ASUS ROG Centurion Review gaming headset

ASUS ROG Centurion Review gaming headset

“Faster, higher, stronger!” – Probably this cry are not only athletes to achieve new heights, but also manufacturers of gaming peripherals. With each new model they try to bring the next innovations that will allow players to “reach a new level.” Some of these innovations take root, the fate of the other – ridicule and neglect. The last and most popular trend in the gaming headset is a 7.1 surround sound. And even though it’s hard to imagine many channels in a small space, in their reviews, we already wrote about the headsets, which still manages to create a truly surround sound.

ASUS ROG Centurion

At this time, we’ve got is certainly a contender for the title of king of gaming headsets – new range of headphones from the company ASUS ROG Centurion. And do not look at what it is suspiciously similar to Strix 7.1, because it is a completely different product, at least the image on the plates and the backlight light exactly different.

ASUS ROG Centurion Review gaming headset

Contents of delivery

Unfortunately, gaming headset at the time of testing has not yet hit the market, and we’ve got a preproduction sample without packaging and racks on which hang the headphones. All other elements were available, and you can see them in the photo below.

As you can see, quite a rich equipment. Except for the headset owner receives an external control unit, set of replacement ear cushions, perfect braided USB-cable to connect the control unit to a PC and a cable that allows you to connect an external speaker system via standard connectors 7.1 “jack” of 3.5 mm.

ASUS ROG Centurion Review gaming headset

On the official photo shows that support for headphones, which did not get into our hands, it is mounted to the control unit and can accurately place the headset in the workplace.

ASUS ROG Centurion: Appearance

Construction ASUS ROG Centurion very solid and reliable. It used a lot of high-quality soft-touch plastic, which, to my surprise, almost does not collect fingerprints. Indeed, the headset can be worn without fear with you, unless of course there is a place for the outdoor unit and its wiring.

The upper part of the most rigid headband. Because of this feature, the headphones have a fairly fixed position, and the distance between the phones is almost not regulated. Through the dual rails seen embroidered on a soft headband line ROG logo.

ASUS ROG Centurion Review gaming headset

Soft suspension is attached to the outer headband and goes on plastic rails, rubber element, apparently hidden inside it.

On the inside of the headband are four soft “cushions” that comfortably close to the head.

Rims and the inside of the cups are made of the same thick soft-touch plastic, but their outer side facing the outside observer, is a glossy plastic with a textured insert. And the gloss just collect a complete set of fingerprint data.

The design ASUS ROG Centurion allows the phone to spin on an axis with respect to the headband by less than 90 degrees. In addition, within the group itself bowls with ear pads speakers have little freedom of vertical within a few degrees. That is, the particular freedom is not here, but I did not see where it would not suffice, given the rigidity of the entire structure as a whole.

Under the removable ambyushury lie speakers themselves. Each phone has five different speakers to neodymium magnets, which are designed to provide surround sound.

The circuit arrangement of the speakers provided by the manufacturer. Front received 40mm speaker, center – 30 mm, side and rear channels 20 mm, and a subwoofer speaker, placed exactly in the center of the rest it has a size of 40 mm.

As you can see, all the speakers are located close to each other, and the creation of an acoustic space for each can be no question.

Digital microphone, unlike its predecessor – ASUS Strix 7.1, is not separated from the headphone is attached to the left of the phone. Its design can only praise. At its unfolding can be traced very soft, but the exact position.

ASUS ROG Centurion Review gaming headset

Despite the impressive size of the profile, the entire foot microphone is made of rubberized material and easy bends in any direction to achieve the best ergonomic form. Unfortunately, the color insert at the end of the microphone is not backlit and is an indicator of the recording activity.

It also leads the left phone cable that connects the headset and the controller. cable plug is made in the form factor HDMI. Wire thickness of 6 mm good, and he was pulled into a tight nylon braid.

Since the complete manufacturer offers a set of additional ear cushions, the user will not have to experience difficulties with their performance of the material.

More hot weather can put a cloth, at other times use different ear pads, made of imitation leather. Here it would be desirable to underline that the latest noise reduction headset in just excellent. Even though the fabric version cuts off extraneous sounds great.

And of course, it is impossible not to pay attention to the external control unit headset ASUS ROG Centurion.

She placed volume control, which, when pressed, will completely disable the sound of the selected channel / device. The regulator does not have the extreme positions, which is especially convenient himself turning process is accompanied by a very soft click. Red lights around the knob lights up small sectors as volume control. These sectors show modes and backlight modes Spectrum, which will be described below. Also located on the top panel of four small buttons that allow you to change the mode on the 7.1 stereo, turn on / off the headphone amplifier and a microphone, as well as switch the audio output to external devices.

ASUS ROG Centurion Review gaming headset

The hole at the top of the decorative “counter”, which is not evident in itself hides additional microphone ENC advanced noise reduction system. It allows you to keep track of foreign background and sift it, leaving only your voice.

On the front panel knob allows access to the management of virtually all the elements of this complex system.

You can adjust the volume of each channel or turn it off, and adjust the volume of the microphone recording. The user can also choose from two modes of illumination phones: steady light or simulating breathing, and can simply disable it. Spectrum mode allows you to select one of four preset sound profiles, which should improve the gaming experience in shooters by increasing steps or firing sound, RPG, and racing simulators.

On the side faces placed HDMI-ports for input and headphone output to an external audio device, as well as USB-port for connection to a PC.

