Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: two-eyed power in the old design

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: two-eyed power in the old design

Not long ago, Apple has begun to respond to market trends and began to increase the size of their smartphones. The first sign was the iPhone 5, but a marked increase in the screen to get an iPhone 6 (4.7 “) and the iPhone 6 Plus (5,5”).

Since then, in addition to large models Plus display one – two additional functions. This year, Apple has created a number of good reasons, that instead of a miniature iPhone users chose the iPhone 7 Plus.

The review is to find out, extra RAM and a large battery if dual camera indeed, provide such a significant advantage over the conventional model.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Equipment:

  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus;
  • EarPods with plug Lightning;
  • Lightning adapter with a 3.5 mm headphone jack;
  • AC adapter;
  • Lightning-USB cable;
  • instruction;
  • Safety notice;

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Design

The design of the iPhone 7 Plus Apple used the design elements of previous smartphones, and took a chance and made a completely new and bold changes, aware of what the consequences might be.

Differences between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s Plus Plus is easy to detect. Among the most notable changes in the new camera module on the back of the unit, it is extended to accommodate additional sensor.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: two-eyed power in the old design

Then his eyes to notice the new super unobtrusive antenna line iPhone 7 Plus. At least, they will no longer stand on the back of the smartphone, but instead hidden behind a pair of smooth lines on the top and bottom device.

Updated and front part, as the familiar physical button “Home” is replaced by a new solid-state component. Externally it is similar to its predecessor and continues to contain a fingerprint scanner Touch ID. But now a new “button” does not move when it is pressed.

To create the impression of an old physical button, Apple enlists the aid of a set of sensors that measure the force pressing and modernized Taptic Engine, which creates a “click” when you press the “button.” Even with adjustable haptic feedback level, the element does not behave like its predecessor, but easy to get used to it, and after a while there a feeling that the way it should be.

Location buttons remains the same as in the previous two years, but change the placement of the ports, since Apple removes the 3.5 headphone jack.

The physical dimensions and shape of the iPhone 7 Plus coincide with the iPhone 6s Plus, but the weight has decreased from 192 to 188 grams.

At this time, the company has added new color versions: discreet matte black and “black onyx” with a glossy effect. Gold, silver and rose gold color are still available, but removed a dark gray. The review presented iPhone 7 Plus matte black, glossy hard enough as find.

Finally, Apple, officially dubbed smartphones this year as its first waterproof models: they are protected against water and dust according to IP67 certification. Waterproofing is not harmed design iPhone 7 Plus. But it is necessary to take into account that the company reported that over time may deteriorate protection against water (wear seals and components), and exempts itself from any responsibility for warranty service associated with the hit inside water.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: two-eyed power in the old design

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Display

Although all the headlines about Plus can touch dual camera, an element that determines the name, is a 5.5-inch display. He remains the same resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels. As with the smaller model, modernization touched brightness.

According to the company, the screens iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus received the same update: Increase the brightness to 625 nits and a wider color gamut, capable of more accurately reproduce a wide range of shades. In some tests, the brightness of the iPhone 7 Plus has turned out 670 nits. This high brightness can be obtained by automatic tuning manually exhibited only 570 nits.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Functionality

iOS 10 appeared on Apple devices before the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus. The new OS drastic changes affected Messages application: add stickers, text effects, new, expanded set of emoji and included a manual mode of writing. Some may complain about the severe complication of a simple text communication, but in the world of many applications loaded with additional non-standard features, Apple need to move in this direction in order to stay in the trend.

3D Touch settings have been expanded, new lock screen widgets, of Siri became connect to applications from third parties, and have exchanged the usual apps: Maps, Music, Photos and News. On the basis of the company created the Night Shift mode Time to sleep (Bedtime), to instill habits of users to healthy sleep.

Specific innovations for iPhone 7 Plus does not. No function or application does not specify the 10 iOS, but with plenty of small varied and well-executed changes hard not to love the new update from Apple.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: two-eyed power in the old design

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Processor and memory

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus installed a new quad-core 64-bit processor A10, which has its own name Fusion. Various tests show performance increase by 20-40% compared with iPhone 6s, and although no significant changes graph, the trend is clear.

Among the notable advantages over the iPhone 7 Plus 7 in addition to the new iPhone camera and a bright display has an additional memory: in the standard model 2GB, while considered – 3 GB.

Currently, the contribution of additional RAM is not felt, it may become significant in the near future, but for now enjoy the benefits of 3 GB of RAM, users must open up multiple applications at the same time.

Both smartphones in the tests show almost identical results, a difference associated with a lot of memory and the need to reproduce the image at a higher resolution. Performance does not play a significant role in the selection model.

Smartphones now have versions with 16 GB of non-volatile memory. The entry-level machines memory capacity is 32 GB. Additional memory significantly increases the cost of iPhone version with 256 GB for a hundred dollars more expensive version with a 128 GB, which is in turn a hundred dollars more expensive 32GB version. However, the smart phone in the color “black onyx” is only available with 128 or 256 GB of flash memory.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Communication

As for the supported mobile technologies, then the iPhone 7 Plus it’s all right, he even managed to significantly increase the maximum data rate for LTE Advanced with 300 to 450 Mbit / s.

