Asus ROG Spatha Review: premium Gaming mouse for fans of MMO

Asus ROG Spatha Review: premium Gaming mouse for fans of MMO

Asus has in its lineup of gaming devices Republic of Gamers offers the older model of the mouse under the name of Asus ROG Spatha. The gamepad is focused on the fans of MMO games. It should be noted that called Asus ROG Spatha in the history of the famous one-handed straight swords length from 0.75 to 1 meter, which were used by the infantry of the Roman Empire.

The mouse Asus ROG Spatha has a unique design and can operate in one of two modes, PC connection: wired and wireless. Consider this weapon gamer details.

Asus ROG Spatha: Equipment

Asus ROG Spatha Review: premium Gaming mouse for fans of MMO

Once we explain about replacement Omron switches. The manufacturer decided not to solder the switches for the main mouse buttons, and to install them in the sockets. This makes it quite simple to replace them. Why is it necessary? First, if the switch fails, the user will be able to deliver another. Second, if the user does not like the force which is applied to trigger the switch, or the sound of a click, we can try to pick a different model and install it. The base of the mouse is parsed using the supplied screwdriver. The user guide has instructions for disassembly and replacement of switches. A list of compatible switches:

  • Omron D2F series: D2F, D2F-F, D2F-01, D2F-01F
  • Omron D2FC series: D2FC-3M, D2FC-F-7N, D2FC-F-7N(10M), D2FC-F-7N(20M)

Asus ROG Spatha: Design

Mouse endowed with an extraordinary design. Almost every detail of the Asus ROG Spatha deserves a separate description. The ergonomics of the model is adapted to the right hand and palm grip or “claws”. The device is made of black plastic, and the frame from lightweight magnesium alloy.

Asus ROG Spatha Review: premium Gaming mouse for fans of MMO

Both the left and right side of the manipulator has an insert in the form of a rubber embossed panel. On near to the wrist of the user of the mouse ROG logo is placed, equipped with a backlight. The main buttons Asus ROG Spatha separated from the body and the shape narrowed closer to the front edge of the device.

The scroll wheel is standard between the left and right mouse buttons (LMB and RMB), in a small cavity. It is equipped with rubber embossed rim, which feels good to touch.

The drive wheel consists of three layers: a translucent plastic through which visible illumination, black and transparent around the axis.

The diameter of the wheel is 24 mm. as a controller you move the wheel you use the product Alps.

Behind the scroll wheel, closer to the user, is a “sniper button” that changes the resolution of an optical sensor for low. Just behind this button there is a small panel of translucent plastic, behind which is placed a white led begins to glow when activating the sniper mode.

When you re-click on the “the sniper” optical sensor resolution returns to the original value, and the white led goes out.

Asus ROG Spatha Review: premium Gaming mouse for fans of MMO

The left border of the LKM are two navigation buttons.

On the left side of the manipulator is a package of six additional buttons of various shapes and with different coating.

Unfortunately, the difference in tactile surfaces and shapes of these buttons is almost not felt. Through the gaps between the side buttons, the light from the led. The illuminated slit to form a stylized eye of ROG. For the six buttons under the thumb are used Alps switches.

Along the lower perimeter of the block side buttons located embossed rubber plate. According to the manufacturer, the relief on this plate mimics the style of drawings of the Maya.

On the right side Asus ROG Spatha — box for the ring finger, and below is inserted a rubber relief plate, and patterned, like the plates on the left side of the mouse.

The mouse bottom has four plates of different shapes from a material with similar properties to Teflon. These plates ensure easy gliding on carpet.

Asus ROG Spatha Review: premium Gaming mouse for fans of MMO

In highlighted triangle area at the bottom of the mouse located the switch wireless mode button to activate the pairing mode contacts for charging the battery and the window, behind which is an optical sensor.

This photograph can be seen mounted Pixart sensor and microprocessor NXP Semiconductors.

Here you can see the battery of the mouse and its characteristics. Note that if you wish, you can replace the battery, it is not soldered to the motherboard.

You can then examine the switches for LMB and navigation keys.

Asus ROG Spatha gaming mouse can work in one of two modes of connection: wired or wireless. For a wired connection use the bundled cable in the textile braid hard.

