Arctic Z2-3D Test and review: desktop mount for two monitors with USB hub

Arctic Z2-3D Test and review: desktop mount for two monitors with USB hub

Arctic provided a very interesting desktop mount Arctic Z2-3D, which allows you to set workplace two monitors space-saving. In our review we will look at the solution and try it in practice.

If you need to install on Desk multiple monitors, then under them will have to take a lot of space. Especially in large monitors, the base covers a large area. In addition, to achieve optimal orientation of the panels is not easy. If you want to push the monitor closer to the user, you will have to lose even more valuable space on the desktop.

Therefore, the market is very popular brackets are designed to mount multiple monitors. Model Arctic Z2-3D Arctic not only offers to compactly mount two monitor, but also comfortable to customize the dashboard thanks to the spring mounts. Finally, the bracket has a built USB hub on four ports. For your kit Arctic asks the very reasonable price of about 110 Euro.

Arctic Z2-3D Test and review: desktop mount for two monitors with USB hub

Arctic Z2-3D: Assembly

Arctic Z2-3D comes in a fairly compact box, the bracket is disassembled. But nothing is broken. If you have experience assembling furniture, and the bracket is Arctic Z2-3D you can handle it without problems.

All steps are well illustrated, you can understand without problems. All screws are sorted in separate bags. But the supplied tools are not included. However, the screwdriver and hex wrench for sure are on hand the majority of users.

Arctic Z2-2D support the installation of displays with a diagonal maximum of 27 inches. If you want, you can assemble the bracket with only one mount for the monitor, and the second added later. Moreover, to disassemble the bracket for the upgrade is not required, simply set the mount on the main mount.

Installation begins with the mounting bracket Arctic Z2-3D to the desktop, all the other steps a lot easier. Before installing you should decide whether you need a monitor mount with two hinges, or you can do only one hinge. Of course, the mounting of the monitor with two hinges takes up more space in depth, but it makes more sense because it provides maximum configuration flexibility.

At a relaxed pace on the Assembly takes about 30 minutes. And so it happened in our case, the individual stages of the Assembly shown in the gallery below.

Arctic Z2-3D Test and review: desktop mount for two monitors with USB hub

Arctic Z2-3D: In work

For the mounting Arctic requires a countertop made of solid or particle Board/fiberboard. Lightweight boards made of cardboard are not supported. On the Arctic site provides illustrative examples.

The mount bracket is small in comparison with the usual racks of monitors, it takes up much less space. Especially if you will install two displays. Arctic supports attachment of monitors with VESA standards 75 and 100. In our tests we used the VESA mount 100 x 100 mm.

We used two monitor LG 27UD68-W, we will soon make a detailed test. Two 27-inch models support 4K resolution, thanks to the narrow framework they are perfect for multiple monitor configurations. Weight monitor is only 4.6 kg, so the load on the bracket is small.

In our tests we checked the configuration with one hinge and two. The second option is not always necessary, especially if you do not plan to change the height of the panels. But if you need maximum flexibility to adjust, for example, to zoom in/out panel, and arrange them at different angles, it is necessary to install two hinges. But if you plan to use the displays away from the front of the desktop (depending on width of displays) to ensure the free space at the table, which will move the hinged.

Arctic Z2-3D Test and review: desktop mount for two monitors with USB hub

Articulated in our tests securely holds displays, configure the location of the panels is very easy even with one hand. Of course, you will receive the most ample opportunities of adjustment of ergonomics. For example, the panel can be tilted in the range between 45° and rotate 360°, and the second display can be used on a nearby desktop. Similar adjustment possibilities are more than welcome, if you monitor how our LG 27UD68-W, has no height adjustment. Basically, if you plan on buying new monitors, then the possibility of using Arctic Z2-3D you should consider from the beginning. In this case, you can choose a less expensive monitors with limited options to adjust the ergonomics.

In the base of the bracket integrated USB hub, which provides three ports on the front and a fourth port is on top. In practice, it is very convenient. You can conveniently connect USB sticks and external hard drives, and also charge your smartphone.

Arctic Z2-3D: Conclusion

Overall, Arctic Z2-3D well-designed solution that allows you to free up space on the desktop, as well as providing additional adjustment. In the daily operation of the bracket shown themselves perfectly to adjust the position of the display very easily in a given position, they are held securely. You can flexibly customize the panel under the workplace with minimal effort. Built-in USB hub is also very useful, especially if you have to plug in a USB stick.

Assembly bracket the problem is not in the scope of delivery includes detailed and well illustrated instructions. Everything is simple and clear to be mistaken difficult. After assembling the Arctic Z2-3D gives the impression of reliability. But you should make sure that the top is quite durable.

If you need a clever solution to free up desktop space and flexible configuration of location of the monitors, we recommend you to look attentively at the Arctic Z2-3D.

Source: arctic

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