AMD released first engineering samples of processors Zen

AMD released first engineering samples of processors Zen

There is still no information when AMD will launch a new generation of processors Zen. However, CPU design, it seems, is progressing as anticipated in circulation were pre-production models. This is the so-called engineering samples, so the clock frequency and power consumption of the final model may change by the time of their release.

According to our colleagues from Anandtech, in circulation there are four different versions of the Zen processor. Two of them belong to the Opteron series and are designed for servers, while the other two – for the desktop segment. The first desktop CPU has four cores and can handle eight threads simultaneously. Heat package should be 65 watts, and a platform for the CPU will be the new socket AM4. The second model is equipped with eight cores can process up to 16 threads, and its TDP of 95 watts. Both processors must operate at a base frequency of 2.8 GHz, and Turbo mode – up to 3.2 GHz. During the idle speed is lowered to 550 MHz and power – 2.5 W and 5 respectively.

Zen Server processors will total 24 or 32 cores. Their TDP will be 150 and 180 W, respectively. Information about the clock speeds are not available for the Opteron processor.

The performance of individual cores of new CPU should be on the level of Haswell. As already mentioned, it is only experimental model, so to specifications and performance information should be treated with caution. Probably, to find out whether AMD will be able to again become a Zen architecture, the Intel competitor, obtained only after the official presentation and performance tests.

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