grip is a “palm”, but also the fans of the “claw” style should not experience any discomfort.

As for the work of mechanics, the first mouse ASUS ROG Spatha perfect for virtual entertainment with measured pace, and especially for the role-playing MMO-projects, including due to the considerable number of buttons, which you can hang the necessary macros. But in the course of long sessions in projects with hurricane gameplay we observed fatigue palm. The reason is the relatively large mass, which in common with the rise of movements is quite a considerable load on the muscles of the hands. On the other hand, at least some physical activity during prolonged sitting mode.

ASUS ROG Spatha and ASUS ROG Sheath review and test: Gaming Mouse and Pad

The upper side of ASUS ROG Spatha made of smooth dark gray plastic with an interesting sparkling texture. It consists of a slightly curved backrest and two large rectangular pad, which play the role of the central keys. Buttons themselves are based on Japanese Omron switches and boast comfortable pressing force and clear, in a low response.

An additional advantage of the switches is a great endurance (up to 20 million. Taps) and the possibility of independent replacement (replacement of steam has already been in the sales package).

Traditionally, the area between the center key takes DPI mode switch button very convenient scroll wheel. It is covered with a rubber plate with embossed pattern and has a smooth and quite predicted degree rotation without it clicks during rotation. In addition, there are two small oblong buttons that can be customized to perform specific macros.

A nice visual feature of the upper part of the arm is the company logo.

ASUS ROG Spatha and ASUS ROG Sheath review and test: Gaming Mouse and Pad

On the left side of the mouse is a block of 6 extra keys, which have figured chamfer, visually forming an arrowhead. It looks like a design step is very beautiful, but because of the glossy texture quickly collects dust and fingerprints. At the same time, the right edge contains a small ledge, where lie comfortably with your fingers tight-grip. Complement ergonomics sidewalls two rubberized inserts coated with a proprietary design. They fit perfectly into the style of the game device and provide a steady contact. As for the front of the arm, it is fully reserved for the needs of the USB-connector that connects the power cord while the back side of any important functional elements can not be held.

Total is present in the package two cords: a core (2 m), wrapped in a tissue sheath and is designed for direct connection to a computer mouse, and backup (1 m), which has a rubber seal and can be used in tandem with the charging dock. To counteract oxidation all USB-connectors are covered with gold leaf, and the parties to the micro-USB connector have a convenient guide.

Scroll wheel, side buttons and logo on the front side are part of the zonal LED-backlight, which has a wide choice of color schemes and six pre-glow mode. If desired, the user can synchronize lighting to work or to create an individual profile settings for each of the available zones.

The lower part of ASUS ROG Spatha presented solid silver plate made of magnesium alloy. It has a matte and slightly rough surface, and to ensure a smooth sliding is equipped with 4 Teflon feet.

ASUS ROG Spatha and ASUS ROG Sheath review and test: Gaming Mouse and Pad

In addition, there is the power switch, the pair of contacts and pairing button with a docking station for wireless operation, as well as the 4 tabs on the screws by unscrewing which can be disassembled body of the mouse.

After removing the top part, the user gets access to the removable switch and built-in battery capacity of 1000 mA ∙ h. It can provide up to two days of operation of the device in a wireless mode. On average, takes about 45% at a frequency of 1000 Hz polling for one day, that is worthy to be called an indicator. To completely restore the original battery condition, you must not spend more than 2 hours (if the computer’s USB-port is powerful enough, in the process of being charged as a mouse).

The main source of power ASUS ROG Spatha is a proprietary docking station. It consists of two parts (base and stand) and allows the manipulator to position both horizontally and vertically.

Base with all e-filling cloaked in plastic housing. Its front side is decorated with a stylish logo and has a completely smooth surface, which ensures close contact with the mouse. There is a two-pin connector and a battery indicator. The back side has a slightly rough surface. There are three rubber feet are placed, pairing button and a convenient place to connect the cable. Inside the panel there is a number of magnets that securely hold the arm during charging.

Stand made of metal. It is small, but quite heavy, which is good balances the dock when installed in a vertical position. It is also located a pair of legs and a comfortable recess for the connecting cable.

Game Controllers ASUS ROG Spatha is based on a top-end laser sensor Avago ADNS 9800. Its distinguishing feature is the excellent speed performance, sensitivity and control, regardless of the chosen work surface. sensor Maximum resolution is 8200 DPI, which is more than enough to solve any game tasks.

