AOC AGON AG271QG Review gaming monitor

AOC AGON AG271QG Review gaming monitor

Not so long ago to the gaming monitors gave all monitors with a minimum response time of the matrix. Today there are many solutions designed to deliver gamers a competitive advantage over an opponent with a more primitive monitor. Monitor AOC AGON AG271QG, one of the most advanced and feature-rich gaming monitors on the market, we will consider in this review. Designed in the military style, strictly and originally. The creators did not seek to make another superaggressive alien appearance gadget; AOC AGON AG271QG more like, uh, a device for industrial collection of frags.Simple, reliable, neat, as a military technique. Originality and sense of style developers not refuse.

AOC AGON AG271QG: Features

The screen resolution is 2560 x 1440 WQHD. In the era of development and promotion of 4K, it would seem, is limited and a compromise solution, but do not forget that AOC AGON AG271QG gaming monitor. He adapted to the card with the highest values of the fps, and what resolution is higher, the harder the graphics card to shortchange staff. To give more than a hundred fps in the latest games can only the most top-end graphics card, and even then, perhaps in harness with a few like myself, and after optimizing drivers for the game. In short, 4K cinematic format rather than games.

The 27-inch today is considered optimal. The standard distance of a meter from the player to monitor the image on the screen occupies almost the entire field of view, but the player doesn’t miss a thing.

It is widely believed that for better immersion in the game world it would be nice to have a monitor with a diagonal of more to even information from peripheral vision came from the monitor screen. This, of course, great, but only in exchange for the dip, you risk missing important visual information. What remains on the periphery of your vision, your opponent right before your eyes. In games with a PvP component, the advantage will always be a player who prefers to keep everything under control.

AOC AGON AG271QG Review gaming monitor

The matrix installed in AOC AGON AG271QG better suited epithet “superspeedway”. AHVA-matrix, such as in AOC AGON AG271QG, by far the best for gaming monitors: fast as TN, but with the colour reproduction and black depth as IPS and excellent viewing angles. These monitors can be used not only as a gaming or multimedia at home, but even for professional work with images.

Why gaming monitor professional color? The black depth, high contrast, and the variety of colors will allow better highlight the silhouette of the enemy against the rest of the picture.First and foremost this is true for first person shooters like Counter Strike or Battlefield and other war games, where the enemy is disguised and tends to merge with the landscape (tanks, yeah).However, as practice shows, and in MOBA and MMORPG, even in strategies such monitor with AHVA-matrix in large-scale skirmishes convenient to understand what is happening or to track a specific purpose in the thick of things.

Pay attention to the one practical point. Pure gaming monitor – a thing relevant is that in the gaming club, which with the growth popularity of online tournaments getting smaller. Home for computer need a versatile monitor. Even if the films in the house only look at the TV, and the photos no one handles and looks at the monitor, there is another stream, gameplay videos games and videogayd, as well as articles with photos like this. And just websites on a professional monitor look a lot better.Thus, the color reproduction is the most important thing, even for a monitor a gaming PC.

Matrix AOC AGON AG271QG pleases the eye not only beautiful and informative image, but also record high-speed performance. 165 Hz the refresh rate of the frame means that the monitor is able to display 165 frames per second, vs. 60 Hz in most gaming speed TN-matrices, and even against 144 Hz at most, the top gaming monitors of the recent past. Physical support supplied a lot of high fps gaming technology. About them below.

Let’s move on to special technologies. The update frequency of 165 Hz is particularly useful, thanks to technology NVIDIA G-Sync. Recall: graphics card with support for G-Sync tells the monitor to the output frame immediately after the frame it is formed. The result is no dropped frames and, as a consequence, jerks, podlahoviny image, the additional falling the actual fps, delays with input and other troubles smaller that met gaming monitors without support for the new NVIDIA technology.If you haven’t had a chance to verify this personally, believe me – in shooters, especially eSports like CS:GO and Overwatch, smoothness and precision of sight increases very much. In games of other genres, where it is important to promptly and accurately poke somewhere, the mouseover effect is also significant. By the way, G-Sync increases and the actual fps value.

AOC AGON AG271QG Review gaming monitor

Another technology well-proven and found in gaming monitors of different brands under various names, here called Ultra Low Motion Blur. Motion Blur is the trail, the blur of the object moving. In many ways, this blur effect is due to the work not the monitor, and eyes. The technology ULMB – the alternation of informative frames with a picture of empty black, which reduces the influence of the inertia of the retina, and the image becomes clearer. Also the use of this technology reduces eye strain.

Unfortunately, Ultra Low Motion Blur cannot be used simultaneously with G-Sync. When you enable this function, the screen refresh rate is fixed at 60 Hz, so we get 60 Hz V-Sync + black frame for every other frame. This is unlikely to be useful in shooters such as CS:GO or strategies, but in sports simulations like FIFA 17 or fighting games where you need to position the cursor, but to quickly identify the movements of the enemy characters at speed, using ULMB, it may be more useful than G-Sync.

Another well-known technology in the monitor AOC AGON AG271QG – Flicker Free, uniform illumination of the matrix without PWM flicker. If you dripped in the eye “visine” or ever sit through the computer to dizziness and nausea (headaches), so you know what you intended to deliver the technology Flicker Free. At least it is able to increase the time of stay harmless at the computer.

AOC AGON AG271QG equipped with two designed to improve the quality of the game technology. More specifically, filters for image processing. They are called Game Color and Shadow Control. Game Color makes the colors more contrasting and saturated. This helps, for example, it is better to locate the enemy or to distinguish from other background essential to the progress of the game elements.Especially strong effect is in shooters, when a “professional” graphics settings, and calling a spade a spade, mackinsie – most lightweight, simple textures, tailored to the enemy downright “shone” among the entourage. The downside to filter Color Game – stronger (fast) eye fatigue.

Effect Shadow Control serves the same purpose of detection of the enemy. In this case, as the name implies, hiding in the shadows. Working as a kind of compressor, strengthening weak variations of shades, the effect compresses the contrast and brightness on the dark parts of the image, allowing you to better distinguish objects in the dark, while not changing the overall brightness and contrast.

AOC AGON AG271QG: Summary

As you can see, AOC AG271QG AGON – the most powerful gaming monitor, with a record refresh rate, excellent picture quality, the optimum size of the diagonal and excellent ratio quality/price. For the top-end device, the price is quite modest.

Perhaps the downside can count the lack of support for 4K, although it depends. First, the decision to limit the format WQHD and helped to keep the price at a gentle level, and second, the 4K format is still the multimedia and not gaming, due to the extreme load on the video card and even the system graphics cards.

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