ASUS DSL-AC87VG Test and review: modern router

ASUS DSL-AC87VG Test and review: modern router

Today the market DSL-routers there are several major brands. It may be noted TP-Link, Netgear, ZyXEL, and ASUS is not far behind. Modern DSL-routers support all current standards as VDSL, VDSL2, ADSL2 +, and so on, so that the choice is not easy. In our test lab received a fresh model ASUS DSL-AC87VG module with high-speed WLAN, it will be interesting to hold it through our tests.

Of course, many users are not interested in what hardware is used to connect to your ISP – they just get “box” in the contract. But as a rule, the range of functions of such decisions is poor, and many popular services is simply not supported. This is why experienced users prefer to buy their own router, as they get the freedom of choice of a suitable model, and will be able to enjoy the full range of features.

But let me go to the router ASUS DSL-AC87VG. ASUS new model tried to imagine a router with full functionality. It combines DSL-modem with support for all modern standards, fast WLAN network and the advanced user interface.

Below we will consider in detail the hardware and software.

ASUS DSL-AC87VG Test and review: modern router

ASUS DSL-AC87VG: Hardware

Most routers are located close to the entrance of the Internet connection in the house or apartment, so manufacturers do not pay special attention to the appearance and design. But in recent years the trend is changing, instead of a simple “gray boxes” manufacturers produce some very interesting solutions. Below we look at just the body ASUS DSL-AC87VG.

ASUS DSL-AC87VG has dimensions of 193 x 87 x 317 mm, so it is not a compact. Directly motherboard inside the body usually has a small size, but producers have to think of a place for the antenna inside the case, what is also needed space. Antenna must have a certain length and must be located in a desired orientation with respect to each other. Such an arrangement allows the use of modern technologies such as beamforming.

The router is completely enclosed in a black case, but from the front panel, he has a fabric texture “under carbon”. As a result, the DSL-Router looks pretty stylish.

The front panel contains LED with signatures, a total of 11 pieces. They indicate working status, modes, DECT and the WLAN, connectivity and active analog telephones, a connection to the Internet, connect the USB-devices and an Ethernet port activity. LED in the case of ASUS DSL-AC87VG blue light, which can not please everyone.

All interfaces are located on the rear panel. Since all cables out the rear of the router, they can be easily hidden. USB-ports are also available at the rear. ASUS does not include wall mount, so the back do not have any holes.

ASUS DSL-AC87VG Test and review: modern router

Let us look at interfaces in more detail. For DSL-router, of course, requires an interface DSL line, that is, after a telephone cable splitter. ASUS makes supplied the appropriate cable. The guide details how to connect the router to the Internet.

Pay attention to the two USB ports. The first of the two ports operating at speeds of USB 2.0, so it can be used to connect, for example, a printer, if you want to make it network. The second port belongs to a high-speed standard USB 3.0, so it is suitable for other scenarios. ASUS mentions the possibility of the installation of so-called USB applications, for example, DLNA media server or a simple Samba network storage. Installation clouds AiCloud also possible, data which can be stored on a USB-drive. If you want to add a backup connection to the Internet, this possibility also exists – just connect the USB-modem. The router will automatically switch to it, if the wired connection will stop working.

Of course, ASUS DSL-AC87VG can be used for other Internet connection options in addition to the DSL-Modem. In this case, an external modem connected via the blue Ethernet port, and then the router ASUS will distribute Internet to internal clients. In addition to the WLAN at the ASUS DSL-AC87VG there an Ethernet switch at a speed of up to 1,000 Mbit / s on four ports. Analog phones or facts can be connected via two sockets RJ11. Appointment slot power and reset buttons clear title. On the right you can see the on / off button.

ASUS DSL-AC87VG Test and review: modern router

On the left panel of the router there are three buttons that can be used to connect DECT and WLAN devices. DECT button is used to interface the DECT devices. WPS button performs the same function for WLAN devices. Finally, a third button turns on / off the WLAN.

WLAN network is found everywhere today. To connect multiple wireless devices, from laptop to tablet and smartphone and set-top box. Therefore, every user is interested in a fast and reliable connection WLAN. ASUS DSL-AC87VG supports operating range of 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. If the 2.4 GHz band provides maximum coverage radius, the standard 5.0 GHz provides more bandwidth. In the case of ASUS DSL-AC87VG speed WLAN 2,4 GHz declared to 600 Mbit / s with the 802.11n standard. 802.11ac standard delivers up to 1.733 Mbit / s in the 5.0 GHz range – of course, if the client also supports this standard.

