AOC Agon AG352UCG Review Curved monitor on MVA

AOC Agon AG352UCG Review Curved monitor on MVA

To begin with, the monitor AOC Agon AG352UCG was introduced in November last year and then it had the CX index and different from the model certain characteristics. And, most importantly, the gadget is called the ideal product for casual gamers, casual word added for a reason.

For professional gaming or some competitive disciplines monitor it fits very poorly, since the curved array, and its type do not give you that gives some TN monitor with a response time of 1ms. But if you play some games in single or multiplayer, where victory can not be solved in a split second, then this monitor will bring a ton of fun thanks to its diagonal, curved array, and other bonuses.

And the price AOC Agon AG352UCG is about $1000 – for that kind of price tag is quite adequate food, most competitors will cost you even more.

AOC Agon AG352UCG Review Curved monitor on MVA

AOC Agon AG352UCG: Specifications

To begin with, that the diagonal of the monitor screen AOC Agon AG352UCG is 35 inches and it is just a huge diagonal you want to put a certain distance from the user. If you sit too close, then you have to drive a lot of eyes and they will be tired, so read about it. Inside the monitor is installed NVIDIA G-Sync technology for vertical synchronization and work with your computer’s graphics card.

If you have a powerful enough computer, then play a certain kind of food it is impossible, without such a chip, the image breaks in the way. The display resolution is 3440 by 1440 pixels. As you know, the monitor not only for games but also for watching movies fit perfectly, thanks to the relationship of the parties. And, of course, games have to collect a little more powerful computer, because such a solution requires four times more resources than FullHD.

AOC Agon AG352UCG Review Curved monitor on MVA

AOC Agon AG352UCG: Design

In terms of the appearance of monitor AOC Agon AG352UCG we liked at the time of the announcement, and the moment. He has quite an elegant stand, which is, nevertheless, very stable keeps the monitor on the desktop and does not allow him to stagger or fall. The foot, which keeps all this beauty, is also quite compact and thus gives you the ability to tilt the monitor and stuff like that.

Frames from top, right and left of the display are minimized, it looks really cool, and for lovers of style it will be a great gift. Below it is also the logo of the game Agon line, and below, on the brink, is light. Monitor looks just gorgeous.

AOC Agon AG352UCG Review Curved monitor on MVA

AOC Agon AG352UCG: Features

To begin with, the monitor AOC Agon AG352UCG received MVA matrix, which is characterized by excellent color reproduction and viewing angles. Monitor sends sRGB palette at 100%, and the contrast is 2000: 1. This excellent performance even for working with photos or video, not to mention the colorful game projects. Brightness is not impressed, just 300 cd / m2, but if you are playing in the room monitor to the side window, the problems with the brightness will not have, believe me. On the monitor housing has USB 3.0 port, but rather they are even two, as well as HDMI and DisplayPort for connecting to your computer.

AOC Agon AG352UCG: Conclusion

As I already said, the approximate price AOC Agon AG352UCG is $ 1,000. As for me, this is a great cost for such a product, because she diagonal of 35 inches gives you a lot of use of it – you can watch movies, work with photos or video, play, work with documents. Throw in a curved MVA matrix with outstanding color and get a cool solution for all occasions. And, of course, in the game screen itself does smartly shows, it has everything a gamer needs.

Source: aoc-europe

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