At the bottom there is a small switch that activates ENC noise reduction system.

ASUS ROG Centurion Review gaming headset

ASUS ROG Centurion: Ergonomics and usability

It is difficult enough to describe the experience of using this headset briefly and clearly, because I will move in turn. As already stated, the apparatus has a sufficiently massive structure, respectively, and considerable weight.

Stiffness headband does not allow phones to push apart a sufficient distance, and headset must have a tangible pressure, but thanks to a huge square ear cushions that are completely closed to any size, this pressure is distributed over the surface of the head and not very annoying after a few hours of use. But the ASUS ROG Centurion clearly can not be called the weightless and invisible. Adjustments phone lacks a head and how they can be conveniently located on the head, and quietly pull the neck. Very annoying that almost every time you remove the headphones, soft suspension shrinks back and grabs a handful of hair, which immediately pulled out.

ASUS ROG Centurion Review gaming headset

Separate conversation – a cord thickness coming from the headphones. It is understood that the 10-speaker plus a microphone require an appropriate communication channel, but nevertheless … In fact, he has only one correct position. Excess headphone revolution around its axis immediately leads to the fact that the cord is twisted, while its thickness and rigidity of this immediately makes itself felt. The feeling that you struggle with a hose, which, if not installed then you will constantly pull or push her head to the side. Even half a meter to the remote – it would not say a lot, quite the contrary.

Exactly the same is a separate issue – it is a microphone. Ergonomics at its unfolding is excellent, but I want to highlight the work of a microphone device and integrated noise reduction system. Believe it or not, but such an effective tool I have not seen. Thanks to the microphone in the control panel really eliminated all extraneous sounds until the fierce nastukivaniya across the keyboard again. Very, very much, your interlocutors will absolutely love.

ASUS ROG Centurion Review gaming headset

And, of course, it is difficult to overestimate the presence of an external control panel sound. The ability to quickly adjust the volume, mute, switch the audio output to the speakers – all these functions are in demand, and their implementation is very convenient. Moreover the availability of high quality digital audio codec will provide good sound regardless of the device that is connected to the headset.

ASUS ROG Centurion: Complete Software

For a long time, ASUS products have got a new software called Sonic Studio. Utility Design concise, with all the variety of functions represented virtually in one window and do not need to switch between multiple tabs. Several times we have described it in our reviews and in my humble opinion – it is ergonomically the best utility for managing audio device to the PC.

ASUS ROG Centurion Review gaming headset

The user sets of equalizer presets available in conjunction with features designed to improve both playback (Bass Boost, Voice Clarity, Compressor) and record (Noise Gate, Perfect Voice). The undoubted advantage is the fact that the intensity of these functions can be adjusted by the user. The software also allows you to enable diversified reverb (studio, theater, etc). Convenient mixer allows to adjust the volume of each channel of multi-channel systems.

It is necessary to note the presence of a useful function to export / import the saved user profile. This feature is for the device to the internal placement, of course, is not so urgent, however, allow a clear conscience to update the operating system without having to worry about the safety of carefully selected and stored in the sound driver settings.

The following basic settings are panel-activation plug-Sonic Radar. In the most utility, you can configure the appearance of “radar”, the transparency of its elements and the location on the screen. On a separate tab, you can change the keyboard shortcuts in which there is control of the utility functions in the game. Separately, you can configure exactly what the sound will be reflected on the radar: shots, timer bombs, as well as weed out the sounds of the frequency range. The usefulness of these functions, everyone will be able to assess for himself. It is worth mentioning modes Spectrum, which can be activated on the remote control. Yes, really focus on the steps or sharpened shots, but at the cost of distorting the other sounds. Perhaps eager to get an edge in the games at all costs, and it is suitable, but those who want to enjoy the whole sound picture, I think these modes will be left without attention.

ASUS ROG Centurion: Impressions of sound

We now turn to the immediate listening and evaluation of sound quality. Headphones were tested in several landmark projects in recent months, as well as classic online shooter. Also produced diverse listening to music and sound rating in films and serials.

I can say that the volume of the sound is indeed present, but that his stress is more finely adjust the volume of each channel. Ranking opponents also comes with sufficient accuracy. Thanks to a good elaboration of the bass and its mixture with high net effects, the sound of gunfire and technology are perceived perfectly.

The same situation happens in the movies. When properly configured, the amount is shown more clearly.

And playing music is unlikely to please audiophiles. Despite the high level of built-in sound control solutions and a Hi-Fi amplifier expressive positioning of the sound does not come out. Bass is, but the speakers do not pull its gain medium plastered with a very thin layer. High sufficiently detailed and elaborated, it is a pity they are often slaughtered and lubricate the implicit average.

ASUS ROG Centurion: Conclusions

Rebranding model Strix 7.1 and small changes in its structure, we have revealed the new leader of gaming headsets ASUS. Output in the ROG line apparently will free up space for a new stamp among Strix-devices without encroaching on the laurels of the unattainable ASUS ROG Centurion.

Of course, I would like to receive the device without compromise, getting the most high. And in many ways it is the owner and get a headset: high-quality game sound, excellent noise reduction, very good sound insulation and maximum comfort with a remote control panel to all cash sound. But small cons, among which a thick cable and stiffness headband not make themselves forget. Overall, ASUS designed a great product that we have tried to reveal in this review, as well as the decision is always up to you, dear readers.

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