In front of the mouse has a recess with a micro-USB port. For convenience, the orientation of the interface cable when connecting to the port deepening is equipped with a key.

The same key is used in a docking station to connect the AC power cord.

Dock Asus ROG Spatha performs two functions — it is charging built-in mouse battery and wireless adapter. Place it on the table horizontally or vertically using a special stand.

The upper surface of the dock almost exactly follows the contour of the bottom of the manipulator. The housing of the docking station is made of black plastic, on the upper surface there is a logo of ROG.

Asus ROG Spatha Review: premium Gaming mouse for fans of MMO

White semi-transparent insert covers led, which color (green, orange and red) indicates the current battery charge level.

The mouse offered to download proprietary software from the official site Asus for backlight settings and macro editing.

All user-created macros and profiles are stored in memory.

RoG Armoury

Branded app Asus RoG Armoury offers the user a wide range of possibilities for configuring assigned to action buttons, lights, macro, and resolution. When you first start you are prompted for the device connection, and then there will be a firmware update to the new version, if any, will be detected.

Under “Buttons” you can see all the actions assigned to mouse buttons, and if you want to make changes. For example, you can set the profile changes when using combinations of “sniper button” and any side buttons. Each of these side buttons with your thumb, is responsible for one profile. A total of six, five of which the user can change and edit. The effect of coatings cannot be changed.

Asus ROG Spatha Review: premium Gaming mouse for fans of MMO

In the section “Efficiency”, you can configure the sensor, namely the resolution, the acceleration and deceleration of the cursor, the polling rate in wired and wireless modes, the delay time after pressing the button. In addition, it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the “sniper”mode.

In the “Lighting” you can adjust the backlight itself. You can adjust the brightness and three zones of backlight that can work independently from each other. There are six lighting modes: static color cycle, the trigger (clicking the area begins to glow), slow flashing, random (rainbow) and from the battery.

Asus ROG Spatha Review: premium Gaming mouse for fans of MMO

Under “Calibration” you can adjust the lift distance and to select the surface on which the mouse will move.

In the section “Power” is the adjustment time of transition in sleep mode and flashing at a certain percentage of battery charge.

Overall, the Asus RoG Armoury interface is clear and logical.

Asus ROG Spatha: Practice

We used the mouse in games such as World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. When playing WoW we set the side keys simple macros to check how convenient their location is. In fact, it turned out that the habit can many times miss the right button, but instead press the adjacent or both. The idea is to vary the sizes and materials of the side buttons are interesting and beautiful, but impractical. In addition, due to the glossy coating of the lower keys quickly get dirty and collect dirt.

CS:GO no problems arose. The cursor is precise and predictable, and the variety of profiles allows the flexibility to adjust the mouse under the situation.

In Chivalry: Medieval Warfare navigation keys performed the role of alternative attacks, and found that during difficult fights very hard to tear off the index finger to press one of the navigation keys.

We also used this mouse for Internet surfing. Here the navigation keys about the LMB was very helpful, fingers did not get tired at all. Asus ROG Spatha with the comfort you can hold a palm grip, and Kogalym.

Software ROG Armoury helped to adjust the positioner for themselves, and in wireless mode you can play without the cable on the table, which is sometimes convenient. For wireless connection uses the 2.4 GHz frequency, any delay at the same time we have not found. In fact, if you do not see how the mouse is connected, the difference between the modes cannot be detected.

Asus ROG Spatha: Conclusion

Gaming mouse Asus ROG Spatha in terms of features, applied materials and components relates to the premium class of manipulators. According to the results of the tests we can say that the wireless mode is as flawless as a wired one. A docking station allows you not only to charge the battery of the mouse, but also to monitor the level of charge. Flexible configuration options and macros that you can assign all the buttons except the main left button. Note the unsuccessful implementation of the side buttons, which although have different shapes, but is difficult to distinguish tactilely. Overall, the Asus ROG Spatha is great for MMO games, MOBA, RPG and FPS. Separately, we recall that the manufacturer took care to allow for easy replacement of switches of the main buttons of the manipulator.

Pro Asus ROG Spatha:

  • The opportunity to replace the switches for the main buttons
  • Wired and wireless mode
  • Convenient docking station with indicator of battery level
  • Rich package

Contra Asus ROG Spatha:

  • Side keys are difficult to distinguish by touch

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