Acer Liquid Z630S Review Android smartphone

Acer Liquid Z630S Review Android smartphone

Today we have review Acer Liquid Z630S. It comes in a cardboard box of medium size. The design is quite simple, but it does not take away from yourself.

On the reverse side you can find a brief mention of the technical specifications and legal information.

There is a sticker with more detailed information.

Acer Liquid Z630S Review Android smartphone

Inside expect the following accessories:

  • Charger;
  • Cord MicroUSB;
  • Stereo headset;

Nothing superfluous, everything is strictly business.

Stereo headset is quite simple, but it is equipped with silicone pads so that it is convenient to use. Unless of course, the size of the suit.

The charger is large and has a vertical orientation.

It gives the output current of 1.35 A at 5.2 V. When using the charger with output voltage of DC 5.0 V, the charge process may be delayed.

Acer Liquid Z630S: Appearance and design

The smartphone is currently on a promotional film, so the screen during transport must not be scratched.

The casing is collapsible, it is made entirely of plastic. The corners are quite rounded, and the back cover has a streamlined shape.

Acer Liquid Z630S Review Android smartphone

Plastic here has the texture “under the metal”, but it looks not very authentic. But the reliability of the grip it does not cause concerns. Despite the impressive thickness of the device, to keep it relatively comfortable. Case color available only the one in the photos, but the color chrome edging can be Golden.

The smartphone has curve decorative element, so that the device looks stylish. There is no accounting for tastes, of course. All hardware keys are in the right. The other side does not contain any elements.

The MicroUSB port is at the bottom, and located on top of the AUX output. The smartphone supports charging other gadgets through its port, and there is support USB OTG.

At the top of the device we were met by an earpiece decorated with the chrome grille round shape, a standard set of sensors and front camera. Proximity sensor doesn’t always work correctly, but the light sensor performs its functions properly: brightness changes smoothly, with little delay.

There is also a bi-color LED indicator. The brightness is low, but viewing angles leave much to be desired, as the led is too deeply recessed into the case.

The rear of the PV panel consists of a modest lens and led flash. Below is the microphone.

Safety glass is hidden behind a plastic rim.

Call speaker is on the back, it has a simple tide as protection from fading. Since the grille is quite wide, then mute it really easy.

Keys are part of the body, so to replace them with a lid will not work. They have noticeable backlash, but pressing pretty clear, with a pronounced reverse impact.

The navigation keys are part of the screen so that the bottom panel is fully occupied by the company logo.

Under the hood we will find the classic layout: two slots for SIM cards and one slot for a memory card.

Such a large width for the diagonal of the screen due to the thick frame around the display. And they are thick in all directions.

Acer Liquid Z630S Review Android smartphone

Acer Liquid Z630S: Display

Acer Liquid Z630S has a 5.5″ IPS screen with resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The manufacturer does not indicate the type and brand of protective glass, oleophobic coating is missing.

The viewing angles are modest.

Significant loss of contrast is only visible in a dark range of colors.

Gray gradient generously painted in cold and warm tones.

Acer Liquid Z630S Review Android smartphone

The uniformity of illumination serious raises no objections.

Glow effect has the average intensity.

Sensor supports up to 5 taps at the same time.

Airless technology bonding (OGS) is used.

Now we will test the display with the calibrator X-Rite ColorMunki Display. Let’s start with the table of contrast.

The level of brightness, %Brightness white, cd/m2Brightness black, cd/m2Contrast x:1

The maximum brightness was at the level of just 267 nits, and a contrast ratio of about 880:1. Moreover, the smartphone has a dynamic contrast that cannot be disabled.

The gamma curves are set up well.

Color temperature normal.

The color channels are well calibrated.

Color gamut is slightly different from the sRGB standard.

Acer Liquid Z630S Review Android smartphone

Point grey wedge kept within the boundaries of DeltaE<10.

Acer Liquid Z630S: Hardware platform and performance

Acer Liquid Z630S contains a system-on-chip MediaTek MT6753. This system-on-chip familiar, she’s not really hot, but consumes a significant amount of energy. However, to neutralize the latter, our hero has a very “fat” battery.

3 GB RAM available to the user around 2 GB.

This is when lots of shortcuts and pre-installed applications. Fortunately, all this can be removed.

Acer Liquid Z630S Review Android smartphone

Acer Liquid Z630S: Stability

When the load on the CPU and GPU chip starts to drop the frequency.

Per hour smartphone dropped the frequency to 1234 MHz, the battery temperature rose to 40 degrees.

In this case, the sensors recorded the maximum temperature at 66 degrees, and the CPU part worked mostly at a frequency of 1144 MHz.

In General, the stability of normal operation.

Acer Liquid Z630S Review Android smartphone

Acer Liquid Z630S: Gaming performance

МТ6753 – chip multimedia rather than gaming. But for some games it will suit. In the case of the Acer Liquid Z630S can interfere with only the lack of oleophobic coating.

Acer Liquid Z630S: Software and firmware

Acer Liquid Z630S running Android 5 version, but was slightly redesigned interface.

Desk has not changed.

But blind, Yes. To use it was not very convenient due to the fact that the slider changes the brightness available only when you double-opening menu. That is, you need to first swipe, then click on the “Advanced” button and only then it will be possible to change the brightness.

Acer Liquid Z630S Review Android smartphone

There is a system control smartphone with gestures.

As well as branded desktop with news and advertising. Alas, disable it without root-rights.

Otherwise, the system standard. It works quickly, serious problems have been identified.

Acer Liquid Z630S:: Multimedia


We begin with the test “omnivorous” formats.

The result is typical for the platform MediaTek MT6xxx.

YouTube videos played without a problem.


