Arslab Classic 1 Review bookshelf speakers with two speakers

Arslab Classic 1 Review bookshelf speakers with two speakers

According to the results of auditions and measurements we liked Arslab Classic 3 outdoor speakers, so the initial testing Arslab Classic 1, have also been of great interest. What had, and whether it had, to sacrifice to create a budget speaker?

Arslab Classic 1: characteristics

Let’s look at the characteristics of the dry figures. Arslab Classic 1 – 2-way Bookshelf Speakers with two speakers in the acoustic design phase inverter with a reproducible frequency range of 50 Hz – 22 kHz, sensitivity of 87 dB and a nominal impedance of 6 ohms. Dimensions Speaker – 180 × 320 × 290 mm. After opening the box and release the speaker from the package (such as thorough as the older brothers of the company), once born the nickname: the kids. It finally sformirovyvaetsya after installing the speakers in a large room next to the large polochnikami, workers in the basic system test.

Arslab Classic 1 Review bookshelf speakers with two speakers

But the mass of the speakers were pleasantly surprised, it is as much as 7 kg, and tapping on the body reminds the sound of hitting the piece of wood, which theoretically implies the absence of overtones body when listening. Great reflex port on the rear panel must ensure that no overtones of the air passing through the port. By reflex port, a pair of impressive speaker terminals.

Corpus columns assembled accurately, in the manufacture of a crossover method used surface-mounted wires with a diameter of one millimeter. Established Danish coil Jantzen, Mundorf polypropylene capacitors and components under the brand Audiocore.

Tweeter size was larger than that of many larger speakers who’ve tested: it is a fabric dome with a diameter of 30 mm, and placed it in, we can say, shout, only very short. In the center looking solid midbass with a 5.5-inch cone impregnated cellulose phase equalizing installed bullet. Both speakers are made by Wavecor, component supplier for many audiobrendov. The body is decorated with natural veneer – is rare in this price range. There is a version with speaker housings finished with black piano lacquer. You can install grills, reaching complete if you wish. In general, the speakers look very harmonious, functional, no frills, but at the same time is not rustic. Workmanship is at a height.

We verify that the audio quality. Listening to speakers in a large room, with the usual volume and at a distance from the listening position to the speaker 4 meters caused only one question: and these “kids” on the right? For insurance warm up speakers at medium volumes. Immediately noteworthy that the speakers act out the entire palette of music, not conceal nuances already a small volume, they should not be “rock”. In principle, this and expect from “kids” – sound good on the volume, far from extreme. It is surprising that the effect remains not only in the near field listening, but at a distance. High frequencies are very comfortable, but not smoothed. No hissing, lisp, or cramps. Lack of bass can be felt only in comparison with outdoor speakers for polochnikov he surprisingly palpable and dense, and the bass sound legibly and accurately. Midrange balanced, any failures related to the linking of the two speakers, reduce or increase the return on FI tuning frequency or near the body resonance heard.

Arslab Classic 1 Review bookshelf speakers with two speakers

With the increase in volume increases the surprise: no negative changes in the sound is not observed. The dynamic characteristics of the “kids” are impressive. sound scale grows, keeping up with the volume. Distortions can not be heard, even in the tutti classic works. Bass sounds perceptible distortion in the low-frequency range. The drums in a rock style, especially in the classical works, of course, do not have the depth, the inherent sound outdoor speakers. Trying to sound trifonike. Docking with a pair of subwoofers (each loaded on your channel) well failed when installing crossovers at 50 Hz Sabah, which was slightly above the usual settings for large polochnikov. The sound was firm, the missing bass foundation was obtained, and the setting was universal for all styles.

Testing as part of a multi-channel system is not updated impressions. With the support of the subwoofer speakers fit perfectly into the home theater.

Arslab Classic 1 Review bookshelf speakers with two speakers

Arslab Classic 1: Conslusion

So, apart from the need to prop up the subwoofer speaker when working in a large room not found any flaws? I was looking for them for a long time, but could not find it. If you do not take into account the size of the room in which the test was carried out, the larger speakers sound larger scale, but not always as air. What ever it was not possible to identify the genre orientation Arslab Classic 1. Each column-style live show, enthralling, with a wide sound stage and outstanding dynamics. No obvious defects – overtones reflex port, housing, distortion at any frequencies at high volume, stall “a mess” – have been identified, indicating that proper engineering approaches, there is no saving on the body, the speakers and components and well tuned speakers.

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