AMD GPU Vega: will be presented this year’s first graphics card

AMD GPU Vega: will be presented this year's first graphics card

Regarding the future high-end GPU Vega were new rumors. The source of the resource became WCCFTech, although the information is not always acknowledged. Apparently, AMD is still present high-end graphics card this year, although the company’s previous plans did not specify this, as well as the statements of top managers.

But first things first. Resource WCCFTech learned that AMD will introduce Radeon RX 490 in December. And the graphics card will be available also in the current year. This alone is contrary to earlier information that appears on the new cards to GPU Vega. According to AMD’s plans, yield maps planned no earlier than the beginning of 2017. The head of Radeon Technologies Group, Coduri Raja (Raja Koduri) also commented that this year the new “iron” for gamers no longer appears. Also rumors (which turned wrong), that AMD will introduce GPU Vega 10 HBM2 memory this year for professionals, and at the conference Supercomputing 2016 presentation solutions will be carried out.

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There are also other information regarding GPU Vega stages of development. In mid-June, AMD announced the first test chips (tape out) GPU Vega 10. That is, the development is now complete, is setting up chip manufacturing – and it is well within the AMD plans. Polaris Polaris 10 and 11, got its name after the step of tape out. The first crystals of two GPU Polaris, if we believe AMD, came out in November and December last year. And six months later appeared video card Radeon RX 480, 470 and 460 on the dual-GPU data. If GPU Vega development stages 10 are the same as the time intervals between them, the graphics chips to come GPU Vega 2017 at the beginning of the year – which coincides with AMD plans. Earlier there were rumors that the video may appear in October, and now, in December 2016.

The technical specifications as defined WCCFTech, somewhat confused. Video Card Radeon RX 490 should provide a sufficient level of performance for games in 4K. And the memory bus to be wider than 256 bits. The video card Radeon RX 490 two GPU Vega 10 or Polaris 10. Price will be used Radeon RX 490 will be close to the GeForce GTX 1080. Previous rumors said about 4,096 stream processors, and memory using HBM 2nd generation capacity of up to 32 GB. But the important thing here is that the GPU Vega will have a new architecture called GFX9. Inside AMD architecture is called Polaris GFX8, architecture and Hawaii – GFX7. Computing performance GPU Vega 10 will be 12 TFLOPS single precision. A power consumption – up to 225 watts.

In December last year, AMD invited a few journalists in the United States and showed the first results of the development of Polaris. But AMD is only carried out a comparison of the effectiveness of Polaris graphics card with GeForce GTX 970. Later at the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show AMD today announced additional details. It can be expected that about GPU Vega, AMD has similar plans, the company initially will share the information with the press. And how much of this information can be published – it is still unknown.

But, perhaps, we come too skeptical. Suddenly, AMD surprised everyone and will present later this year high-end graphics card based on GPU Vega? Although we do not believe a fairy tale…

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