ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

Today we review ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 motherboard.


More recently, the announcement of the updated platform Intel LGA 1151 – to replace the processors came Skylake model Kaby Lake, which marked the arrival of the next-generation Intel. Of course, this event coincided with the release of new chipsets. There were no surprises: the dialing system logic has increased a hundred, and small changes are more modest evolutionary.

the announcement itself was quiet, but almost immediately a large number of different motherboards and many models of processors appeared in retail. For acceleration has traditionally been submitted version of the CPU with the index «K», but in order that they may be disperse, it requires a motherboard chipset with the letter «Z». However, to this we have become accustomed. And because the processor socket is not changed, the compatibility with the previous CPU saved. You can use the new processor chipset 100 series, and CPU Skylake on new motherboards (but in the first case it is necessary to update the BIOS).

Virtually all manufacturers presented motherboards on the new chipset. But in this case, from the look of previous versions is little left. Fortunately, developers assemble additional decorative panels, unsolder multicolored LEDs and updates controllers. However, if you compare the specification, it is difficult to tell at once, that’s changed. Often it turns out that the functionality remains the same, and well, if this does not change the price.

It is believed that it is the company ASRock democratic famous for their products prices.Earlier, on the way to universal acceptance and popularity, it was. Now this brand is in line with ASUS and MSI, successfully competing with them on the market. And it is hard to believe that at one time this company was established as a subsidiary of ASUS. After only ten years, she managed to enter the top three sales of motherboards. The secret of success is considered to be the low cost models in good quality products.

But now, the quality of products from all manufacturers about the same, as evidenced by the warranty period, so it is not surprising that prices are aligned, and the components are often used the same. However, similar in functionality ASRock motherboard is often cheaper.

Following the previously tested motherboards ASUS ROG Maximus IX Formula, MSI Z270Gaming M5 and ASUS ROG Strix Z270F Gaming we study the model, which is a new line of Fatal1ty Gaming and offers optimum functionality at a modest price for its class. Let’s see what has changed in motherboards from ASRock to a new generation.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6: Packaging equipment

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

Packaging innovations appearance reminds me the considered earlier motherboard ASRock Fatal1ty X99 Gaming i7. By the way, in the new series, based on Intel Z270 chipset model ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming i7 is the top.

Formed then design style continues to evolve. The last time it was pleasant to me, and now I will not deny it.

The box is large, and therefore provided top plastic handle for easy carrying.

Of course, there are differences in the design and it is most noticeable in the front. In the background is now present the letter «G», which embodies a series of Gaming.

What about favorite Fatal1ty, do about it completely forgotten? No. This logo emblazoned on the top left corner. Underneath we can see the logo of the manufacturer and model name in the center.

At the bottom is a group of icons that tells us about the support of various technological solutions. Especially fun to see here logos “friends” of the company Intel, like AMD and Nvidia. Three of these logos may cause cognitive dissonance with anyone who even remotely familiar with the world of computer “iron”.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

This is what I like the ASRock, because it is not afraid to bring together what is difficult to imagine a time. It reminded board ASRock ConRoe865PE, which is supported by Intel Core 2 Duo processor, AGP bus, and DDR memory type.

Let us now look at the back of the packaging.

Here, already, regardless of the brand, marketers assign his soul. From above, we again see the name of the motherboard and its tiny picture, and below shows the two arrays inserts describing the technical solutions.

First we have a sound. What modern gamer motherboard can be good without the integrated audio codec?

The mere name of good to hear: Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 3. Again comes the nostalgia, and I remember my first sound card Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 (CT4500) has an ISA interface.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

But in this case it applied Realtek ALC1220, but from Creative is only one name. Although, looking ahead, we have to admit that the sound actually turned out good. This is followed by mention of AURA RGB LED technology.

Something familiar? Yes, there is not even renamed the technology, which was used by the ASUS previous generation. In fact, this light of everything RGB LED, connector for RGB LED strips and appropriate program to manage the economy. In the last generation devices ASRock such a function was not, but because it came from all the competitors, it is simply unreasonable to keep up with them.

Following is a description of another new-fangled trend.

This frame slots PCI-e x16 special steel cover. I have already mentioned, that has never been faced with the problem of breakage PCI-e x16 graphics card slot severe. The most difficult it becomes when it is put on a glass of nitrogen. Then the card can weigh 5 kg, but with the stand is in the horizontal position and the pressure in the slot is carried out only inside. And any damage I have never met.

Next we are told that there are two Gigabit network adapters from Intel.

