ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Review motherboard

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Review motherboard

Looking at some assembly enthusiasts, which are based on the motherboard form factor Mini-ITX, it begins to seem that the format for the day is no longer the benchmark for compact systems. Judge for yourself in this form factor are more and more high-end graphics cards and even liquid cooling system, and it’s not quite compact. And even if you get away from the section of enthusiasts almost all cases for Mini-ITX can not compete with the industry solution for the same type ASUS VivoPC.

In any case, if we are talking about a modular system that will collect the user in the case of the store, it is likely that Mini-ITX will still remain “baby” among full-size ATX solutions. Today, I want to introduce you to bleed the good motherboard for LGA1151 platform, it will be ASUS Maximus VIII Impact.


ASUS Maximus VIII Impact came to us in a compact package. Its design incorporated the familiar “red” design series of products Republic of Gamers. On the packaging there is a prominent name, list of specifications and features, technical information from the sticker with the serial number of the discharge.

Compact box, but the scope of delivery – extended. It includes:

  • User guide;
  • CD with drivers and utilities;
  • Fee FAN Extension and set its installation;
  • One sensor;
  • ROG-set of stickers and plaque on the door;
  • Four SATA cables;
  • Wi-Fi antenna module;
  • Plug housing;
  • Frame for the installation of the processor.

One set of chips is a plug-FAN Extension. It is designed for connection of additional fans. In the case of limited space on the PCB of the motherboard, this module becomes very relevant. With it, users can connect in the future to control the operation of the four fans and three thermocouples. Powering the FAN Extension is carried out using one MOLEX connector, and synchronization with the motherboard by means of another cable. All is good, but the track boards are not protected and are publicly available, so to the case in question the location of the module should be approached carefully.

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact: Design

Dimensions ASUS Maximus VIII Impact fit into the gold standard Mini-ITX – is 170×170 mm. However, there are two not quite the usual moment. Maximum dimensions in height formed no expansion slots, and additional cards and the power of sound. With their help, in two areas of the board increases the height of up to 45 millimeters. External registration Impact’a fits into the current line of ROG: red color to the presence of gray inserts, the main area of the PCB black.

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Review motherboard

On the expansion of the panel has a pair of off-standard components. Here I’m talking about full-length POST indicator, power button, reset, and reset and BIOS recovery. Otherwise, everything is very familiar:

  • One HDMI;
  • One optical S / PDIF;
  • POST-code indicator;
  • Keys Power, Reset, ClrCMOS and USB BIOS Flashback;
  • Four USB 3.0;
  • Outputs to connect Wi-Fi antenna module;
  • Three audio jacks miniJack;
  • One LAN-RJ-45 connector;
  • In one USB 3.1 (Type-C and Type-A).

The general layout ASUS Maximus VIII Impact, in more detail.

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Review motherboard

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Review motherboard

From the distinctive layout of moments can be called a specific arrangement of the modules power supply system and a sound path. It seems that the LGA1151 socket is slightly shifted to the upper edge with respect to similar boards.

On the reverse side of the board is a lot of binding elements. Note that there is only one Impact’te M.2 slot and it is used for the module ASUS Wi-Fi GO !. Those. installing the drive in this format is not possible. As a user M.2 drive for a moment I was confused absence of another connector. Himself Wi-Fi module provides operation modes WLAN 802.11a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth 4.1, support the MU-MIMO technology.

As on other boards generation ASUS Maximus VIII, thanks to a set of system logic Intel Z170, you can run a system based on Intel Core processor 6th generation (Skylake-S). To install RAM available two slots with a maximum frequency of 4133 MHz overclocking. To power the processor used 24 + 8 ligament, while they are on the same edge, which can simplify the laying of cables.

To implement the LAN connector uses Intel I219V chip, while the USB 3.1 controller Intel DSL6540. The battery is located on the remote connector and is attached to the panel elements that are already accustomed to this board form factor. In the region there are two jumpers with markings Slow Mode and LN2. The first provides the minimum frequency mode, the second gives you access to advanced set of stress – interesting.

To connect the drive has four slots SATA 6Gb / s, all of them are between the main memory and a slot for a video card. If you think connect all four drives, you can just plan a good bundle of cables in the field.

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Review motherboard

Connector board additional fans is screw-left corner of the board. By default, the two fan connectors available on board

Sound card is called the Supreme FX Impact III. It is attached to the main PCB via demountable connector, for fixing there are a couple of bolts. On the board itself we find Realtek ALC1150 chip and a decent set of binding.

But the power of the system board ASUS Maximus VIII Impact is not removable. She cast soldered to the circuit board with a plurality of “lived”.

To cool the heating elements used for the radiator type “bar” and a small bekpleyt. they dismantled if desired. Contact with cooling elements takes place by means of thermal spacers, clamp uniform.

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Review motherboard

Radiator fins will also be present. It seems that it is a little toy. However, given the number of phases, and in principle, its presence – questions disappear. Many analogues on Mini-ITX uses three or four phases and those without cooling.

The power supply system is represented by eight phases. They are controlled by the PWM controller Digi + VRM EPU ASP1405I. At the core of each phase assembly laid International Rectifier IR3553M.

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Review motherboard

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact: SUMMARY Experience in use

As in the case of the ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Formula I will not give screenshots maximum overclocking. It’s simple, using water cooling and without any blow on the ASUS Maximus VIII Impact scalped Intel Core i5-6600K again reached the frequency 4900 MHz. In this mode, the power system could work without the blower. Of course, the radiators were heated to about 70 ° C, but remember, it is almost the maximum acceleration on the water cooling. With daily use, I think, even in case the conditions are better;).

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Review motherboard

At the time of publication of the material, in the metropolitan retail, ASUS Maximus VIII Impact has been available for about 16,000 rubles. This is the most expensive option on the LGA1151 motherboard form factor Mini-ITX. At the same time, I can not call this price is not justified.

ASUS Maximus VIII Impact Review motherboard

In comparison, even standing next to competitors, they lose all the points from the number of SATA-connectors and ending with the power system. And I will not mention all the “chips» Impact’a that were identified in the review. In fact, ASUS Maximus VIII Impact – is the motherboard that allows you to collect the maximum charged system based on Mini-ITX. If you build it such that in the metropolitan retail counterparts, I simply do not find.

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