ASUS DSL-AC87VG Test and review: modern router

Encryption ASUS DSL-AC87VG provides standards through WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK, are all to be expected. To improve the quality of communication, you can connect four external antenna. But the work is possible without external antennas. With antennas ASUS DSL-AC87VG reaches a speed of 1.733 Mbit / s, so that in front of us one of the fastest WLAN routers.

Another angle ASUS DSL-AC87VG side. body depth is 87 mm, which is not so little. As we mentioned above, ASUS does not include wall mount.

ASUS DSL-AC87VG Test and review: modern router

ASUS DSL-AC87VG: Software

Of course, for the DSL-router is important not only hardware but also software stuffing. If you need only the basic functions, you can take any router. But demanding users useful and advanced settings, and additional installation wizard. Below we describe the software ASUS DSL-AC87VG.

ASUS On the first page provides an overview of the functions. Here are the state of the main device services can be determined, there is a problem or not at a glance. You can check the status of the connection to the Internet and connected devices, information networks and WLAN status of hardware resources such as CPU load.

Of course, you can go to a variety of settings. When you first start the setup wizard asks to change the SSID and WLAN password. We went through all the stages of the master, it really covers all the basic settings. Other settings, for example, VPN, or IPv6, you can manually add later.

ASUS DSL-AC87VG Test and review: modern router

there is a parent mode that allows dosing Internet access for selected devices only at specified intervals in the general settings. There QoS Traffic Manager, which is imposed in the general settings, although many other routers, it is hidden in a submenu. There is also support for Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, that have long been part of everyday life for many users communicating through data files services. AICloud 2.0 allows you to configure a private cloud. To do this, you must first install the drive into the router, then set up a user account. Then, to the cloud can be accessed from any device, such as a smartphone or tablet, except that you need to install them on client AICloud 2.0.

In addition to cloud service ASUS provides a so-called USB applications, which can be controlled also via Asus DSL-AC87VG shell. These include a network manager or download manager that can independently download large files on the drive connected to the router via USB, without using a computer. ASUS also allows you to connect USB-modem, which will be activated in case of a wired connection to the Internet fails. Of course, the modem must be installed SIM-card with the current tariff plan. Also, it does not interfere to check the compatibility of USB-modem to the router before you start the USB-application.

DECT Handset Settings relatively simple. Of course, you can use the DECT-phones of any manufacturer. First, you need to pair DECT-communication and router. On your phone, you must start the process of finding a base station, and then press the DECT button on the router. The tubes can be assigned numbers. Phone book stored on the router will be available on mobile devices.

ASUS DSL-AC87VG Test and review: modern router

If you connect multiple devices to them, you can bind the individual rooms. If you are worried about radiation DECT devices, you can activate the Eco mode, as well as an encrypted connection. You can also disable dialing certain numbers. What it is useful, for example, for parental control. International calls can also be limited or blocked. The ASUS DSL-AC87VG integrated answering machine function with the usual range of functions.

In the advanced settings, users can deeply affect the operation of the system. Additional options available for WLAN in two bands of 2.4 GHz and 5, including the transmit power. Wired LAN settings are hidden in another menu. You can configure the DHCP-server, specify the routes, as well as customize IPTV.

WAN settings allow you to make any necessary connection to the Internet option. Here you specify the exact type of connection, if it is not set previously through the setup wizard. You can configure the backup connection through the same USB-modem. You can block specific ports or allow them access only to certain ports. Supports and port forwarding. If you want access to the router from the Internet by not changing IP-address issued by the ISP, you can configure the DDNS service. At ASUS DSL-AC87VG pass option available through the NAT VPN tunnels.

Many providers have started to give IPv6 addresses to their clients. They slowly but surely replaced by a limited address space of IPv4. At router ASUS DSL-AC 87VG has IPv6 support for the internal network, as well as for the Internet. You can configure the various service tunnels.

At ASUS DSL-AC87VG you can configure different types of VPN. Available PPTP and OpenVPN.The software shows the basic information about the settings, so that the problems should arise. You can configure the protection against DDOS attacks on the firewall level, and the block number of requests from the WAN port.

Finally, the software offers the usual administrative functions. You can set a password to access the router’s interface, as well as perform firmware update. If your router running an older version of the firmware, the software will recommend the upgrade. We also recommend that you update the firmware as newer versions contain bug fixes and security breaches. A separate setup option, you can save the router’s settings and recall them as necessary. You can reset the router’s settings. Of course, the magazine is available in which the fixed state of the DSL-router, and possible problems.