Thanks to the useful function of calibration for a specific surface can be tangible productivity gains, especially when working in extreme conditions, where it is necessary to use a lacquered table top or a cheap rug. After setting the positioning becomes smooth and comfortable, a very beneficial effect on the overall speed of aiming or accuracy.

ASUS ROG Spatha and ASUS ROG Sheath review and test: Gaming Mouse and Pad

In addition, pleased to note that in terms of the functionality of the wireless and wired modes manipulator virtually identical. It shows good technical equipment mouse, and quality work of proprietary software. The only significant advantage of a classical connection, you can call the increased sampling frequency, which is up to 2000 Hz.

The build quality and stiffness of the manipulator housing ASUS ROG Spatha not cause even the slightest claim. All the elements, components and moving parts fit perfectly, and the construction itself is a real monolith.

ASUS ROG Spatha: Software

To maximize its full potential the device and allow the user to customize to the minutest detail all of the available options, the manufacturer equipped manipulator proprietary software.

Utility ASUS ROG Armoury has a simple and intuitive interface with well-thought-out arrangement of the functional elements. Menu fully translated into Russian. With the exception of minor bugs with the placement of long words, it is easy to read and stored after the first use. Traditionally, there is a function of software updates, as well as download and the subsequent installation of current drivers for the mouse and docking stations.

Toolkit applications extremely rich. Just a few clicks, you can create a long list of diverse macros; change the assignment of 12 keys, including scroll wheel; set the sensitivity, snap angle, or the frequency of the survey laser sensor; choose the color, brightness and the desired effect for the three independent zones LED-backlight; calibrate the playing surface or put energy-saving plan. The majority of settings is divided into two categories (wired or wireless) that allows you to “sharpen” the manipulator is not only for a specific game or a program, but also a mode of use.

ASUS ROG Spatha and ASUS ROG Sheath review and test: Gaming Mouse and Pad

Despite the high sensitivity and virtually limitless “omnivorous” of modern optical and laser sensors, more well-known manufacturers is expanding its range of computer accessories from special gaming surfaces.

In our case, we will focus on the corporate rug ASUS ROG Sheath. Due to its functional properties and rather impressive size, it is able to maximize the performance of any gamepad, as well as serve as a solid working platform to hone professional skills.

The mat is packed in a sufficiently large oblong box made of cardboard, which boasts a stylish design and a more than a good informative.

The front part of the ASUS ROG Sheath is made of very smooth and pleasant to the touch of black cloth. It provides a lightweight, extremely fast, but at the same time smooth sliding plastic, Teflon or metal legs.

In turn, the lower part is represented by a continuous sheet of textured rubber (painted in bright red color), which due to its interesting texture ensures reliable contact with any surface, including glass or lacquer.

Along the perimeter of the mat is stitched thick thread that protects the edge from excessive wear.

The playing surface ASUS ROG Sheath simply impresses with its titanic dimensions (900 x 440 x 3 mm) and a considerable weight (695 g). It can easily cover almost any desk or work area, providing tremendous storage space for a comfortable stay not only a mouse or keyboard, but also a gaming notebook, or other peripherals.

ASUS ROG Spatha: Results

Pointing ASUS ROG Spatha can without exaggeration be called the most striking embodiment of all the advanced developments in the field of professional gaming peripherals. He aptly combines the advanced hardware platform based on a laser sensor Avago ADNS 9800 and Japanese switches Omron’s, stunning looks with beautiful zonal LED-backlit display and textured patterns, as well as feature-rich software that enables every detail to configure all device parameters. Throw in the ability to self-exchange core switch, easy to use wireless mode, and the availability of a complete charging dock, and as a result we get a real gamer’s dream embodied in a high quality plastic and metal.

ASUS ROG Spatha and ASUS ROG Sheath review and test: Gaming Mouse and Pad

To complicate its implementation can perhaps that impressive price tag that accompanies all flagship products. However, if you are a demanding user, or are among the professionals, the manipulator ASUS ROG Spatha is sure to become a good investment for you and a great help in achieving cyber heights.

ASUS ROG Spatha Advantages:

  • bold and attractive design;
  • excellent build quality;
  • base magnesium alloy provides an excellent level of rigidity;
  • demountable body with the possibility of replacing the main switch;
  • 12 programmable buttons;
  • zonal LED-backlight;
  • laser sensor with a maximum resolution of 8200 DPI;
  • ability to work in wired and wireless mode;
  • functional software;
  • rich package that includes a charging dock and removable key switches buttons.

ASUS ROG Spatha Features:

  • ergonomic mouse is designed for right-handers;
  • functional manipulator capabilities maximize sharpened by MMO games.

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