I haven’t had time to give the award to “the lowest level of the output signal” LeEco Le 2, which interrupted our hero. -23 dB at the input to Line-In sound card! So far, it’s a record. The quality of sound is not impressive: the abundance of medium, often poorly readable low bass and the clarity of the instruments.

There is a plugin to implement the effect system DTS. But it is very simple, so here to talk specifically about.

Call speaker has low volume, but if you pick a good ringtone, that’s enough. Speaker is good enough, it can hear conversation no problem. Itself the interlocutor complains about the quality of the speech, so that the microphone is set up here is good.

Power vibrobetona weak.

Acer Liquid Z630S: Wireless interfaces and communication

Acer Liquid Z630S able to work in networks Wi-Fi protocols b/g/n. Only supported 2.4 GHz frequency range.

LAN (smb Protocol) files are transferred at high speed.

The GPS receiver works normally, although the number of visible satellites could be and more. Also, I note the long startup of about 3-5 minutes.

Acer Liquid Z630S: File system

Acer Liquid Z630S equipped with 32 GB of on-Board memory.

Of these, the user can use about 24 GB.

The speed of the flash array are above average, but speed of RAM I would like higher.

Supported PC connections via the following protocols: MTP and PTP. The speed of data transmission on the mobile – 7-9 Mbyte/s data transfer speed from the unit is ~20 MB/s.

Acer Liquid Z630S: Battery life

Acer Liquid Z630S is equipped with a removable battery of 4000 mAh.

The battery case is thin, and he is quite easy. Initially did not even believe that he has such capacity. But if you look at the voltage, it becomes clear why this is so. Check it using the charger iMax B6.

OptionThe value
Capacity, mAh4, 000, with 4.35 V
Measured capacity, mAh3 102 at 4.20 In
Weight, g62
Density, mAh/g50.0

Battery has a fairly high density of energy per gram, however, the battery in question.

In front of us all, not the most long-playing smartphone. However, the result clearly above average.

In a real situation the picture is as follows:

The scriptWhile working
Surfing the web~8.5 hours
Music player with screen off~more than 40 hours
Viewing video 720p~6 hours
The maximum load~4 hours

If you put your smartphone on table and wait until he is discharged, will be about 4 days before it happens.Yet МТ6753 a fairly high self-discharge. In nominal mode, the device will live for 2.5 days, and when active and 1.5 – 2.

Of energy saving systems have only the standard built into the OS.

Acer Liquid Z630S:Camera

Interface features and settings The camera interface has been redesigned. The main buttons are pretty handy. Filters and scenes arranged on a single screen, it is not very convenient, and the effects are very small.

The customizations themselves are pretty concise. But there are classic selection menu of shooting options.

Camera test Acer Liquid Z630S

The front facing camera takes good.

It focus fixed on objects in close proximity, so the landscape take will not work.

Detail of video is low, but this is typical for models in this class. The recording format is MP4, 30 fps, maximum bitrate of about 17 000 Kbit/s. the h264 baseline Profile.

Acer Liquid Z630S: Comparison with competitors

In the segment of smartphones with 5.5″ screen is now unfolding very tight battle, so our hero will have hard times.

OptionAcer Liquid Z630SASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551MLOukitel K6000 ProLeEco Le 2 (X527)
ProcessorMediaTek MT6753M,
8 x 1300 MHz, Cortex-A53
Intel Atom Z3560,
4 x 1.8 GHz x86
MediaTek MT6753,
8 x 1500 MHz, Cortex-A53
Qualcomm Snapdragon 652,
4 x 1.8 GHz + 4 x 1.4 GHz, Cortex A72 + A53
GPUThe Mali-T720 MP3PowerVR GX6430The Mali-T720 MP3Adreno 510
RAM, GB3433
The number of SIM-cards32222
Screen5.5″ IPS, HD
(1280 x 720)
5.5″ IPS,
Full HD (1920 x 1080)
5.5″, IPS,
Full HD (1920 x 1080)
5.5″ IPS, Full HD
(1920 x 1080)
Resolution cameras megapixels8.0 + 8.013.0 + 5.013.0 + 8.016.0 + 8.0
Capacity battery, mAh4 0003 0006 0003 000
Built-in memory, GB32163232
The presence of MicroSD slotThereThereThereNo
Dimensions, mm156.3 x 77.5 x 8.9153.0 x 77.0 x 11.0154.3 x 76.7 x 9.8151.1 x 74.2 x 7.5
Weight, g165170218153


A new modification of the “veteran” ASUS ZenFone 2 can be very useful here. This smartphone though has a new single-chip system or a fresh design, but his “honest” performance and warranty can play a role when choosing a device in this segment.

If we talk about the “oldest old”, here we have looming Oukitel K6000 Pro, which is ready to offer a more capacious battery, fast charging technology and a clearer display. Also, for someone it may be a pleasant bonus is the ability to unlock device with your fingerprint. Of the minuses is worth noting that the factory warranty on this unit does not apply to the territory of the Russian Federation.

And in the end it is worth mentioning the bestselling LeEco Le 2, a review of which was published a few weeks ago.

Acer Liquid Z630S: Conclusion

In the end, before us is a good smartphone. For the beginning of 2015. Now the producers are ready to offer a Full HD screen and a more modern system on a chip for the same price. And the money is stacked even smartphones from the “white” party like the same ASUS Zenfone 2 or the Meizu M3 Note.

But in the case of to lower the price of the smartphone has all the chances to find a buyer.

Pros of Acer Liquid Duo Z630S:

  • Fine tuning of the display;
  • Increased battery life;
  • Support for two SIM cards and memory cards.
  • Cons of the smartphone:
  • Low pixel density screen;
  • Not too bright display (~265 NIT);

May not suit:

  • The low sound quality of the headphones;
  • Low quality photos;
  • Flaws in the shell.

Source: gsmarena

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