5 functions in iOS 11 for improving of the camera

iOS 11, 5 functions in ios11 for best photo

iOS 11 – not such and bad

1. By means of the camera it is possible to scan QR
Where to look for: application of the camera With up-dating to iOS 11 disappears any need for additional applications for scanning of QR codes. Now this opportunity is embedded straight in a standard application of the camera. It is rather simple to guide the view-finder at a QR code, and the system will issue the notification message with the ciphered information and will give the chance to follow quickly the ciphered link.

2. New iOS-application and fresh filters
Where to look for: an image button of three circles with an overlap in application of the camera. Development of Apple expanded number of filters which can be used in the live mode directly during shooting by means of a standard application of the camera not in iOS 11. But in up-dating they expanded the number of filters, having added silver and noir — they will take your black-and-white pictures even more interesting.

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3. Saving of memory with the new HEIF format
Where to look for: settings — the camera — formats. Except a new format for operation with video under the name HEVC, in iOS 11 also the fresh codec for operation with photos — HEIF appeared.

By means of it is possible to reduce the size of each picture to 40-50% — thus it will turn out to spare significantly the place in iPhone storage. The total image size in a new format depends on number of small details in the picture — with their increase also volume will increase. But on average saving will be precisely felt.

4. The camera will be suitable for scans of documents
Where to look for: notices — the new notice — plus image button. iOS 11 puts an end and to applications which are intended for fast scanning of paper documents for their convertion in an electronic look. For this purpose Apple suggests to use a standard application of system for guiding of notices. The counter works very surely. And after scanning on the image employees and colleagues can add quickly personal comments for further sending.

5. New functions for pictures of Live Photo
Where to look for: a photo — editing the picture and a photo — to turn over from below up in the picture. Use of Live Photo becomes even more justified and just interesting with iOS 11. First, in the menu of editing such picture in standard gallery the possibility of a choice of the principal photo from a series appeared — thus it is possible just to receive the most interesting frame.

Secondly, in additional actions with the picture it is possible to turn Live Photo into interesting short video in style of a loop and the pendulum and also in the picture with the increased exposure.

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