7 Tips How to Rejuvenate your old PC

7 Tips to Rejuvenate your old PC

Over time, your PC began to turn into a paralyzed old man? This should not be. With enough memory, for example, you can get the necessary size of buffers and caches. We’ll give you seven tips that are guaranteed to help.

Expanding memory

Popular programs like Skype, Firefox or Battle.net (Blizzard gaming platform) is constantly running in the background and consume a lot of memory. If the size of the RAM is too small, the system is forced to constantly load the required data from the hard disk. When you surf the web or gaming is becoming noticeable by braking and a long duration of load time. To date, the minimum memory size for comfortable operation can be called the 8 GB. 16 GB will create a good buffer, is especially useful in cases when you run multiple demanding programs, memory resources at the same time.

Fortunately, replacing the RAM is fairly easy and not very expensive. However, if you leave your old strips of RAM and add to them new, the case becomes a little more complicated. In this case, you should pay attention to the fact that in your new chip RAM has the same clock speed and timings, as well as already installed on your system. It is safer in terms of compatibility will simply purchase the exact same bar. Also, note that you do not try to insert the DDR3 memory into a motherboard that uses the DDR4 standard. The correct type of memory you can learn from the manual for your motherboard manual.

Install SSD-drive

7 Tips to Rejuvenate your old PC

One who will start the operating system on the SSD-drive, never want to go back to work on conventional hard drives. Also, you can significantly speed up the game long time to load, and thus save some precious minutes of his life. The only drawback: SSDs are still very expensive.

Do you have a great “magnetic” hard drive and stored on the SSD you are going to only the operating system and maybe one or two of the program? Then 128 GB in capacity will suffice. Buying large SSD-drive will be justified only in the event that is always ready to be your big game collection. The only problem: you have to move your operating system. As a rule, this means re-install or clone the disk with the help of special software.

Expanding disk space

You can have any number of hard disk drive large, but the space sooner or later all the same end. If you are already using SSD-drive as a system drive, you can upgrade your PC with a conventional hard disk with a capacity several terabytes, and quite inexpensive. It is an ideal storage place, such as music, movies, pictures or programs, which themselves are fast enough.

Updated on Windows 10

The current version of the operating system from Microsoft offers a variety of advantages: Windows 10 is very fast, even without the SSD-drive, it runs for a few seconds, and also supports DirectX 12. It does, above all, new games more beautiful and fast. Update with Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 will be childishly easy. To do this, you only need a valid license key for Windows 10. Then you can download the Media Creation tool from Microsoft and let PC do the rest. As an alternative way, you can create a bootable USB flash drive using a utility and reset the system yourself.

Change graphics card

7 Tips How to Rejuvenate your old PC

Features graphics have a decisive influence on the visually perceived quality games. Which graphics card should I upgrade depends on your requirements. You just need to Full HD resolution and speeds of between 30 and 60 frames per second? Or do you want to use in the full capabilities of its 4K monitor? Refresh video card should be in any case, if it does not support DirectX 11 – more and more games to waive implementation of DX10 and older. With Nvidia’s cards, starting with the 400 Series GTX, you will protect yourself from the problems in this area. AMD has work with DirectX 11 has mastered the range HD 5000 as well as all R5- card, R7- and R9-200-Series.

If you want to have a video card of class Hi-End, at the present time, the choice comes down to Nvidia GTX 1070 or GTX 1080. Rival AMD has with its graphics cards Vega has not yet been “tightened”. In the middle and lower classes, on the other hand, even for little money you can get a very good performance from both brands. Tips for choosing a video card we give in this article. In addition, we tested all of the latest graphics cards. For completeness of information on the company Nvidia models, we once again tell in detail what card suits you best. Another tip for the upgrade: check, maybe your new graphics card will consume more power than the old one. Then you should check also that the power supply has been powerful enough to provide the necessary energy of the system.

Set a large system fan

Probably the most accessible for the execution of settlements upgrading your computer list in this article: the replacement of the system fan on larger. It can lead to a temperature difference of several degrees. This should provide some advantages: it is possible, CPU and graphics card is not so quickly turn into a buzzing swarm of your fan or lower operating temperatures extend the life of the individual components. The organization through the air passage is still a good option if in case your computer has space for a second fan, a parent card has two power connectors, you can provide a decent level of cooling for the internal PC. In addition, there’s still a fan, which deals directly with the power supply.

Change processor

Replacing the CPU is one of the most resource-intensive interventions in the computer’s configuration. Costs can be kept within reasonable limits if the new processor will be with the same socket as the old one. If you replace your Intel Core i3-6100, for example, i5-6600, the process is supposed to be simple, but the PC had an excellent performance improvement. If the socket will be different, the upgrade will cause an avalanche of other necessary updates: have changed the motherboard and possibly memory and some other components. Therefore, we recommend: change the processor, you should only in the event that your current limited by the limits of their capabilities in daily use. If your CPU is less than five years during the time of the acquisition, he was powerful enough, even with modern games, he can not cope only in rare cases.

But even if your processor is quite old, the upgrade is not necessarily required. It may be sufficient to use a fresh thermal grease, a powerful fan and a small overclock the clock.

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