New Apple Watch 3: in what difference?

apple watch 3, new apple watch in 2017

Hether there is a difference between Apple Watch 3 and 2?

Against the background of smartphones of the eighth generation and anniversary model with the X index the smart Apple Watch 3 looks very blankly. The wearable electronics which received the name Apple Watch Series 3 did not introduce anything new in respect of design.

However, without additional and enough interesting functions, of course, were not. The smart watch Apple Watch Series 3 looks exactly the same as Apple Watch Series 2. Tags in the form of a red circle on Digital Crown castor at the Cellular version became an exception. Apple Watch 3 – best in 2017!

apple watch 3, new apple watch in 2017

Kupertinets decided not to introduce changes in stylistics absolutely, having concentrated all attention on improving of the hardware component. Acquisition of this version for the sake of an upgrade of Apple Watch Series 2 seems very doubtful step. The integrated LTE module became “counter” of Apple Watch Series 3.

He will allow to use the smart watch as the independent device without synchronization with the smartphone. Wearable electronics from Apple are capable to replace phone for the period of morning jogs or occupations in the hall now.

new apple watch. apple watch 3

You can stay in touch without iPhone in a pocket, continuing to make calls and to respond to incoming calls by means of a gadget on a wrist. At the same time the separate SIM card for the smart watch is not required to you. For Apple Watch Series 3 the virtual SIM duplicating number of your iPhone is provided.

Times of clever devices change…

The antenna role in Apple Watch Series 3 executes… display. The non-standard technical solution justified by need for saving overall dimensions of hours taking into account extension of their functionality. If to ring on Apple Watch Series 3 — still that doubtful pleasure, admirers of Apple will hardly refuse to have access to musical services through a LTE network for audio striming from Music Apple.

apple watch 3 series, new apple watch 3, apple watch 3 red button

Yes, the built-in flash drive in Apple Watch Series 3 did not get to anywhere, however its volume it can appear insufficiently. LTE connection is intended to compensate the shortage of the place for audio archive providing with quick access to the freshest hits of the world of music.

But the main thing what it is not necessary to take in couple to Apple Watch rather bulky smartphone complicating the active pastime anymore! The basis of the Apple Watch Series 3 model was formed by the W2 dual-core processor providing a gain in productivity to 70% in comparison with the former version. The W2 chip “will loosen tongue” to the digital Siri assistant, having trained it in voice responses instead of gloomy silent text messages.

apple, apple watch 3, apple watch 3 series

The list of the built-in modules contains Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, a sensor for measurement of a warm rhythm and a new barometric altimeter in addition to a former set of standard sensors. The watchOS 4 operating system to which up-dating will quit on September 19 appears the interface of the Apple Watch Series 3 model.

Apple Watch Series 3 is offered in the following color executions — with the silvery casing, with black and in “rose gold” option. It was not also without Nike version of a gadget.

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