This is an excellent solution that enables call charge is not just a game, and universal. For gamers and home use two adapters are not always necessary, but for the creation of a workstation or a server entry-level can be useful. And what happened to Killer? Indeed, there is a charge from the manufacturer ASRock Z270 Killer SLI, but there is also used an Intel network adapter.

Following mentioned that there are two ports Ultra M.2.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

It supports all operating modes: SATA, PCI-e, ACHI, NVMe and even Intel Optane. Of course, the two are better than one, but even one M.2 drive still have to buy.

Personally, I recently became a “happy” owner of Toshiba OCZ RD400 and I can say that the difference with ordinary SATA SSD drive is only in the figures on the screen and check the store. Model Samsung NVMe SSD 960 Pro on the same 512 GB worth even more expensive, and is comparable in price with the Core i7-7700K processor, the Intel.

Then comes another interesting feature.

The board is used in exactly the same clock, as well as on the ASUS models Pro Clock technology. Here it is called Hyper BCLK Engine II. This feature allows for flexible overclocking the CPU BCLK bus. Excellent! And now the bad news: You can do all this with a CPU with unlocked multiplier, and the modified BIOS to normal yet, and likely will not.

By bus overclocking experience (on other boards) should be noted a number of other features. Part of the functions of the processor stops working. For example, I did not work the AVX, energy-saving features and behaved properly monitored, because of what the fan constantly worked at 100% speed.

What else is on the reverse side of the box? The mention of the presence of USB 3.1, the bridge HB SLI graphics cards specifically for the 1000th Nvidia series rear panel connectors image with captions and specification of new items. It is time to open the box.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

On top was a colored cardboard sheath, and the box itself with a pen hidden inside. In appearance it is unremarkable.

It opens on the handle side, and as soon as we can see from the top delivery.

After his seizure find a cardboard tray, which serves as a separator.

the motherboard itself is hiding under it. It is packed not only translucent mirror antistatic package, but also secured to the tray of foamed polyethylene.

Among the information carriers can be found the following:

  • Quick Installation Guide (Manual);
  • Software Setup Guide (program management and utilities);
  • Postcard with company logo;
  • DVD disk with drivers and software for different operating systems;
  • The sticker on the body with ASRock logo.

These are the accessories are supplied.

  • Four cable SATA 6 Gb / s;
  • One hard Nvidia SLI bridge;
  • Three screws (two for M.2 drives, one for the wireless adapter (not included));
  • The plug on the rear panel.

At first glance, a set of modest, but now this sin all manufacturers, so it is not surprising.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6: Design and features

Let’s look at the motherboard, while it is still in its soft tray. You may notice that the corners of the model is fastened with plastic ties directly into the mounting holes.

Before us is a full-size ATX motherboard format. Dimensions of its classic and is 305 x 244 mm.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

Red and black color scheme looks familiar. Yes, and the plastic panel on the left side we have become accustomed.

Conspicuous framed steel PCI-e x16 slots, but such innovation is also not surprise us, as they met in the last generation of motherboards. It can be noted on the red dye in the upper layer where M.2 drives installed.

All labels on the PCB made pale gray. It looks nice, but when you want something to read, begin complexity.

The plastic casing makes the right novelty prettier and provides additional rigidity. This can be very useful, because the motherboard bends and it is necessary to act carefully.

The surface of the PCB black matte. On the reverse side elements are virtually absent, since all housed in the front.

Power on the motherboard is supplied through the primary and secondary connectors ATX scheme 24 + 8.

This formula is already familiar and assumes that the user has already acquired the appropriate power supply. What is the minimum? It seems to me that it is 450-500 watts, while the overclocked system with a single graphics card on the cheap 450W PSU is not stretched.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

For the type of DDR4 memory modules are four black slots. Experienced users will quickly realize where you need to first put the strap, but beginners will be in difficulty.

Signatures are, but they are very hard to see. I think it’s time to stop doing the emphasis on appearance and turn to face the user, allocating slots in a different color. If there alone slots were black, and other dark gray, it does not fundamentally worsened the appearance and information content would be increased.

The manufacturer declares support modes DDR4 2133/2400 (2666/2800/3000/3200/3300/3333/3400/3466/3733/3866 (overclocking)) MHz with a standard voltage of 1.2 V, which can be increased. The maximum allowable amount of 64 GB is achieved by installing four modules to 16 GB. These strips are not uncommon and are sold freely, however, the price of them bite.

