5 Tips How to Cool your PC in Summer Heat

5 Tips How to Cool your PC in Summer Heat

In summer your computer can start louder than usual buzzing with fans, slow down and even occasionally by itself restart or turn off. The problem, most likely, lies in the overheating of one or several of its components: processor, video card and power supply. Overheating of the latter is especially dangerous, because it can lead to voltage surges and breakdown of much more expensive hard drives than the BP itself and, worse, loss of information on them.

In this article we will tell you how to improve the air circulation inside the PC and make it not too loud.

  1. Tower processor cooler

5 Tips How to Cool your PC in Summer Heat

Most processors are equipped with a so-called boxed cooler – extremely simple, but in the cold season somehow coping with its task. But in the heat, the CPU temperature under load starts to approach the critical (75 ° C for AMD and 90 ° C for Intel), and the fan of the boxed cooler is howling with a wolf. In the case of exceeding the temperature limit, the processor turns on throttling mode – an emergency drop in frequency or, worse, a pass of the clock, thereby significantly slowing down the PC.

Solve the problem of processor overheating (typical models with heat dissipation above 65 W, especially working in overclocking) can be replaced by a boxed cooler on a tower with a massive radiator, copper heat pipes and a large diameter fan (12-14 cm). The main thing is to install the cooler with the right side, so that it blows hot air towards the ventilation holes on the back or top wall of the computer case, and not vice versa. Recommended to buy Deepcool GAMMAXX 300 , be quiet! Pure Rock Slim and Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.

  1. Water cooling system

5 Tips How to Cool your PC in Summer Heat

Collecting custom SVO, which simultaneously cool the processor and graphics card, is too difficult and expensive. But to buy a ready-made software for the processor, especially if it works in overclocking is a good idea, because the dropsy is quieter and more efficient than even air super coolers (capable of removing up to 250 W of heat). Really, it’s useful only for processors with a large area of ​​a crystal: AMD FX-9000 and Ryzen, Intel LGA 2011-v3 and 2066. For small chips (Intel LGA 1150 and 1151), PSB will be redundant.

Processed dropsy are one-, two- and three-section (by the number of fans). The first ones are placed in almost any computer case, whereas for the latter there must be a specially allocated space on the front or top wall of the case. From single-section we can advise Cooler Master Seidon 120V V3 Plus , from two-part – Fractal Design Kelvin S24 , and from three- section – Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate.

But we do not recommend buying an alternative cooling system for a video card. The distance between the mounting holes varies from one model to another, and if the native cooler is dismantled, the warranty is lost.

  1. Thermal grease

5 Tips How to Cool your PC in Summer Heat

PC users often underestimate the role of thermal paste in the cooling efficiency of the processor and video card and the need for regular replacement (at least every two years). This substance is designed to equalize the unevenness of the chip surface and the base of the cooler, thereby increasing the contact area. And it is not necessary to spend money on expensive thermal paste Arctic or Noctua. You can save and take an inexpensive Titan, Zalman or Akasa. The difference in temperature will be at the level of error – 1-2 ° C. But buy very cheap, it’s unclear who produced “KPT-8” is not advisable, it dries too quickly and it can have conductive impurities.

  1. Body fans

5 Tips How to Cool your PC in Summer Heat

Computer cases with the lower location of the power supply unit are usually equipped with only one fan – blowing. Enclosures with the top location of the power supply are also found without fans, except that it is installed inside the power supply unit. Hoping that he will cool himself and all the other components of the PC is silly. Not only does the processor and video card not receive enough fresh air, so even because of the reduced pressure is absorbed and remains inside the computer dust.

To improve the air circulation inside the PC, you need to buy at least one blower fan. The best place for him is the side wall, where he can not just pump the air inside the case, but also blow straight to the video card. Particularly side airflow is important in the case of very hot ligaments from several SLI or CrossFireX video cards. If there is no vent on the side panel, put the blower on the front. The disc basket, of course, will muffle the air flow a little, but it’s still better than nothing. If you have a hot video card and a lot of hard drives at the same time, you’ll have to install the front and side air blowers.

The larger the diameter of the fan, the slower it rotates and less noise with an equal volume of air being blown out. Turntables at 8-9 cm, as a rule, are noisy, whereas most 12-cm are quite quiet. Models of 14 cm are designed for fans of absolute silence. Of inexpensive bush fans, the Deepcool and Zalman models are not bad. The most silent and durable propellers on the basis of the hydrodynamic chimney produce Noctua and be quiet! . An interesting fact: vertically mounted fans work quietly on average longer than those set horizontally, because of the latter the factory silicone grease (the topping up fresh solves the problem, but not for long) emerges faster.

  1. Computer case

5 Tips How to Cool your PC in Summer Heat

Sometimes it is impossible to solve the problem of weak air circulation inside the PC by installing additional fans alone – the problem can be covered in an ill-conceived hull design. For example, cheap cases are compatible only with 8- and 9-cm fans, medium-priced – with 12-cm, and flagships – with 14-cm (and even several pieces are supplied in the package). In a set with the body can also be supplied with a reobas, allowing the summer to increase the fan speed, and in winter to reduce. In addition, the purchase of the case with the lower location of the power supply will completely eliminate it from the absorption of hot air from the processor and video card. As a result, the temperature inside the PSU will decrease, especially sensitive to overheating capacitors will last longer and the entire PC will receive a well-stabilized power supply.

Simply put, a complete replacement of the case can be more effective and not much more expensive than buying a pack of fans. So, the case Deepcool Smarter LED at low cost is completed at once by two silent and beautifully shining 12-cm turntables. Slightly more expensive Zalman Z3 Plus and Deepcool Kendomen have four and five fans respectively. Aerocool Aero-1000 and Deepcool Dukase V3 support the installation of a two-section dropsy.

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