In reality, such a high speed, you do not receive, because it depends on the capabilities of the mobile operator and the number of users trying to simultaneously connect to your network.

Traditionally, for the Apple smartphone in the device slot to a Sim-card.

Photo on iPhone 7 Plus

Photo on iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Camera

Many iPhone 7 Plus fans give him a preference for the big screen, but include additional features have also advanced camera features. In previous generations, such bonus was optical stabilization. Now it is present in both models, but the iPhone 7 Plus two 12-megapixel camera module. The second camera is a telephoto lens, which means that for the first time on the iPhone has an optical two-fold increase. For further approximation of objects you can use the digital zoom.

Photo on iPhone 7 Plus

Photo on iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Photo Quality

As with a normal optical zoom, in mode, doubling the pictures do not lose detail. Although Apple stabilization system helps to reduce the effect of shake and vibration, a small change in the location of the camera varies the area of the frame capture.

Sad to say, but not all features dual cameras are ready for launch, the promised effect bokeh is currently only available in the beta version of iOS 10.1. OS is coming soon, but it is worth considering that buying a smartphone, will have to wait a bit when the function will be available to all.

Photo on iPhone 7 Plus

Photo on iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus, as in the model at the main camera aperture f / 1.8 (at telephoto f / 2.8). This means sharper photos of moving objects and in low light conditions. Camera systems upgraded, and now it has become more complex and consists of 6 elements. Together with optical stabilization and high speed shooting, provided aperture lens, made it easier to take clear photos. Here are a few examples of the photo:

If additional light received by the camera due to the larger aperture is not enough, Apple offers its super outbreak of the 4 LEDs. It gives more light and a special system which determines flicker, helps neutralize unfavorable lighting conditions, making the images evenly illuminated.

Like the iPhone 7, at the front-facing camera resolution increased from 5 to 7 MT. She, like the main camera, gained a wider color gamut and increased the maximum video resolution of up to 1080p.

The optical zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus is not an invention of the bicycle, but opens a new page in the creation of smartphone photos.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Video recording

When you record video using optical stabilization and Apple software algorithms, and although the video can not be obtained as when using a stationary camera, strong shake not spoil the picture more.

As with the smaller model, Plus when shooting video pros felt high-aperture lens and an extended range of colors, you can also use the optical zoom. The software allows you to change the zoom in the middle of the video.

The camera shoots at a maximum resolution of 4K (30 fps). Below is an example of the video on the camera in Full HD with a frame rate of 60 per second.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Multimedia

Apple has made a big step in terms of multimedia features iPhone 7 Plus. Let’s start with the basic changes, instead of the 3.5 mm headphone jack into the smartphone features include EarPods, equipped with connector Lightning. Apple is not the first went on this way, but its decision to remove the headphone jack shook the entire industry. The difference in the sound of the new EarPods headphones and old analogue models is negligible.

For owners of older analog headphone set includes an adapter that works even better than the built-in connector in the iPhone 6. The only negative – it’s easy to lose. The replacement cost is less than $ 10, but do not want to have an additional accessory for which you want to monitor.

Other audio news – the device finally gets stereo headphones, but in an unusual arrangement. Habitual speaker bottom combined with a conventional speaker for calls. The sound of the two speakers felt the difference, they do not have enough balance. However, the new duo loud enough to substantially louder for its predecessor iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Call quality

The overall sound during a call loud and clear, small problems can arise if at the other end shindig or a low level of network signal. Because Plus sizes, with him not so comfortable to make calls as with a smaller model, but the call quality is quite good. A new feature in iOS 10 allows you to block calls from unwanted contact or at the wrong time.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Battery life

iPhone 7 Plus Battery has changed significantly, with its capacity of 2750 mAh in last year’s iPhone 6s Plus increased to 2900 mAh. However, a larger battery does not mean a longer battery life. In reality, performance is almost identical to the iPhone 6s Plus.

The reason is that Apple equipped the iPhone 7 Plus upgraded faster processor, which will consume battery power more quickly. I would like to see a real increase in battery life instead of increasing the capacity of the battery, which compensates for greater energy intensity of other innovations.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Conclusions

With the advent of iPhone 7 Plus select the model of the iPhone has become more difficult than ever before. Fans smartphones larger, probably not plagued by doubt and the choice is obvious, but the others have something to think about.

Today, dual camera’s value is not as distinct, but with the advent bokeh effect function could all change. Another advantage of the model, an additional gigabyte of memory, too, is not so significant, and it is unlikely to have a major impact on the purchasing decision.

It is worth noting that Apple is doing things that do not like a priori users, for example, removes the headphone jack. The consequences of such a decision is difficult to estimate, since it is necessary to determine whether the adapter is justified inconvenience of wearing headphones with a battery, or have to buy headphones with built-in Lightning.

Ultimately, iPhone 7 Plus has shown that the company is not afraid to take risks. Suppose that some changes are ambiguous, others do not reach their full potential, but the smartphone has led the company to a new level.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Benefits

  • incredibly bright, high-resolution display;
  • optical zoom;
  • great design, despite the increase in the camera unit;
  • powerful processor A10 Fusion.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Disadvantages

  • Not all features available with dual camera smartphone launch;
  • Plus model for some users is still very big;
  • you need to get used to the lack of a headphone jack.

Source: wired

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