CPU Power performed on dvenadtsatifaznoy scheme, obtained by doubling.

Each phase has to pair transistors SinoPower SM4336 and SM4337, and one super ferrite inductor.

The main PWM controller chip can be found here Intersil ISL95824, which provides a 4 + 2 phases.

Capacitors solid capsule. They are wired closest to the socket.

In the center of the board is the controller clock frequency IDT 6v41642BNLG, which is part of the technology ASRock Hyper BCLK Engine II.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

The heat from the transistors must take two radiators. However, before being dismantled, it is necessary to remove the plastic casing on the left.

It is attached by means of four small screws from the back side. There are special holes in order to circumvent the higher elements on the board.

In the field of audio codec provided with the inscription translucent plastic window Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 3. In another part of the housing is a group of RGB LEDs. Here we see a cable to which they are connected to the special socket on the board.

After removal of the panel board looks less pretty.

But now you can get to the radiators. Both are made of aluminum alloy and painted red.

Furthermore, they are joined together with a heat pipe of 6 mm in diameter, which passes through the radiator in special grooves. As the thermal interface used termorezinka white. Fixing is effected by means of four spring-loaded screws from the back side.

The upper radiator can be seen the inscription with the designation of the chipset. Ribbing weak, but even when the system is in acceleration, they are warm, but not hot. Another radiator removes heat from the chipset.

It is also made of aluminum alloy, but this time painted black. On top there is a red inlay and label and ASRock Fatal1ty. As the thermal interface where you can find a square black termorezinku about 1 mm thick.

Fixing is effected by means of two spring-loaded bolts from the back side. A skew protection provided two special cushions of a soft material, but they are glued to the board.

Here we can see another array of RGB LEDs on the perimeter of the heat sink’s location. And here is the set of logic Intel Z270.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

It’s no secret that at the Intel Z270 fact, H270 and B250 – it’s twins, but with a different functionality.

What is new compared to the Intel Z170? Increased the maximum number of lines HSIO c of 26 to 30, who went on an additional four lines PCI-e Gen 3. add support for Intel Optane technology. Here, in fact, that’s all. In my opinion, it is very modest for the assignment of the next index.

As regards support for storage, there is integrated into the same controller on six SATA 6 Gb / s. Motherboard manufacturers sometimes expand opportunities. That is the same situation. eight ports displayed sideways.

Two of them are implemented by a separate controller ASMedia ASM1061, which we have already seen many times. Of course, there is support for various RAID modes.

Furthermore, two Ultra M.2 type connector provided on the board. They operate in SATA mode and PCI-e. Both realized the chipset. There is support for one more modern USB 3.1 interface.

Two different types of ports are on the rear panel. This time they are realized by a separate controller ASMedia ASM2142, which is wired together.

Preserve and support USB bus of previous generations. The rear panel has a four-port USB 3.0.

A further four USB 3.0 are implemented in two blocks. They are wired close to c main ATX power connector.

Next to wired USB 3.0 hub ports in the form of chips ASMedia ASM1074.

Three USB 2.0 blocks placed along the bottom edge of the board. They should provide a further six USB 2.0 ports.

In the lower right corner there is a connector for buttons and housing indicators.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

Nearby you can find two BIOS chips and LEDs that indicate on what is currently running.

Even here you can see a dual seven-segment display for load and initialize POST-codes, COM port and the fan connector or LSS pump.

To the left of the bottom edge is a connector for the TPM and three pads USB 2.0.

Next we see two connector interface Thunderbolt 3. Then soldered a small connector for RGB LED strips.

Left housed jumper ClrCMOS, XMP switch and connector front-panel audio.

On the left edge of the installed audio codec, which is closed by a decorative plastic cover, but we have removed it.

The audio codec, though called the Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 3, presented by chip Realtek ALC1220.

Near soldered three RGB LEDs and chip operational amplifier Texas Instruments N5532.

Above on the left edge of the chip are two Gigabit Ethernet controllers Intel I219-V and Intel I211-AT.

Accordingly, at the rear of the two RJ-45 port. Once the board has two buttons Power and Reset, which are located in the upper right corner.

The motherboard ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 six expansion slots, three PCI-e x1 and three PCI-e x16.

The first from the right is not limited, which means that it is possible to install long expansion cards. Because now even these connectors receive PCI-e line of the third generation of Intel Z270 chipset.

Slots PCI-e x16 framed special steel screen, which is designed to protect them. Lower slot PCI-e x16 hardware is limited to x4 Gen3, as provided by the chipset. From multi-graphics technology supports both SLI, and CrossFire.

