ASUS MG248Q Review: new 24-inch gaming monitor standards

ASUS MG248Q Review: new 24-inch gaming monitor standards

ASUS MG248Q is a gaming monitor resolution of FHD 24-inch (61cm) size (1920X1080). The 144Hz gaming monitor gaming is a fundamental condition to ensure that they have the size you are looking for, among the largest consumers monitor and support a 1ms response time.

ASUS gaming technology to monitor apart from other gaming monitor, also features equipped. As you progress through the game 4 types of filter settings are available ultra low blue light which reduces the visual features of the game, optimized for the blue light plus the game features several helpful technologies and game genre has also been applied. Here NVIDIA 3D Vision, AMD will also support pre-sync. AMD is substantially pre-sync with the support of the Display Port to support an adaptive sink

ASUS MG248Q appearance of the ASUS gaming sensation took over the existing monitor yieoon and narrow bezel design on the overall appearance or 6mm super intact. This is a clean, masculine design with all the mulssin I can see the unique lineup of ROG gaming sensibilities as each alive.

The rear section of the ASUS MG248Q comes down to feel OK punggyeo gaming monitor. This is because ASUS product design team have designed ROG put the identity of the brand. Many opportunities to see the back of the monitor is only angetji may be feeling down in the back of the ASUS ROG down.

ASUS MG248Q Review: new 24-inch gaming monitor standards

FHD resolution, 144Hz output ports for operation is not much different from any other gaming monitor. The HDMI ports are version 1.4.

OSD button configuration was five guns. From above the 5-way joystick, OSD menu ON / OSD menu, exit / GamePlus a hotkey / GameVisual hotkey / monitor. The OSD menu can be manipulated more easily with OSD navigation joystick that supports 5 direction.

ASUS MG248Q: Display Widget to adjust the monitor with mouse click

For detailed adjustment of the monitor, but most have to rely on ASUS OSD buttons it is made to be easily set with the mouse over them in the program window. ASUS widget displays can be set directly to various parts of the monitor settings, such as direct gaming visuals and rotation or the default setting as well.

Sniper FPS games in which users play may or may not have a very detrimental sight to the melee. The crosshairs (Crosshair)’re available year round and can be selected for the respective cross cross-hair blue or green to select one of four different sight glass allows the game in progress.

ASUS MG248Q Review: new 24-inch gaming monitor standards

In addition, to support the counter function to measure the goal time to the RTS game. 10 minutes can be set between 30 minutes up to 90 minutes can be accumulated know-play time. When you enable the real-time mode of the game FPS counter is displayed on the screen is a screen refresh rate Lek detailed graphics options can be adjusted.

Game visual feature is the ability to optimize your monitor by using either direct select from a variety of preset picture mode that suits your game, your game work environment, work environment.

The game provides a preset visual landscape mode / racing mode / Movie mode / RTS, RPG Mode / FPS mode / sRGB mode / seven mode to user mode. Landscape mode, saturation and brightness range is automatically adjusted gotta seeing the great views and the overall backdrop optimized presets, FPS mode with RTS / RPG mode is more lively action to improve the color and clarity to ensure visibility in the dark the screen is bright and offers. In addition to seeing the movie mode and the graphic display to enhance the contrast and color saturation for the sRGB mode, and there is commitment to provide the best settings can be used to select as you wish.

ASUS MG248Q that catered to only the monitor is not operating at 144Hz take care of this game. The performance of the graphics card must support level will indicate that 144 frames the smoother gameplay. So, to enjoy the Overwatch level in the FHD resolution, a frame 144 degree do I need a graphics card performance?

ASUS MG248Q Review: new 24-inch gaming monitor standards

In order to proceed with the Overwatch least 120 to 140 frame-level graphics card performance it should be minimal over the GeForce GTX 970 over Radeon RX 480. CPU performance is also exert an influence on the performance of the different combinations, depending on the number usually there recently released graphics cards from the GeForce GTX 1060, Radeon RX 480 when you buy ASUS MG248Q about the performance of more than 90% will be used.

ASUS MG248Q: If you’re looking for a solid basic skills

Simply looked at the ASUS MG248Q. Overall, when compared to other gaming monitor inde saw not this product there is no particular advantage might be the product of water, rather than a special feature to organize products that are made to stick to the basics of gaming monitor their products.

ASUS MG248Q Review: new 24-inch gaming monitor standards

Personally gaming monitor should choose a few to consider using nyeonssik. Unconditional low-cost gaming monitor will be good to avoid mental health. Then the left to choose which of the major brands of monitors. ASUS gaming monitor is suited to consumers who wish to choose a product that differentiates among gaming monitor.

The stylish design ASUS MG248Q is also currently listed gaming monitor, performance and functionality are also the most advanced product in its class. That you can get the free warranty period of 3 years, it will be beneficial later on when you bump into disposable hand.

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