In general, our conclusion about the software ASUS DSL-AC87VG quite positive. Many manufacturers of network equipment supply their products is very confusing interface, providing not all the options, but ASUS is not so. All settings are located in their place, easy access to specific functions and menus. Here, of course, the ASUS is different from the set of routers smaller Asian manufacturers.


Of course, the router performance is critical network connections. On Gigabit Ethernet ports of any we have found limitations, performance has always been at the highest level. Another question is whether you 110 MB / s at home or not needed. But ASUS DSL-AC87VG always provides an excellent level of performance. No less interesting is the question WLAN performance. Here, we performed measurements using a MacBook client, copying 1GB of data and measuring speed.

WLAN Throughput (theory)

Although the ASUS DSL-AC87VG and promises speeds of up to 1.733 Mbit / s, but such bandwidth can only be achieved with the appropriate customers. We used a MacBook generation 2013 with it a theoretical throughput of only 300 Mbit / s.

WLAN Throughput (practice)

Of course, the speed is more interesting in practice. And we obtained small distance throughput to 17.7 Mbytes / s. As the distance and number of obstacles bandwidth predictably reduced.

Like all modern routers, ASUS DSL-AC87VG allows you to connect external hard drives or USB-stick. Data on them can be accessed over a network. A wired Ethernet connection we have transfer speeds up to 18.2 MB / s via WLAN from a short distance – 13.5 MB / s..

Of course, we tested WLAN-routers with higher speed, especially a pair of client and router the same manufacturer. Only in situations such devices reach a high transmission rate by using, inter alia, and MIMO technology.

The advantage of MU-MIMO devices can be called not only increase capacity but also the simultaneous operation of multiple devices at high speed. A practical example from the life of the editor: download a large file, running on a laptop. At the same time via AirPlay from your smartphone on the AppleTV is transmitted 1080p video stream. Older routers are not presented such a scenario realistic. But ASUS DSL-AC87VG we did not encounter any problems. video output stream smoothly and without jerks, file downloading continued at high speed.

ASUS DSL-AC87VG: Conclusion

Many users get the routers at the conclusion of the contract with the provider, but the range of functions of these solutions is very limited, as well as performance. Therefore, it is reasonable to purchase routers separately, when there is the opportunity to choose the appropriate model and functionality, and speed.

The router ASUS DSL-AC87VG just refers to such models. In our tests ASUS DSL-AC87VG proved itself convincingly. The router supports all DSL technology, the same goes for network functions and WLAN. Novice users will setup wizard, all the rest – a vast menu of options. There is also an illustrated manual which explains the connection cables. The Hardware is quite modern, except that the high speed of the NAS ASUS DSL-AC87VG not expect. There still remain the best alternative to dedicated NAS.

Router design is very interesting. ASUS chose a black body with a protruding antenna. On the front panel adds a nice imitation of carbon fiber. Of course, many routers are installed in a closet or a corner of the room, so their appearance is not so important. But if you want to install the router in the center of the apartment, in order to achieve optimal coverage the WLAN, stylish design can be very useful. It is a pity that the ASUS DSL-AC87VG not accommodate wall mounting.

About DSL connection is nothing special to say, as well as the quality of DECT. We conducted tests ASUS DSL-AC87VG in Germany with DSL-connections of 50 Mbit / s via Deutsche Telekom. There are no problems we found. The data transfer rate was the same as with other DSL-routers. Through DSL, we easily achieved the promised rate. Unfortunately, we did not have the technical capabilities to test VDSL-connection of 100 Mbit / s. Voice quality DECT identical to other modern routers with support for DECT, for example, FRITZ! Box. There conduct any tests are problematic. But the voice quality has improved markedly in recent years, as can be seen on the ASUS DSL-AC87VG.

Software is also pleased us, because ASUS interface for the better is different from many competitors who continue to equip their products confusing and outdated interfaces. The user is unlikely to be confused for additional functions, as they are carefully distributed across submenus. ASUS gives you the interface is not worse FRITZ OS from AVM, although some improvements have not prevented -! Responsive Design, for example. As the functionality we get parity with the AVM, contains all the necessary settings on the firewall to port forwarding and VPN. However, professionals may not have some features.

It remains a question of price. In Europe, you can compare the AVM FRITZ! Box 7580 and ASUS DSL-AC87VG, the latter is worth about 200 euros , 100 euros cheaper top model FRITZ!

Advantages ASUS DSL-AC87VG:

  • Support for the latest DSL standards
  • Simple but stylish design
  • An expanded set of network functions
  • Support for VoIP
  • Fast wireless network

Disadvantages of ASUS DSL-AC87VG:

  • The user interface would not prevent some improvements
  • Low speed USB-drives
  • No Suitable for wall mounting

Source: asus

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