Personally, I like this arrangement of slots as you can install two graphics accelerator trehslotovoy cooling system. And on top there is one PCI-e x1, in which you can install a discrete sound card or an additional controller.

For the second latch from the top PCI-e x16 I hid the I / O controller and system monitoring Nuvoton NCT6791D slot.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 Review and test motherboard

Wi-Fi module is not present, but a special connector M.2 (key E) provided for him in 2230 to set the type of cards.

On the following interfaces are located on the back panel.

  • One connector USB 3.1 Type-A;
  • One connector USB 3.1 Type-C;
  • Four USB 3.0 connector;
  • One video output HDMI;
  • One video output DVI-D;
  • One video output D-Sub;
  • One PS / 2 connector to connect a mouse or keyboard;
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 connector;
  • Five audio connectors of type minijack;
  • One optical connector S / PDIF Out.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6: Specifications

Supported processorsIntel Celeron G3, Pentium DC G4, Core i3, i5, i7 sixth and seventh generations of the Socket 1151
System bus frequencyDMI 3.0 (8 GT / s)
system logicIntel Z270
RAM4 x 288-pin DDR4 DIMM, dual-channel mode,
up to 64 GB at a frequency of 2133 (2400/2666/2800/ 3000/3200/3300/3333/3400/3466/3733/3866 ( overclocking)) MHz
expansion Slots2 – PCI-e x16 Gen3 (x8 + x8);
1 – PCI-e x16 Gen3 (x4 );
3 – PCI-e x1 Gen3
Multi-GPU SupportCrossFireX, SLI
SATA / RAID Support6 x SATA 6.0 Gb / s ports – Intel Z270; RAID 0, 1, 5, 0 + 1, JBOD;
2 x SATA 6.0 Gb / s ports – ASMedia ASM1061; RAID 0, 1;
2 x Ultra M.2 port – 2 x PCI-e x4 Gen3;
Support M.2 SATA / PCI-eYes Yes
Net1 x Intel I219-V;
1 x Intel I211-AT
AudioRealtek ALC1220 – 8-channel HD audio codec
USB 2.06 x USB 2.0 (Intel Z170)
USB 3.04 x USB 3.0 (Intel Z170);
4 x USB 3.0 (ASMedia ASM1074)
USB 3.12 x USB 3.1 (ASMedia ASM2142)
System monitoringNuvoton NCT6791D
Motherboard PowerATX 24-pin, 8pin ATX 12V
Connectors and rear buttons2 x USB 3.1;
4 x USB 3.0;
1 x PS / 2;
2 x RJ45;
1 x HDMI;
1 x DVI-D;
1 x D-Sub;
5 x 3.5 mm Jack;
1 x Optical S / PDIF Out
Proprietary technologiesASRock Ultra M.2 (PCIe Gen3 x4);

ASRock Hyper BCLK Engine II;


Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 3;

ASRock Full Spike Protection;

ASRock Cloud;

ASRock APP Shop;

ASRock Formula Drive;

ASRock Disk Health Report;

ASRock USB Key;

ASRock APP Charger;

ASRock X series OC;

ASRock XFast LAN;

ASRock XFast RAM;

ASRock Full HD UEFI;

ASRock Instant Flash;

ASRock Internet Flash;

ASRock Crashless BIOS;

ASRock OMG (Online Management Guard);

ASRock System Browser UEFI;

ASRock UEFI Tech Service;

ASRock Easy RAID Installer;

ASRock Easy Driver Installer

Dimensions in mm305 x 244
Form FactorATX.


ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6: BIOS Features

With the new generation of ASRock Motherboard BIOS graphical shell has undergone minor changes. Moreover, these functionalities are not changed, it continues to work comfortably and simply. All menus are intuitive, overclocking is easy, especially given the special preset.

The only thing I was used to, and what I always lacked – is a demonstration of the list changes before exiting the settings menu. Perhaps this interesting feature of the manufacturer ever add to the firmware of the models.


Testing motherboard ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 was conducted as part of the following configuration:

  • Motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6, version BIOS 1.10;
  • Processors:
  • Intel Core i7-7700K (4200 MHz);
  • Intel Core i7-6700K (4000 MHz);
  • Cooler: Noctua NH-D14;
  • Thermal interface: Gelid GC-Extreme;
  • RAM: G.Skill DDR4 3200 MHz, 2 x 8 GB;
  • Video: ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 980 Ti 6 GB (1114/1203/7012 MHz (core / boost / memory));
  • Storage SSD:
  • Samsung 850 Pro 256GB;
  • Toshiba OCZ RD400 512GB;
  • Power supply: Seasonic SS-1000XP, 1000 W;
  • Dashboard: Zalman ZM-MFC3;
  • Housing: Corsair Graphite 600T.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6: Test

In the process of testing used two different processors: Intel Core i7-7700K and Core i7-6700K. The overclocking potential of the first is unknown, besides, he has not scalped. Second stably clocked at 4.8 GHz with air cooling.

When we first met working the motherboard did not cause any complaints. And so I decided to fully explore the technology ASRock AURA. To do this, you need to download and install special software, which is called the ASRock AURA RGB LED.

In it are a few items of settings that allow you to manage not only color, but also different effects. Regulated even light intensity.

Regarding the effects, they are quite diverse. For example, color changes depending on the temperature of the CPU.

See it all interesting, but the most important thing is that the color can be configured flexibly. Then I proceeded directly to the testing of new products.

First, it was decided to check the availability of latest version of BIOS. It was not, and so I left it at that. First motherboard to start up with the default settings.

They have been passed all the tests, and then came the turn of acceleration. I was not very lucky, but I was not selected with a copy of the poster of the processor, but just got the first hit. In addition, the tested board is not designed for extreme overclocking, so the results were weak.

With this in mind in the case of RAM I limited only XMP mode.

It is difficult to say what was the cause of the weak acceleration: BIOS Firmware crude, the motherboard itself or a bad model of processor. With this we have yet to understand and evaluate the test results yet.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6: Performance and thermal conditions

Testing ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 conducted in Corsair Graphite 600T housing with an open side wall, at room temperature of 24 ° C in the following modes:

  • ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6, Intel Core i7-6700K (4000 MHz), Memory 2133 MHz timings 15-15-15-36-2T, ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 980 Ti;
  • ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6, Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4800 MHz (48 x 100), the memory of 3200 MHz timings 14-14-14-34-1T, ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 980 Ti;
  • ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6, Intel Core i7-7700K (4200 MHz), Memory 2133 MHz timings 15-15-15-36-2T, ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 980 Ti;
  • ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6, Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4800 MHz (48 x 100), the memory of 3200 MHz timings 14-14-14-34-1T, ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 980 Ti.

The tests were conducted under Windows 10 x64 operating system (version 1607), were run five times, then the selected average values.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6: Integrated audio

Audio codec presented chip Realtek ALC1220. Listening was carried out using the headphone Sennheiser HD201, Zalman ZM-RS6F and acoustics Microlab Pro 1.

The sound quality is no serious raises no objections. The sound is very clean, even at maximum volume levels. In addition, I tested the integrated audio using RMAA program and got the following results.

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6: Conclusion

To summarize. ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 – excellent universal board with optimal functionality and support for all modern interfaces. Among its advantages – an interesting design, great function is realized RGB LED backlight and a good, but not perfect workmanship. complaints on my part is only a thin printed circuit board, but it is critical only when you frequently install or dismantle. And if you put together a system for a long time, this nuance can be forgotten, moreover, the situation makes a decorative plastic panel, which gives extra rigidity. The rest no problems with the board or with its operation during testing have arisen.

Model ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 can be found in retail for ~ 13 000 rubles. Expensive? All, of course, relative, but, in my opinion – no. For example, the new processors Intel Kaby Lake – i7-7700K and i5-7600K – much more expensive. And if you do not need acceleration, should confine chipset is easier to stay on the Intel B250 or B150, and the Intel CPU without the free multiplier. On this basis, the price can be considered reasonable. On the other hand, competition also did not miss: MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon and ASUS ROG Strix Z270F Gaming are approximately the same, and almost did not lag behind in terms of functionality. So everything will depend on the specific wishes of customers.

Many people are now worried about another issue: whether to proceed with the Intel Z170 on Intel Z270? But it is easy to answer on their own, because of significant differences in functionality they have. Even the previous model in the Intel Z170 provide support for all modern interfaces including Ultra M.2 (PCI-e x4 Gen3) and USB 3.1 (in the Intel Z270 also no built-in support only USB 3.0). And what Intel Optane support? Despite its presence in the new chipset, the prospect of the development of this technology is not fully clear, and say it is too early. Fortunately users vengeance master M.2, although most still choose SSD with SATA interface 6 Gb / s.

Source: asrock

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